BLOG: Plugging in to the Republican convention

Tom Jackson
Aug 27, 2012


If you're a diehard Republican and you can't make it to Florida next week, you can still follow the Ohio delegation's doings at the Republican National Convention.

The Ohio Republican Party has promised to live stream all Ohio-related events, to live blog convention events, and to provide frequent updates on Twitter and Facebook. A press release explaining the coverage is here.

No doubt Ohio Democrats have similar plans for their national gathering (Sept. 3-6). If they share them with me, I'll pass them on to you.




WOW, makes my heart go pit a pat.


@ Mr. Jackson:

IMO, since we are all fairly positive on who the nominees will be for each of their respective parties; the RNC and the DNC shoulda just rented a couple meeting rooms at a Best Western in fly-over country and saved taxpayers and their political donors a ton of money.

These pseudo-religious political festivals remind me of what someone once said about the Academy Awards show:

An event that is: By egotists, for egotists, about egotists.


The Big Dog's back

 Think God is sending a message to the Repubs by way of Isaac?

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You mean by sending Tampa much needed summer heat relief through this delightful day of intermittent sunshine and light misting rain and a cool slight breeze?   Yep…I would agree with you, God blesses the righteous.    
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Erie County Resident

Leave it the big dogs backside to see ANY form of humor in rape.

What a stupid thing to post.

I'd say stooping to a new low huh brutie, but you've been down there for some time now.

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swiss cheese kat

The Big Dog's back, all tropical storm and tornado warnings have expired for the Tampa Bay area.


Have ya seen the path of Isaac?  Looks like a bulls eye on New Orleans!!!!

The unintended consequence: Drought relief in the Midwest.



Why isn't the DNC holding their Obama coronation festival in Detroit in order to help celebrate their mendacious claim about rescuing the auto industry?

Detroit = Liberal America.



The New World Czar

 The list of proposed DNC speakers (Sandra Fluck, Elizabeth Warren, Eva Longoria, etc.)...hitting on how "Republicans hate women", followed by none other than Mr. William Jefferson Clinton. Enough said.

Now, which party represents extremism?



The Big Dog's back

 Former President Bill Clinton’s favorability rating has soared in the past three years and now stands at 67 percent — his highest rating since leaving the White House, according to a survey by The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.



The price of cig ars has went up as well.


I think the RNC governing body could have chose a different congressmen to have the stage first. Tim Griffin who'll be speaking in Tampa tomorrow was alleged to have ties to voter caging in 2004 and subsequently after the BBC aired his laundry, he retired his post.

Both sides are just as extreme as the other. From ACORN to the suppressive tactics of the right.


 Agree with Contango. The conventions are a big waste of time, if their goal is to swing the few remaining undecided voters. I suppose its only real worth is to get the voting electorate motivated to actually get out and vote. It's not like voters don't already know what Romney and Obama stand for.  Actually, it would be funnier if the RNC held their convention in Detroit, since Romney for some reason thinks auto workers would actually vote for him, in spite of him being 100% against the auto industry bailout, which saved several million autoworker jobs.

New World Czar, I would think that a huge majority of Americans would say that Republicans are the party of Extremism. You may have heard about the far right wing group that basically hijacked the party in 2010? The Tea Party folks? It was in all the papers. In fact, Romney actually chose one of the extremists as his running mate, when it became clear that his vanilla personality/platform had little chance to win. The Democrats have no such renegade ultra-leftist faction that threatens to hijack their platform. Furthermore, I would say that anyone who uses the word Czar as part of their screen name has an obvious penchant towards extremism. 



Obama was the most liberal senator in 2007, Left of even the socialist Bernie Sanders wasnt as far left as him. To anyone that understands anything about politics, Obama would be called a extremist. Assuming things about people and wanting to make them sit down and shut up is pretty extreme seeing we do not live in your utopia, Namely a socialist tolitarian dictatorship. Please move to N. Korea youll be happy there. 



@ coasterfan:

So what make, model and yr of vehicles are you driving?


GM is being propped up by "channel stuffing" and subprime loans - it's only a matter of time before the Dems have egg on their faces.

GM stock is down 7.21% YOY and is down 36% since it's IPO price. I wouldn't touch it.






Things you can hear during sound check of  microphones at RNC according to Letterman show:


check, check,  Kenyan,  check check, socialist, check check, no birth certificate, check, check

Big Dog-- your picture was great!!!!   LOLOLOL