BLOG: My dumb opinions can't be bought!

Tom Jackson
Aug 23, 2010


The Daily Caller has an interesting story, naming some names, about ostensibly independent political bloggers who take cash from political parties and partisan organizations. The site names names of conservative bloggers who take the money (some of whom are sophisticated enough to take the cash as "advertising" or "consulting fees") and alleges the same thing happens on the left, although the article doesn't cite examples. The Daily Caller leans right, so perhaps it has better sources on the right side of the political divide.

I've never been offered any money, either for this blog or for any that I do on my own. Perhaps people sense that I am incorruptible, or perhaps they realize the money would be better spent on a blog with a mass audience. 



My thoughts

You were a fine linebacker in your day. Blog about that.

Bryan Dubious

Think of it as the way a product reviewer gets to try out the product before reviewing it.

I like this big screen TV, because they sent it to me.

I like the Bush Doctrine, because they paid me to think about it!

Tom was a linebacker? Do tell...

Matt Damon

i don't think can't is the right word.


I'd go with won't, considering which paper you work for




Opinion formers are people who have a lot of influence over what the public thinks about things.

When I post "Who are you", "What do you do for a living", "What makes you an expert", “Motive” ???? I get deleted, toooooo personal.............