BLOG: Have you seen this fish?

Tom Jackson
Aug 28, 2012


Ohio officials announced Tuesday that they have detected Asian carp DNA from 20 water samples taken earlier this summer from the Sandusky River and Sandusky Bay.

They are asking fishermen to join the search to see if Asian carp are swimming around in Lake Erie. Anglers are being asked to watch this video:

Here's the instructions from an Ohio Department of Natural Resources press release if you happen to catch an Asian carp:

"If anglers or constituents have observed or captured an Asian carp, immediately notify ODNR at 800-WILDLIFE (945-3543). Photograph the fish from nose to tail, and retain the fish on ice for verification. Photographs can be sent directly to ODNR at by clicking on the Asian Carp link and following the instructions."




 This is a great way to get citizens involved. Good job ODNR.

Rude McGootch

Chicago is the key to keeping these beasts out of our lake and as long as Obummer is the President he won't allow any of it's waterways to be closed.


I have a picture of a dead fish from lake erie and told the register about it last year via email.  Nobody contacted me so I still cant find anyone who can identify the fish.


I have a picture of my son catching what appears to be a Bighead Carp at East Harbor state park.  I really didn't know then what it was.  When he reeled it in I was taken aback because in all my years of recreation fishing I had never seen a fish like it, and I have never had a problem identifying any fish I have caught from Lake Erie.  After seeing this video, and looking at the picture I have of this fish, it sure as heck locks like a bighead carp.  Guess I will be sending it in today.


 This fish eats plankton and is not a bottom feeder like a carp.

My suggestion is offer local chefs a prize for the best recipe for use of this fish. Turn this fish into a valued food source.  

This fish will make it into our waters. Lets eat it.