BLOG: Joe the Plumber unveils immigration reform plan

Tom Jackson
Aug 16, 2012

Republicans have nominated Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher to serve the U.S. House district that includes Sandusky. So how's Joe doing to make the Republican Party proud?

As the Plain Dealer reports, Joe announced his approach to immigration reform during a fundraiser in Arizona.

"Put troops on the border and start shooting. I bet that solves our illegal immigration problem real quick," Wurzelbacher said.

Like other politicians of Wurzelbacher's ilk, the candidate hid behind a spokesman when it was time to explain his remarks.

Wurzelbacher's spokesman is a guy named Phil Christofanelli, who defended his boss by carefully misquoting him.

"As a Congressman, Joe would empower the federal government to do whatever it takes to secure our borders. He believes that border security agents, like every law enforcement officer, should be permitted to use force when necessary in order to protect themselves and to prevent American laws from being violated," Christofanelli said.

Few people would argue that border security agents have no right to defend themselves.

But that has nothing to do with what Joe actually said, which was that "troops" should "start shooting" when they see illegal immigrants coming across the border.

I'm not a big fan of the Democratic Party these days. But to give the Dems their due, it's unlikely they'd nominate a candidate for the U.S. House who is as big a disgrace as Wurzelbacher.

Meanwhile, Joe will have to look for a new job when his campaign ends. Maybe he can sign on as the Ohio Republican Party's Hispanic outreach coordinator.




@ deertracker :

Yep! And I pay 'em in cash. No taxes - sweet huh?

If you think that their pay is too low, you're more than welcome to pay 'em $50/hr. outa your pocket if it makes you happy.

You liberals are always good at spending someone else's money aren't ya?

I believe in free enterprise, ya get paid what you contract for.



If the U.S. really wanted to prevent illegal immigration along our southern border states, it could be done.  But there will never be a concerted effort to block the flow of immigrants along our southern border because both major parties want the illegal aliens to continue to stream into Texas, Arizona and other southern states.  Big business interests need the cheap labor, so while the GOP elected officials rail against the illegal immigration publicly, in private they are being supported by lobbyists insuring the cheap labor continues to flood into the States.  Without this cheap labor, many nurseries & farms in California & Oregon, especially berry farms/orchards, would have an incredibly difficult time staying in business.  And the cheap labor also extends to the building trades.  If you tour the western states of Arizona, California & Oregon, as an example, and spend time listening to workers in the fields or in the nurseries or removing/laying new roof shingles, you'd hear Spanish.  Turn on the radio and you'll find not just one, but several all-Spanish stations.  You'll find whole communities catering to folks from Mexico and farther stores stocked with items you won't find at Krogers but would easily find south of the border.  You'll also find communities that have set up sites where people go to hire spanish-speaking day laborers.  And you'll see Hispanic people, primarily men, standing in line at grocery service desks, waiting to wire wages earned back to family south of the border.

Business thrives on the illegal aliens working in this country, and *THAT* is why our government will truly never crack down on illegal immigration.

the office cat

The great majority of the 9/11 bombers entered the country from Canada.

The illegal immigration from Canada is probably worse, according to some accounts, because it's difficult to profile a white person as illegal.

Justin Bieber and Selena Cruz: which member of the couple is foreign?

How much will it cost to build a fence across the northern border?

Kimo talks about the illegal drugs in Sandusky.... right under the noses of Customs and the Border Patrol...  

Let's face it, the people pushing for ending Mexican immigration - legal or otherwise - are the same people who don't like a 'halfbreed, not American-born, BLACK  man in the WHITE house.

One more thing:  Cubans emigrating illegally become 'legal immigrants' as soon as they step out of the water on US soil.  Why not the same law for persons stepping on US soil out of the Rio Grande?

nosey rosey

That any political party nominated this idiot for any public office speaks volumes.  His 15 minutes of fame was up hours ago.  Time to go back to wherever he crawled out from under.


No Contango, us liberals take care of our own children.  Your so called spending is really a savings if you pay in cash and have the nerve to boast about it while condeming them at the same time.  I hope one of them does not make you a D Con sandwich on pay day.


The only way to legally immigrate to the US is to have an employer sponsor you.  ie you must be highly skilled.  When most of our families immigrated, that wasn't the case.  Now, there are two signs at the border:  One says "Keep Out" and the other says "Help Wanted".  This change has allowed for a labor force cheaper than minimum wage.  If Republicans were serious about cracking down on illegal immigrants, they would bust the people who hire them.  But they have no such interest.  And PS, Joe the Plumber's 15 minutes are up.


I never said they were.  Just commenting on how the repubs have no interest.  Can you comment on what I DID say rather than what I DIDN'T say?  Neither group is interested, but for very different reasons.

Super Judge

 Joe speaks for me, and I couldnt agree more. The crowd exploded with cheer when he made that statement!  If President Romney does not win this year, and God forbid if he dosent, I pray that Joe will take the reigns and lead us to victory in 2016. He was sent by a higher power to lead us against the evils of this world!

Tom Jackson

 @Mr. Sandusky, Joe Biden's claim that the GOP wants to put black people "back in chains" is a new low from a Obama-Biden campaign running a disgraceful campaign, but I'm standing by my comment until you (or anyone else) can show me a Democratic House nominee as bad as Joe the Plumber.

@Swamp Fox, If you are "not sure if Mr. Jackson your typical lib media person," here's my take on the election: I think it's a shame that Romney and Obama can't both lose.


Tom Jackson writes:

"I think it's a shame that Romney and Obama can't both lose."

Hear, hear!

Unfortunately a third party candidate would need same party representatives in Congress to get his legislation introduced and passed.

For example, the odds are that if elected that Ross Perot woulda been DOA legislatively.

He wouldn't have even been able to "make the trains run on time." 


@ OMG.LOL.WT_: Typo - good catch.


The Big Dog's back

 Ahhh Tom, that's not such a wild claim as you think about the chains. 


@ Doggie writes:

"not such a wild claim as you think about the chains."

Obviously you never read "Road to Serfdom." 

Not unlike the wrongheaded  liberals, the people in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union thought that they were free too.

"We Thought We Were Free":


the office cat

@ TOM JACKSON.  Glad you don't call yourself a journalist.

"Joe Biden's claim that the GOP wants to put black people "back in chains" is a new low from a Obama-Biden campaign running a disgraceful campaign."

Biden was talking about the GOP helpiong WALL STREET put ALL OF US back in chains.

And you definitely are 'atypical'.





His screen name should be Super Comedian!


Super Judge, you sound like Rufus Sanders.


Hear, hear is an expression used as a short, repeated form of hear him, hear him. It represents a listener's agreement with the point being made by a speaker. In recent usage it has often been re-analysed as here, here, although this is non-standard


Mr. Jackson writes:

"But to give the Dems their due, it's unlikely they'd nominate a candidate for the U.S. House who is as big a disgrace as Wurzelbacher."

From the Dems, I nominate that old crazy drunk Pelosi.

My other choice would be looney lefty Maxine Waters.




I would second that, Mrs "Let pass the bill to see whats in it" pelosi is a loon. Her and Alan "I Forgot my pills today so ill just make up things today" Grayson are pretty much the worst of the worst.



I'm still trying to fathom why Joe wants to shoot Canadiens . . .


He doesnt like Hockey?

The Big Dog's back

 What has Grayson ever made up?



I know he is another hero of yours, He meets all the qualifications. Hes insane, Slanders opponents and is a complete party hack. So heres one thing he made up. Look up "Taliban dan" and then Asking the DOJ to harass people because he didnt like what they said. Yeah, For a multi-millionaire 1%er  he sure has alot of sheep following him *Hes worth 30 million, I wonder what his tax returns look like?

The Big Dog's back

 Just as I thought, no proof.


I like how kaptur told him to say sorry to all people who respect life.she is prochoice and she respects life?


Joe needs to go get a G.E.D.


Hey if he gets elected no big deal.                 The voters will speak.              Its that   E-z.



Only gotta know three things to get a "plumbers license" in Toledo.

1. Poop don't run uphill.

2. Don't bite your fingernails.

3. Payday is on Friday.

Joe got the payday question, missed the other two..........




It's so interesting, observing the types of people both parties nominate. Republicans seem to nominate two types: the crass/arrogant/uncompromising yet highly intelligent and articulate types such as Cantor and Ryan. They also nominate a surprising number of stunningly undereducated, monosyllabic folks who are  woefully inexperienced in the political arena such as Palin, Bush II and Joe the Plumber. If you have a big mouth and come across as anti-government, you're seen by conservatives as a viable candidate, never mind the fact that you have absolutely no idea how to actually govern or how to fix anything.

There really aren't any Democrat versions of Palin or Joe the Plumber, ya know? Why is that?


As bad as Joe is, and I readily admit, He's terrible, there are probably 30-50 more in the House and Senate who eqully bad or worse.  Now if you want to count Liars, thieves, and pedophiles the nuber would probably be closer to 500 out of 535.  I'd hope you could find 35 out of 535 but maybe not.