BLOG: Why I support the 'mosque,' and why it matters

Tom Jackson
Sep 2, 2010

The controversy over the "Ground Zero mosque" has become a clarifying moment in recent political history, when we get to find out whether conservatives and Republicans care about anything except winning the next election. If you've paid attention, the short answer is that many of them don't.

We found out only a few months ago that many Democrats and liberals don't really care about the First Amendment if that pesky "freedom of expression" stuff might arguably give Republicans an advantage. Now we're finding that while Republicans love to give lip service to "liberty," many of them don't care about freedom of religion or private property rights.

More on that in a moment, but first a few words on the controversy.

You'll notice that I put square quotes around the words "Ground Zero mosque" in my first paragraph.

That's because it's not at Ground Zero, e.g., the site of the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001. It's two blocks away. 

And it's not a mosque, either. The proposed project is an Islamic community center, similar to a YMCA. It would include a prayer room — a "mosque," if you will — but it's also supposed to have basketball hoops.

These facts are important, because if you took the rhetoric of the opponents at face value, you'd believe that a huge mosque, complete with minarets, is going to be built over the ruins of the World Trade Center.

The whole controversy is a manufactured one. And if someone wanted to build a mosque, so what? In this country, we don't tell people they aren't allowed to build a church, or a synagogue, or a temple, on their own property, if they are following the relevant building codes and zoning laws.

What I think is most interesting about the controversy is what is says about Republicans.

But first, let's beat up on Democrats a little.

On Jan. 21 this year, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to uphold the First Amendment in a case called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Specifically, the court voted 5-4 to strike down a provision of the law that blocked a nonprofit corporation, Citizens United, from airing a film that criticized Hillary Clinton.

For me, the scandal of the decision was that only a bare majority of the nation's highest court could bring themselves to strike down political censorship. 

But that's not how many Democrats saw it. Many have campaigned for new laws to overturn the decision, on the ground that removing restrictions on corporate political spending might aid Republicans. Almost alone among prominent liberal commentators, Glenn Greenwald put principle over partisan political advantage and explained that the decision was correct.

But now Republicans are in the spotlight. And we are now seeing the spectacle of prominent Republican politicians who favor freedom of religion (if it's for Southern Baptists, in Georgia) and property rights (in cases where it's politically convenient). 

Opinion polls show that many Americans oppose the so-called Ground Zero mosque. If a line of political attack is poll-tested, that's apparently all that matters.

So we have Newt Gingrich declaring that Cordoba House can't be built "so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia." There's no word yet on whether Gingrich favors banning the Nation magazine until North Korean newspapers agree to run his op-ed pieces.

And we have the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto, who anchors his argument about Democratic tax policies by referring to his opponent as a "Ground Zero mosque champion." Why resort to reasoned argument when a smear will do?






"America is a Christian Nation" Jefferson

In Pennsylvania, NO ONE could run for a political office unless they had proof of being baptised aas a CHRISTIAN and was IN GOOD STANDING with the CHRISTIAN CHURCH

Being that Jefferson and others accepted and believed that this nation was a CHRISTIAN nation, they wrote the constitution that forbid the Government from influencing the CHURCH, not the other way around. Sadly the liberals have rewritten history as they always do, and proclaim the 'separation of Church and State" as being in the constitution, IT IS NOT, its in the SOVIET CONSTITUTION not ours! Our constitution says that the government shall NOT infringe on our freedom to express and live out our Christian beliefs. A letter was written to Jefferson concerning the 'separation of church and state' and Jefferson stated that the wall of separation was concerning the GOVERNMENTS ROLE and not that of the church, in other words, the Government can NOT influence the Church but the CHURCH has the responsibility to influence and demand morality and proper government from the Church. Sadly, the liberals who twist everything to fit into their unacceptable moral code has twisted even this simple truth.

Concerning the Mosque, its sad that the writer can't think outside his little box. Why didn't he address the reason that Islam is building this mosque? Why is it that Islam ALWAYS builds a monument/mosque where they had a huge impact in destroying the 'infidel'? Because its a MEMORIAL to them. Listen fools, READ THE QURAN, its perfectly acceptable and expected for Muslims to LIE if they feel it will advance Islam, READ IT, ITS MOHAMIDS WORDS NOT MINE>

What a bunch of idiots in American, we've allowed the Trojan Horse to enter into our nation and everything keeps saying they have good intentions and 'Look how pretty they are' refering to the nice horsey looking peacefull, while inside they are preparing to murder your entire family.


Bailey...finally someone who tells it LIKE IT IS ... no lies, no mixed messages... just PLAIN TRUTH... It's really refreshingl to know there are still some GREAT MINDS out there who speak the truth.  You are right on about  the Trojan Horse... we certainly have let it in our nation...  and we will pay the price one day.

6079 Smith W


@ Mr. Jackson:   Allow me to re-phrase: So everyone who condemns the location of the “community center” has been “exploited” by the Repubs?   And why exactly do the Dems feel the need for “political cover” on this issue?   From my experience and study, you are correct about libertarian beliefs regarding free speech and property rights.   Unfortunately, we do not live in a libertarian society – it is a mixed economy.   In this mixed economy, not-for-profits receive govt. subsidies that are paid for (stolen actually) by taxpayers like you and me.   For or against our wishes, you and I have a vested economic interest in the building of this mosque.   Lastly: Nothing gets built in NYC without the support of the unions. If the construction locals don’t want this built – it will not be built.   Has anyone polled the unions on their degree of support for the location of the “community center”?  
6079 Smith W


"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."   Communist V.I. Lenin said it, but it would appear that the Muslims are working to perfect it.   All organized religions are based on oppression; it’s just a matter of degrees of severity.  

When your opinion follows lockstep with the DNC talking points, albeit in an attempt to be subtle, then it surely is not your own opinion, Tom. 

Chung/Brutus, nice to see you redirecting my valid points into a personal attack. Good job! Perhaps for an encore you can continue to use a racist Asian stereotype to complain about others spouting generalities. Oh, wait....

Bailey, while I agree with your assertation that America was founded by Christians, the whole basis of our republic is tolerance and the ability to accept people of different faiths. The separation of church and state is a DMZ that should be kept intact, built to allow our melting pot experiment to proceed. So what if Muslims lie to advance their religion? It's no different from all our politicians who lie to advance their personal power, or the rabid, vapid followers like Brutus/Chung who are just propaganda spouters with their allegiance to the DNC and it's marching orders. The main focus should be freedom, be it freedom to try and build a mosque in a controversial place, or to oppose said mosque because one thinks it's placement is in poor taste.

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Mime Bloggling


Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque



The Muslim Brotherhood "Project"

Theocracy on the 100-Year-Plan


There's much more to it than simple much more. Mime

Chung Lee

Funny a person who accuses others of spewing DNC propaganda seems to tow the Republican party line opinion.  Too funny.  Apparently the irony of it all is missed by the blinding ignorance and arrogance.


Teabaggers are traitors that hate the Constitution

Chung Lee

Chung Lee

Cross.... valid points?  You have to be kidding.  You want to characterize 1.6 billion people with the actions of a radical few?  Sounds pretty stupid but you are entitled to your opinion regardless of how ill informed you are.


Everyone who votes for any GOP person is ill informed right? Anyone insulting millions of people with a pejorative statement is wrong, eh? Er, might want to check your signature there, chief.

I know the GOP and DNC are all politicians, out to win. I find them to be 90% of the same thing, just leveraging fringe issues to get cash and special interest money and to get elected. I'm glad you are a diehard Dem and feel the need to fight for your right to Barbara Boxer, Chung.

Sadly, all your posts here are attacks and ad hominems with an agenda. They never raise actual discussions, just cut and paste from media matters or other sites that share your point of view. This one is no different. It's not just Chung/Brutus, there are others who do tow the GOP line. I'd guess Brutus and Chung are the same person. Every post the two/one of you makes is to attack someone who disagrees with your politics. 

I personally crave good, intelligent discussions with an eye towards how to get results. Sadly, the partisans on both sides make it tough. Chung/Brutus on the attack since the GOP are the enemy. The Rush/Beck crowd responding in fashion.

I don't post here too often because it's tiresome to weed through all the silliness.

I'd love an energy discussion, a good Tom Jackson article on Net Neutrality, or a real forum discussion on the situation in Afghanistan. Sadly, we won't see any of those because they require actual opinions instead of simplistic cut and paste articles derived from other regurgitated sources like this silly mosque discussion which has been on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox the last two weeks. All we see in this thread is posturing.

Anyways, life continues. Hope everyones day is good, and we're ready for some Earl rain.

swiss family

it seems as if there are many, many posters here who are blindly throwing out statements based on fear and misconceptions, without ever thinking about how they are being controlled, and by throwing out their statements , are also trying to influence and control the thoughts and feelings, and actions of others.

  first of all to anyone who blindly throws out their statistics, which obviously have a somewhat shady  origin, and make outrageous statements like "70% of the American population" say anything.. to make a statement like that it would be obvious that everyone in the country has been asked their opinion? right?? well has anyone here been contacted for their opinions on this?? has anyone , had any family member, neighbor friend,  anyone that they know who has officially been asked to be a part of an official survey??? they plain and simple and honest answer is NO.. how can that be..?? they seem to throw out statistics that are obviously made up, hoping that the people who are not able to think on their own will  grab that misinformation being fed to them, and boldly throw it out there like it is an undisputed fact.. well it is not a fact.. it is pure fiction, and twisted in a way to get the results and the slant that whichever side  threw their slanted views out there first.. and they are relying on sheep type, non thinking followers....all I can say is if you  recognize yourself in there .. they have already defeated you

  then there are the "facts" thrown out there  making it seem like the "Muslims" are the only "group" that can be photographed and seen  to be in a revolting display against  other cultures, which somehow makes them threatening??? well if "they" are here taking pictures of all the weak, scared, sheepish Americans and their fearful revolt against them.. wouldn't it be hard to determine who is the real "Outraged""crazy""Fearful" group of people??to them I am sure we are the ones out of control...


   I also love that some posters seem to know what the reasoning and motivation is  for the actions of others..if you actually know and understand people and cultures so well, please help us all and tell us where the next attempted attack will be, and what would be their reasoning, and their "goal" in doing so... it could save us millions on our defense strategies, and you would be the new hero... or is it that your vision is perfect AFTER something happens.. but you like the rest are blind before hand??

sadly I see so many people who have jumped to immediate classifications of people and cultures.. I have to remind you that anytime you  gather people into groups, instead of individuals, it is a form of prejudice.. and that is usually a bad move.. there are good and bad people of all types in all cultures and all sects, and all religions, and all religions, etc.. if this is what we have had to do to protect ourselves.. and we have  reached the low level of  being comfortable with  generalities.. then perhaps the terrorists have already won, or are at least making huge strides..


 I would also have to say that whenever you see anything on television.. remember that they are playing up to the camera, and the reporter is sensationalizing  their story.. remember when we had  rising waters several years ago on elm, pleasant,  and water streets?? according to what was shown on television, you would have thought that the entire town was wiped out from the raging flood waters, when in fact. on a percentage scale, probably less than 1% of the town was closed off because of the water.. but to the people who don't know better, norwalk should have been  wiped out... the point being also when you see screaming and ranting and cheering  "robed" citizens from  other countries.. it is more than likely a small, small percentage of the population.. but that is not what you are led to believe


What was the 1rst reason people came to America? Freedom of religion. Many went to escape the Catholic Church. Even at the start there were problems. Salem Witch trials to name a few.

Are all Catholics bad? No. How many muslims do we know? Are they all bad?

I just hate trash. Trash comes in all shapes sizes & colours.

Treat others how you'd like 2be treated.

Pastor Ron

Those muslims are a bunch of close minded, unintelligent and uninformed people and not like those who follow the only true religion........CHRISTIANITY!!!  They hate us for our freedom and they want to spread their evil religion.  I am tired of the liberal apologists who say that 19 terrorists don't represent 1.6 billion people.  The only difference between those 19 and the 1.6 billion is opportunity!  Their religion is full of hate and I am tired of those liberals think they are so smart pointing out the couple of acts of violence in the Bible without understanding that there is a difference..... the Bible is the truth and not some foreign religion.  Those liberals need to be more tolerant and educate themselves like the religious majority!


I am against the building of the mosque only because I think moderate Islam is losing an opportunity to show good faith and healing by building at another location, they clearly have the right to built anywhere they choose.  Pastor Ron I strongly disagree with your view, considering Judaism is the core religion for both Christians and Muslims, maybe its you who could use a good dose of tolerance.  Don't be surprised to meet many faiths in heaven if you make it there.  Throughout history how many people of all  faiths have been killed in the name of God?

brutus smith

 cross, since when did upholding our Constitution become a "political leaning?


Repubs have nothing, nada, zilch.


I see this is the account Chung/Brutus use when they want to discuss things without ad hominems. Regardless, it is a nice post.

Many are quick to lump all Christians with the Westboro Baptist crazies, which are one family, but attack those who question the legitimate issues some have with Islamic countries and extremism, and it's just anti-American!

A majority of Muslims in Islamic countries support most of Al Qaeda's goals and support Palestinian intifada. This is not throwing out a random statement, but is a fact based on polling.

Granted video's showing Palestinian's dancing in the street post 9/11 is pure showmanship, but the fact a good percentage support Al Qaeda and consider the US an enemy is not hyperbole.

Many Arab nations have been shown to overtly support Al Qaeda and subscribe to the Wahabi role.

Iran is Sunni and an enemy of Al Qaeda, but with friends like that and their support for Hezbollah, who needs enemies?

There are no Christian theocracies pushing for Sharia law, caliphates, female subjugation and mutiliation, or fighting Zionism due to that massive threat the gigantic nation of Israel presents.

I think the majority of Muslims are good people, but I think like any threat there is indoctrination and lack of freedom and education involved here and a vast swath of nations that cater towards antipathy towards the things our nation cherishes. That is something that is open for debate, and while we can't generalize, we know what religion promotes virgins for suicide bombings and straps explosive vests on their children often. Here's a tip, it ain't any Christians.

People have valid concerns about Islam due to the issues with extremists, the stances of their nations, and the support said countries have for Al Qaeda and others.

Anyways, these are deep issues which require give and take in discussions and an actual knowledge of Islam without just trying to score political points. As we make alliances with brutal dictators, and have trade pacts with communist regimes, we need to keep in mind the bigger interests of national security, but also to keep intact our countries freedoms, albeit in a wise manner.

If Tom Jackson really had some initiative, he'd write a long article about the Eco Terrorist who invaded the Discovery building and killed people, and his reasons and the threat that movement causes. I don't expect, but it would be refreshing.


Weekly Jihad tally from 8/21 to 8/27 61 Jihad attacks, 268 dead bodies, 579 critically injured. More people are killed by islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition. More civilians were killed by islamists in two hours on 911 than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the KKK has in the last 50 years. I guess the few,according to Chung Lee, are very, very active!  Source is the religion of peace website.


The UN estimated that 10,000 civilian ethic Albanian Muslims were killed by ethic Serbs (Christians) in the  96-99 in Kosovo.  This was pure ethic cleansing and genocide.  I am sure this was in the name of God, how proud God must be. 

I still remember that my mother who was 2nd generation Irish sending money to "Sinn Fein" to "help Irish orphans" as her mother had done.  What she never realized was that Sinn Fein help create Protestant Irish and English Orphans by their financial aid to the terrorism of the IRA,  once again in the name of God and religion.


I find it funny how Chung Lee,Duhast, and Brutus Smith say we shouldn't judge a religion like Islam for the action of a few, but they are quick to condemn 165 million christians for the deaths of SEVEN abortion doctors since Roe vs. Wade

brutus smith

"Christians" like you have no agenda cross? What a joke. Creationism, abstinence only, no contraceptives, defining marriage  just to name a few. No agenda? Yeah right.


Repubs have nothing, nada, zilch.

Pastor Ron

I know those liberal crybabies will try to deny the facts.  Muslims kill people and American protect people.  I am just waiting for Brutus or Chung Lee to make some crazy argument that the numbers at the Religion of Peace website are not accurate because they count soldiers killed by muslims but not muslims killed by soldiers.  The reason for that is because we are there to protect.  Not only that  but because when we kill it is accidental and intelligent people know that is collateral damage.  Muslims kill for their religion and it has nothing to do with politics.

Tweety Sees Eve...
Pastor Ron says

Those muslims are a bunch of close minded, unintelligent and uninformed people and not like those who follow the only true religion........CHRISTIANITY!!!  They hate us for our freedom and they want to spread their evil religion.  I am tired of the liberal apologists who say that 19 terrorists don't represent 1.6 billion people.  The only difference between those 19 and the 1.6 billion is opportunity!  Their religion is full of hate and I am tired of those liberals think they are so smart pointing out the couple of acts of violence in the Bible without understanding that there is a difference..... the Bible is the truth and not some foreign religion.  Those liberals need to be more tolerant and educate themselves like the religious majority!

What gives you the arrogant right to say that Christianity is the only true religion?  The Bible was interpreted from Hebrew, an unspoken language to our current Bible.  No one is even 100% sure that it is accurate.  No one has ever given proof of Jesus Christ walking this Earth.  As for the narrow minded thought process that you have, more people believe in other Gods than believe in your God.  How is it that Christians are so smart that they assume that they are correct?  At least in the Islamic religion, there is minimal Hypocracy, unlike Christianity. 

No, I am not Islamic, so please don't think that I am defending them.  I am simply saying that you should look at your own religion under the microscope before looking at others and judging theirs. 

As of 2007, this was the following rate of religions world wide.

Christianity: 2.1 billion
  Islam: 1.5 billion
  Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
  Hinduism: 900 million
  Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
  Buddhism: 376 million
  primal-indigenous: 300 million
  African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
  Sikhism: 23 million
  Juche: 19 million
  Spiritism: 15 million
  Judaism: 14 million
  Baha'i: 7 million
  Jainism: 4.2 million
  Shinto: 4 million
  Cao Dai: 4 million
  Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million
  Tenrikyo: 2 million
  Neo-Paganism: 1 million
  Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand
  Rastafarianism: 600 thousand
  Scientology: 500 thousand



Psst, Pastor Ron is another fake account. Please don't give him any credence.

I'm glad wanting our children to wait for sex is the same to you as strapping explosives on their back or cutting off their genitalia, Brutus.

Please share your religious beliefs. You seem to have issues with Christians. Marcy Kaptur is a Catholic. Is she part of the evil bloc with their nefarious agenda?

Sam, it's ETHNIC cleansing, and it was from a former province of the Soviet Union where religion was outlawed and education was woeful. Now, who moved in and stopped the war and the ETHNIC <not religious> cleansing? Here's a tip, it wasn't any Muslims.


Cross, Kosovo a region within the providence of Bosnia and a part of of Yugoslavia which maintained independence from the USSR more than any other eastern European country under Marshall Tito.  Religion was never outlawed under Tito, it was tolerated, Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims all lived in Kosovo. After the break up of Yugoslavia the killing in the name of religion started and became a genocide. When someone is killed for practicing their faith its both ethnic and religious cleansing.  I was once told to find the largest gathering of hypocrites step into a place of worship.  Many people who pray on their Sabbath will stab you in the back the next day.  It is one thing to claim religion its something much more to live your faith whatever it might be.

brutus smith

 So you are arrogant enough to believe all Christians believe as you do?


Repubs have nothing, nada, zilch.


When did I say I was Christian?

You know what they say about people who assume.

Stick to the 'Republicans are bad, evil, fascist theme". It's nice and simple and that way you and Goofus can play your propaganda game some more.

p.s. Feel free to answer the Marcy Kaptur question you ducked. She is catholic. She does <supposedly> follow the church's dogma.

Pastor Ron

I don't know what kind of hippie drugs Cross is doing but all this conspiracy talk has to be drug induced.  For those who know me and my followers.......I am a man of God and not some pagan hedonist like Chung Lee.  If anybody is a is the person who goes by "cross" and who has a major messiah complex. 


Whatever other arguments anyone may present, Marcy Kaptur is NOT Catholic. I don't care what she SAYS she is. No practicing Catholic supports abortion, and Kaptur does.

This is NOT, by the way, some kind of a position statement on abortion on either my part OR Ms. Kaptur's. I'm just saying that the official Catholic position remains anti-abortion.

Of course, since Kaptur has lied about a host of other things over the course of her tenure in Congress, I suppose her pretense she's Catholic is as legitimate as is her pretense of honoring her oath to the Constitution...


Good points Sam, but the region was plunged into civil war with various nefarious leaders who were attempting to exert power. It was not a Christian vs Muslim conflict,

This was a Serb and Croat war of atrocities without much religion involved. Regardless, no Christian nation really supported the illegal activities of the Serbs, although some did turn a blind eye. Yes, many Muslims were targetted but the actions in Srebrenica were against all Bosnians in an ethnic manner.  Religion was not a theme for the Serbs and Croats, although there was intolerance towards Muslins. Eseentially it was a lawless civil war involving ethnic groups with centuries of hatred in a land plunged into anarchy. 

Your labelling it Christian vs Muslim is as inaccurate as calling World War II Christian vs Jew. The people who ended both conflicts, and protected the inflicted religions were primarily Christians. The ones doing the atrocities, not so much, since again these were mostly areligious folk as the perpetrators.

Also the UN is not really a valid organization for checking information regarding anything criminal for countries. the council is controlled by a bloc of Islamic and African states, backed by China, Cuba and Russia. As with most things from the UN, much of what is done is done in political fashion.



Cross, the genocide was perpetrated by Orthodox ethnic Serbs against the ethnic Albanian Muslims, it was just as much about religion as ethnic origin.  Prosecution is still be pursued in the World Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity.

Pastor Ron

Christians to no commit ethnic or religious crimes against muslims.  That is a liberal lie against God's truth.