BLOG: The Haags say goodbye

Tom Jackson
Aug 20, 2012


Ruth and Bob Haag say goodbye in the latest issue of their newspaper, A Sandusky Bay Journal, which is free throughout Erie County (I picked up my copy in Vermilion last week).

The front page has a photo of the couple walking away, hand in hand. The accompanying article explains that Bob is recovering well from his April 9 stroke, but that they have decided to cease publication and enjoy their time together. Two loyal readers may continue the paper, it says. They've been publishing their paper for eight years.

Their final issue includes many of their favorite thoughts, including, "Buy a full length mirror and look at yourself in it each day before you leave the house." They also suggest, "Ask your teenage children or grandchildren if your style of dress is OK, and then have them help you with clothes shopping when they tell you it is NOT OK."

I also liked "Question all authority."




What about the coal tar?

Swamp Fox

Free, just about what it was worth.


I enjoyed the paper (picked it up on the turnpike), even if I didn't always agree with each viewpoint.  Ruth's business communication tips were wise and funny.



Best to both of them.



The Bizness

 These people have held back progress for this city for far too long....


You hate to see anyone be sick or suffer from health issues.   But Bizness YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!

The Answer Person

Remember the old saying about glass houses? 

They should have spent more time on their own houses instead. 

Check out the roofs...