BLOG: 'LeBron James Hates You'

Tom Jackson
Jul 16, 2010


There have been a huge number of online commentaries about the departure of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James. Many are interesting, but there is one in particular which I wish I could get everyone to read.

"LeBron James Hates You" by Paul Shirley, a professional basketball player, puts the whole business in perspective by sharing what Shirley insists is an inconvenient truth: The sports stars fans love don't love the fans back.

Shirley, who has spent time on the court with James, says the star is "a self-centered numbskull" and that his reality TV announcement that he's deserting Cleveland for Miami is a useful reminder of what most famous athletes are really like.

Shirley says that when he played against James, he "marveled at how mean he was to his teammates.  His cold-eyed glare when one of them had the nerve to miss a shot.  The way he spoke to them; the way he carried himself around Cavaliers staff; the aura of jerkitude that – had we all been in the Army, circa 1952, and not in the NBA, circa 2004 – would have gotten him a midnight date with a sock filled with bars of soap."

Read the whole thing HERE.




I said because he said that she said and she should really know because, ad nauseam.

LeBron is a professional basketball player. When he misses a free throw, after all he's paid millions to make them, I give him the eye. When he slips, I give him the eye. Does that make me a mean person?

Why don't we all just cut it out already. HE'S GONE, HISTORY! Whew


he's a flippin' jerk****just like the majority of 'em.

Raoul Duke

I have no interest in pro sports other than golf, where you have to play well to get paid. I"m boycotting the NBA.

Lillie Chaos

What  pathetic sad human being he must be to feel he needs to look down on other people to make himself feel worthy.  I am sorry for him that he can a pprecieate the love the kids exploded with letting him know how important he is to them.  Even grandmothers were putting their unconditional love out there for this athlete to know how he was considered a treasure.  Ohio's treasure -- he will be gone and everyone will survive but the the romance of the beloved athlete is forever tarnished.  I wonder what hismother feels about this.  Most of us do what we have to do to survive--just a sad situation when you learn the truth about a well respected sports figure--Tiger, LeBron, what happens next?  I hope all the money and the winning is worth all that love that was not experienced.  You can only love someone if they allow it .Ok....guess I am just a sentimental old woman remembering the Mantle/Maris days of my youth.  Broke my heart when Brett Butler left the Indians.......I survived.


 Why is it, we as people feel the need to idolize someone ?  I for one, am not a groupie not now, not ever.  It sounds as if Cleveland people worshipped this guy. Why? 


Lebron going to Miami just proved to everyone that even he knows that he's no Jordan. he is a sell out, & will always be remembered as the guy that to go to a star studded team in order to win! And I'm not even a Cavs fan.

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