BLOG: Byrd's role in the Senate

Tom Jackson
Jun 28, 2010


By now, if you pay attention to politics, you've heard that U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd, 92, has died. And if you've read anything about the West Virginia Democrat, you probably know that he helped preserve the Senate's traditions.

A story that U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., once told me illustrates Byrd's role. He said Byrd taught him that senators are supposed to be partisan without being mean-spirited about it.

Inhofe, conservative even by Oklahoma's standards, had served in the U.S. House before winning election to the Senate. Not long after he became a U.S. senator, Inhofe delivered an angry, blistering speech on the Senate floor.

"Young man," Byrd said to Inhofe afterward (Inhofe is 75), "you gave a good speech."

But Byrd went on to explain that the Senate is different from the House, and that the members tried to get along. Inhofe said he listened, and discovered he could express his views while still being on good terms with everyone, even the liberal Democrats.




My  grandmother use to bury her rubbish and it performed a function. Perhaps Byrd can finally do something constructive instead of destroying this nation with his racism, like that of Sanders. 

Im sure God will judge Byrd FAIRLY, for God is a RIGHTEOUS judge. I can see the + 50 million babies that were aborted standing there at the great white thrown, giving testimony as to how Byrds support of abortion legislation allowed their little bodies to be carved like pigs, and how their bodies, eyes, lungs were burned like acid from the saline solution. Yes, God WILL JUDGE FAIRLY,  I wonder how long it takes for a 50 million people murder trial? 

columbus avenue

As he will judge you.


It is a shame that the PEOPLE of WV continued to vote in a known RACIST into federal government.  They all knew he was the GRAND EXHAULTED CYCLOPS and a KLEAGE of the WV Klu Klux Klan.  Can a few of you racist liberals explain that ranking structure?  I do not know what a CYCLOPS in the KKK is.  But, I am sure there quite a few of you that are "secretly" in this club.  Byrd is another PRIME example for TERM LIMITS.  He decided the people "needed" him so much, he was ENTITLED to a life time job to the very end.  I find it humorous that he was sorry for the first SIXTY years of his life.  In fact, all you liberal crybabies like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and a plethora of others have "forgiven" him for ALL the caricature and farce Byrd committed against blacks.  Besides, Byrd was very generous in giving out FREE money to all the liberal groups.  He was just as bad as Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) who also lived his life to the very end in Congress along with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA).  I am so glad all you blacks and liberals have forgiven these great givers of entitlements.  To all you blacks and liberals, I am sorry for YOUR loss.    

columbus avenue

I always knew I liked Bird.

6079 Smith W
columbus avenue says

<I always knew I liked Bird.>

I like "bird" too: Grilled chicken and baked turkey.


Thumbs up to Taxpayer. Great comments. People are stupid in general. They really are.

6079 Smith W

Sen. Byrd was the poster boy for the argument for term limits.

The last time I was in WV, I was surprised to learn that not every building, bridge or other public edifice was named after Sen. Byrd.

WV should just be re-named Byrdland.

Typical self-aggrandizing liberal; it's amazing how many costly buildings, bridges and other public works can be named after you when spending other people's hard earned money.

Finally: My condolences to the family.

brutus smith

At least Byrd saw the wrong he was doing by hating. He changed, when are you guys going to stop hating, on your death beds?


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brutus, BYRD was a CRIMINAL and a murderer.

Sadly, you are incapable of understanding the difference between 'hate' and JUSTICE. Liberals can NOT understand what justice is because you violate every possible thread of the term. You steal from those who work and pass it around to those who don't, you force people to pay taxes and then put the tax payer out of work by building boat launches across the bridge with the taxes from those who make a living doing that, everything about you brutus is pathetic, your posts are not funny but very sadening, knowing that someone can actually be as deprived and depraved as yourself.

BTW, we all know the reason for your posts, your a TROLL who likes to stir the waters, while others post facts you post things that don't matter and want others to bite the bait.

Therefore, read your own posts, I refuse to cast any more perils before swine.


LOL SR!!!  Byrd was an admitted member of the KKK which is a racist organization.  That makes Byrd a racist!  LOL!!!  How is this a personal attack when he admitted he was a member of the KKK???  LOL at the SR!

Woody Hayes

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

brutus smith

I always find it amusing when the right wingnuts point out when a Dem was racist in his past. Even though 100% of them are racist, they like to hold up that one and say see, he was a racist, see, see.

6079 Smith W

His KKK past?

I'd say his serving far too long in the Senate along with his greed of looting hard working Americans so that he could name public works after himself were far larger crimes.