BLOG: Are Republicans "on the rise" in Ohio?

Tom Jackson
Sep 17, 2010


Chris Wilson calls attention to a recent poll on his blog, noting that a CNN/Time poll of likely voters in Ohio shows Republican Rob Portman up over Democrat Lee Fisher, 52 percent to 41 percent in the Senate race among likely voters, and Republican John Kasich up over Democrat Ted Strickland, 51 percent to 44 percent. 

Wilson is not a neutral observer — he's a Republican strategist from Oklahoma whom I've known for years — but I noticed that the FiveThirtyEight blog at The New York Times predicts Portman over Fisher 52.5 percent to 44.9 percent on election day. It displays a number of recent polls showing Fisher trailing Portman. Real Clear Politics shows various polls giving Kasich the lead.

The latest news on the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party scandal in Cleveland can't be helpful to the Democratic cause.




 It doesn't seem to matter who leads Ohio. You just want to get lucky and be in charge when nation wide forces result in the rare economic upswing... and then take credit for it.


Tom, we haven't heard from Ohio Dem Chair Chris Redfern in the Register for awhile. Does he still live in the area?


 Kasich seems to be solidly in the new Republican tactic of not advertising one's beliefs. It seems to be working.


The message this time around is less "Republicans are AWESOME!" than it is "Democrats are AWFUL!" Chances are pretty good that Republicans are going to do pretty well in November. I just hope they remember that, now that most of us have had it with politicians in general, they're going to be subject to the same kind of judgment we're imposing on those currently in power!

The real solution is term limits. Career politicians place their own job security above anything and everything else. It becomes all about THEM, even if it doesn't start out that way. Combine accountability with term limits, make sure every single law considered applies equally to Congress and other politicians as to the rest of us, and eliminate hefty pensions for a relative few years of service, and we'll be well on the way to where we should be.

I keep reminding everyone I talk to: If you're sick and tired of politics as usual, stop electing the usual politicians. Unfortunately, here in Erie County, we only have a few relatively "clean" choices. The rest (DeWine, Kasich, Fisher, etc.) are all professional politicians. Ack!


No, responsbile Conservatives are going to take over.  Obviously any member of any party who is corrupt, gives out taxpayer funded handouts for votes, LIES to the people, proclaims how they do so much for the PEOPLE only to place them under the strain of poverty need to be given the boot OUT.  How about voting OUT the "lifetime" REPUBLICAN for someone backed by the TEA Party in Delaware?  Yeah baby!  I wish John "reach across the aisle" McCain (R-AZ) was given the BOOT because of all his "flip-flops" but he got another term.  How about Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) who was seeking re-election given the boot OUT because of his liberal voting?  "Boo, hoo, hoo, I don't understand it."  Ha! Ha!  And moderate Lindsey Graham (R-SC) might be given the BOOT as well.  NO more spending, NO more handouts.  What is the NEW poverty rate from the census?  One in SEVEN Americans (legal) are now living in poverty?  WHAT happened crybaby liberals?  I present to you the liberal members of the freeloaders club of entitlements.  So tell me liberal freaks, how do you like going to the grocery store and watching people with food cards eating better than YOU?  You all get what you voted for.  How about the corrupt UAW UNION running GM and Chrysler?  Now there is a glittering gem of success in running a business all thanks to your president.  Now we have stimulus IV and YOU think all that spending is going to SAVE you??  And WHERE is that high speed train going?  "All Aboard!"  Ha! Ha!  Go Conservatives!  We are going to vote out all of those that placed this nation into the "hope and change" of recession and give the boot to all liberals both democrack and Republicans.  Nov. can NOT come fast enough.  Even your own liberal democracks are RUNNING from 0bama to try and keep their jobs.  But, don't worry, we have their voting record on Cap and TAX, health care, stimulus, and all the other freebie entitlements.  How about looking your kids and their kids in the eye and telling them thanks for all their money?  I know you miserable, crybaby liberals can do it!  Ha! Ha!          

brutus smith

 Repubs controlled all 3 legislative branches for 15 years prior to 2006. They still control the Senate and controlled the house till 2008. I don't understand your saying "Repubs on the rise". When you had total  control for 15 years and still have major control in the Senate, it does not make sense.


 Sam, you know Ohio has term limits right? Look what happens stay in the house for 8 years then go over to the senate then to a state office. The only term limit that matters is the one dealt by voters.


Taxpayer, Kasich and Portman were responsible conservatives? 


Kasich was a has been a guest host for Rush Limbaugh and Bill Oreilly.  He must be a "Great American"!!


to me what the Tea Party is failing to realize is their is a new age in america now. my grandparents don't control the country anymore we do YOUNG AMERICA. We are the sleeping giant that vote the repubs out and voted obama in. The Tea Party only speaks to one group. It worked in the seventies and eighties, but today most young americans have a some college education by the age 27. All the Tea Party is doing is showing it's true self to the american people and calling themselves republicans what a disgrace. some of you would like to see this country go back to the good'ol time like the fifties and sixties. You selfish bastards, we are still cleaning up the mess you made back then with your social injustices and good'ol boy mindset. "We've inherited a bag of garbage and you want to fire the garbage man because you feel he's not taking it out fast enough."  Get real!!!!!!!!!!! 


 Who care about either party? All the candidates are career politicians. None of them will stand for any issue. It all depends who they are talking to. Oops, I mean lying to.


It doesn't matter.  Neither party will help the downtrodden or the economy.  Politicians are not for the people, although that's what they want you to think.  Neither is your government.  It's all a ruse to get you to go along and keep the coffers full.  This country is on the fast track to oblivion.


Time for a change.

See for a full slate of Libertarian candidates in the State of Ohio.

The major political bureaucracy has proven they are incapable of managing our affairs. The two-party system is corrupt and void of understanding the basic needs of our society. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution as a framework for our democracy. The present bureacracy continues to interpret and "adjust" the Constitution to fulfill their personal agenda(s).

Don't let the media present you with your "only" options (look where it's gotten us in the past two decades.) There are other qualified, untainted candidates running for office. 

Time to get back to constitutional basics. Send the career politicians packing!