BLOG: Is this what a Stratosoar looks like?

Tom Jackson
Aug 16, 2010


Cedar Fair has registered the name "Stratosoar," and clues are being dropped about what the new ride will be.

One ride that seems to fit all of the clues is the Starflyer, a ride that hoists riders up into the air and spins them around on chairs attached to a chain. I can't prove that's what the ride will be, but I think it's possible this is what Cedar Point will announce before the end of August.

The world's tallest Starflyer is the new one at Prater Park, Vienna. It stands 236 feet tall. Is Cedar Point about to build one that's taller?





Captain Gutz




The General



I hope that this is not what they are planning.  It would fit where Demon Drop was though, so maybe it is what they are planning.  Time will tell maybe they need to put a somewhat normal family friendly ride in, like STR is.  I have been seeing alot of older people and families with younge kids there and there isn't a whole lot of rides the entire family can go on as a family.  We will see.



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