BLOG: Joe the Plumber unveils immigration reform plan

Tom Jackson
Aug 16, 2012


Republicans have nominated Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher to serve the U.S. House district that includes Sandusky. So how's Joe doing to make the Republican Party proud?

As the Plain Dealer reports, Joe announced his approach to immigration reform during a fundraiser in Arizona.

"Put troops on the border and start shooting. I bet that solves our illegal immigration problem real quick," Wurzelbacher said.

Like other politicians of Wurzelbacher's ilk, the candidate hid behind a spokesman when it was time to explain his remarks.

Wurzelbacher's spokesman is a guy named Phil Christofanelli, who defended his boss by carefully misquoting him.

"As a Congressman, Joe would empower the federal government to do whatever it takes to secure our borders. He believes that border security agents, like every law enforcement officer, should be permitted to use force when necessary in order to protect themselves and to prevent American laws from being violated," Christofanelli said.

Few people would argue that border security agents have no right to defend themselves.

But that has nothing to do with what Joe actually said, which was that "troops" should "start shooting" when they see illegal immigrants coming across the border.

I'm not a big fan of the Democratic Party these days. But to give the Dems their due, it's unlikely they'd nominate a candidate for the U.S. House who is as big a disgrace as Wurzelbacher.

Meanwhile, Joe will have to look for a new job when his campaign ends. Maybe he can sign on as the Ohio Republican Party's Hispanic outreach coordinator.




@ Justme...:

Democrats are serious about illegal immigration? LMAO!!!

Why are so many Democrat run municipalities like San Franciso a "sanctuary city"?

Aren't they breaking federal law?

Where's Eric Holder?????



The Big Dog's back

In Franklin County, Ohio, where Columbus is located, Doug Priese, the GOP County Chairman and a county Board of Election (BOE) member, explained his recent BOE vote against expanded weekend early voting hours in November, by saying he didn’t want to make it easier for Democratic Party organizers to turn out the African-American vote. 

“I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban—read African-American—voter-turnout machine,” Preisse said, in The Columbus Dispatch. “Let’s be fair and reasonable.”

The Big Dog's back

 Lee Atwater, a head republican strategist, in an anonymous interview in 1981. He is admitting that republicans use coded-language to appeal to the racists in their base. Because, as he always said, “people vote their fears.”

Lee, who would eventually become the head of the Republican National Committee, helped Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush win their Presidential elections by teaching them to use overtly-racist tactics.

When the N-word became taboo, Republicans began referring to black people in less-direct ways, with terms like “welfare queens.” They learned how to say the N-word, without saying the N-word.

Sadly, this still continues today. As seen in Newt Gingrich’s claim that Obama is a “food stamp President” and Rick Santorum’s assertion that he doesn’t “want to make black people’s lives better by giving them someone else’s money.”


Although Joe may not have said it in the most politically correct of ways, and although you may not like it much, he's right. REAL border control means preventing illegal crossings.

That doesn't mean we put up signs and then forgive those who disobey them while acting all surprised that they have. It doesn't mean we put up fences and then forgive those who climb them or tunnel beneath them while lamenting the incursions of the drug cartels and the loss of American jobs. It doesn't mean we issue tourist visas and then don't bother to follow up on those who overstay their limits. And it certainly doesn't mean we decide to let children benefit from the illicit gains of their parents. It means we prevent illegal crossings in the first place, and when signs and fences don't do the job, it means force.

Without borders, we have no sovereignty. Without sovereignty, we have no law. And in THIS country, the law happens to provide for freedom. Just how much ARE people inclined to sacrifice for some termporary warm and fuzzy feeling, eh?

P.S. If you'd call 911 or fire shots at somebody who breaches the border of your home in the middle of the night, why would you do less for somebody who breaches the borders of OUR home? You may not know for sure if they're there to kill you and yours, but if they're sneaking in in the first place, you can be pretty certain it isn't for tea and crumpets!

the office cat

@sAMADAMS...   Why is Joe Not A Plumber so anxious to shoot Canadians?


The Big Dog's back

 sam a, if you want to be a mercenary I can hook you up. The Thinking that shooting people is the only way to solve problems maybe needs a dose of reality.


Them damn Canadians....  trying to sneak across our borders to steal our tea and crumpets... they deserve to be shot........      :}


Selling them weapons and laundering money for them hasnt helped, Maybe its time for somthing new.

the office cat

@DONEGAN  "Selling them weapons and laundering money for them hasnt helped, Maybe its time for somthing new"

Yeah, that Bush plan just didn't work out, did it?


Office cat

No it surely didnt work during bush, Is he still in office? Oh my bad the all impressive genius, Nobel award winning, Constitutional scholar is, Wonder why is bush is so bad and Obama is so great they keep the same policys? Hmm i must ponder why you guys elected Bush part deux ..........Err i mean Duh.

BTW, I cannot tell what gender Justin beiber is let alone where hes from. Most people can't either. LOL!

the office cat

@ DONNEGAN...   re: fast and furious and the Shrub.

Despite all your sarcasm, it was the Attorney General in the Administration of the Nobel Award-winning, etc., presidnet who STOPPED F&F and who Darrell Issa (polished criminal that he is) is now spenidng taxpayer money to take to court.

Too bad we can't censure you.

BTW... after you finish slamming the Bieber, be aware he is CANADIAN while his  Hispanic girlfriend is a 'natural-born' U. S. citizen - just like the PRESIDENT!!!



Nothing a liberal loves more than destroying rights huh?  Seriously wanting to censor someone because you are panicking and your golden messiah is loseing. Thats sad. They only stopped F&F after it ended up killing someone. Add that to the list of achievements the president has under his belt. Move to china they have censorship and communism, You would feel right at home! I do like the way you tried to work the race card in, But after 4 years of hearing you are barking up the wrong tree the citizens are sick of hearing it. Your desperation is showing.


Donegan - surprised that you can't understand that since this campaign started - it's been the Republicans who have been at the front in attempting to eliminate people's person rights to anything.  The war on women - the war on gays - the war on religion?  When does it it?  Don't tell anyone that it's the liberals who want to destroy rights in this country.  The only rights being protected by the GOP right now is the right of the rich to get richer all paid for by the poor and middle class - and THAT IS ALL.


When the liberals accepted the present admins excuse of "There is a difference between due process and judicial process" i completly understand they they will give this president a pass on anything he decides to do. Who controlled both congressional houses and who has let him get away with it? Bush passed the patriot act which the president promised to revoke, Instead he has stregnthened it and added the NDAA. Whos against rights again?  Who wants to censor who again? Guess you have more loyalty to a party than you ever had for your country.

the office cat


And since the Republican Platform Committee, with its Akin Amendment, is giving a free pass to the Representative from Missouri, we get a legitimate definition of 'legiitimate rape'..

"We Built This Place" is the theme of the opening night of the Republican Convention - in an arena built with $85 MILLION in public TAXPAYER funds.

"This is the Republican Party's Platform, not Mitt Romney's Platform" - Reince Preives, National Chairman of the GOP.  More 'legitimate nonsense".

the office cat


"We Built This Place" is the theme of the opening night of the Republican Convention - in an arena built with $85 MILLION in public TAXPAYER funds.

...which of course is - in some form - the story of virtually every business or undertaking.



Only the Democrats want Akin to run, The republicans have distanced themselves from him. The democrats embrace people who are screwed up as we can see by the list of weirdos they elect into office.

"My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize."

The Big Dog's back

 That's all you can come up with dunny? Go back to Mom's basement.


Aww Dog cannot even come up with a good comeback.

I would go back to your moms basement but your already living there so ill just stay upstairswith her. <Now thats original.

the office cat

@DONNEGAN.. "wanting to censor someone ..."

CENSURE, you fool.   Like the House of Representatives CENSURED Eric Holder.

Not CENSOR, you fool, which means restrictiing your right of Free Speech - which is what the Firelands Patriots did on July 4 when a man DARED to disagree with them and was told Freedom of Speech did not apply to him in front of their tent.

More unfortunately, we can't CENSURE the ignorant or just plain stupid when they attack without knowledge.  This means you.

With every FREEDOM come RESPONSIBILITY....  another word I know you don't comprehend.

Swamp Fox

Once again I am not sure if Mr. Jackson your typical lib media person is trying to be funny or snide.    How about the racist Joe Biden remark on "trying to put you back in chains, yea all".  I guess I missed Mr Jackson's article on that.   We might be well served to put the military on the Mexican border to protect us from the drug cartels that were armed by our own ATF and covered up by the Obama/Holder justice department...



If Joe wants to shoot Mexicans maybe he should have the republicans get him a job with Border Patrol so he can show then how the job should be done.

Should be done according to the Gospel of an unlicensed plumber......

Reminds me of when I was in Berlin and saw the wall.

Joe's plan does save on the concrete and barbed wire.



There is a difference between Immigration reform and Border patrol. Immigration allows people to apply for citizenship and after a time jumping through the tons of paperwork they can become upstanding citizens with the same rights as you and me. Patroling our borders insures we arent invaded by people we do not want living here.  If you do believe They are the same, That would mean you are for having Drug cartels and unwanteds from other nations dumped into our country. For those of you that think our Border security is working please move to the border and see first hand the violence and drugs.


"I'm not a big fan of the Democratic Party these days. But to give the Dems their due, it's unlikely they'd nominate a candidate for the U.S. House who is as big a disgrace as Wurzelbacher."


Um...have you listened to anything Biden has said....ever?!?!?!


@Mr Sandusky.....LOLOLOLO.    when I get done going through this box of kleenx from laughing I will think of a crushing retort.  lololol  excuse me....I have to return to the bathroom


I don't mind 'em comin' here to work - just no "cash and prizes."

Once SS, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and every other liberal give-away program goes broke - open the borders.


Hey! Maybe AZ and TX should get buses and drive the captured "undocumented Democrats" to Washington DC and let 'em go?




Re:move to the border and see first hand the violence and drugs

Don't have to "go to the border" to see violence and drugs.

If I want see that, I will come to Sandusky and walk down Hancock St after dark.

I don't like drug dealers on a good day, but the simple fact of the matter is we are talking supply and demand. If there was no "demand" that would take care of "supply".

The bottom line is that "American" junkies support the drug cartels.

Not that I would support this solution, but it would be a hellava lot cheaper for Joe to shoot the junkies in Toledo.

No junkies = no drug problem.





@ Kimo:

One of your favorite countries, China, executes drug users.

Read about the "Laughing Girl":

The U.S. spends more money and has more laws against drugs than any other country in the world. Yet we have more drug users than anywhere else.

Prohibition ain't working.




Do you believe the border security is good?  I do agree, we have enough problems on our own but thats no reason to import more. The drug wars are over, The Gov lost. Alot of your fellow voters see legalizing certain drugs would be more benificial than spending billions that arent working. Stream line Immigration procedures, Tighten border restrictions, Problem solved. We get the good people while keeping the riff raff out.

"Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” violate Mexican law, are not “physically or mentally healthy” or lack the “necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents."


This guy needs to go away! Period.  Yea, you don't mind if they pick your veggies and fruit, clean your house, take care of your children, keep your lawns manicured, and cook your food but "cash and prizes" aka, trying to survive because of the low pay received doing all those other things....forget about it!  Right?


@ deertracker :

Yep! And I pay 'em in cash. No taxes - sweet huh?

If you think that their pay is too low, you're more than welcome to pay 'em $50/hr. outa your pocket if it makes you happy.

You liberals are always good at spending someone else's money aren't ya?

I believe in free enterprise, ya get paid what you contract for.



If the U.S. really wanted to prevent illegal immigration along our southern border states, it could be done.  But there will never be a concerted effort to block the flow of immigrants along our southern border because both major parties want the illegal aliens to continue to stream into Texas, Arizona and other southern states.  Big business interests need the cheap labor, so while the GOP elected officials rail against the illegal immigration publicly, in private they are being supported by lobbyists insuring the cheap labor continues to flood into the States.  Without this cheap labor, many nurseries & farms in California & Oregon, especially berry farms/orchards, would have an incredibly difficult time staying in business.  And the cheap labor also extends to the building trades.  If you tour the western states of Arizona, California & Oregon, as an example, and spend time listening to workers in the fields or in the nurseries or removing/laying new roof shingles, you'd hear Spanish.  Turn on the radio and you'll find not just one, but several all-Spanish stations.  You'll find whole communities catering to folks from Mexico and farther stores stocked with items you won't find at Krogers but would easily find south of the border.  You'll also find communities that have set up sites where people go to hire spanish-speaking day laborers.  And you'll see Hispanic people, primarily men, standing in line at grocery service desks, waiting to wire wages earned back to family south of the border.

Business thrives on the illegal aliens working in this country, and *THAT* is why our government will truly never crack down on illegal immigration.

the office cat

The great majority of the 9/11 bombers entered the country from Canada.

The illegal immigration from Canada is probably worse, according to some accounts, because it's difficult to profile a white person as illegal.

Justin Bieber and Selena Cruz: which member of the couple is foreign?

How much will it cost to build a fence across the northern border?

Kimo talks about the illegal drugs in Sandusky.... right under the noses of Customs and the Border Patrol...  

Let's face it, the people pushing for ending Mexican immigration - legal or otherwise - are the same people who don't like a 'halfbreed, not American-born, BLACK  man in the WHITE house.

One more thing:  Cubans emigrating illegally become 'legal immigrants' as soon as they step out of the water on US soil.  Why not the same law for persons stepping on US soil out of the Rio Grande?

nosey rosey

That any political party nominated this idiot for any public office speaks volumes.  His 15 minutes of fame was up hours ago.  Time to go back to wherever he crawled out from under.


No Contango, us liberals take care of our own children.  Your so called spending is really a savings if you pay in cash and have the nerve to boast about it while condeming them at the same time.  I hope one of them does not make you a D Con sandwich on pay day.


The only way to legally immigrate to the US is to have an employer sponsor you.  ie you must be highly skilled.  When most of our families immigrated, that wasn't the case.  Now, there are two signs at the border:  One says "Keep Out" and the other says "Help Wanted".  This change has allowed for a labor force cheaper than minimum wage.  If Republicans were serious about cracking down on illegal immigrants, they would bust the people who hire them.  But they have no such interest.  And PS, Joe the Plumber's 15 minutes are up.


I never said they were.  Just commenting on how the repubs have no interest.  Can you comment on what I DID say rather than what I DIDN'T say?  Neither group is interested, but for very different reasons.

Super Judge

 Joe speaks for me, and I couldnt agree more. The crowd exploded with cheer when he made that statement!  If President Romney does not win this year, and God forbid if he dosent, I pray that Joe will take the reigns and lead us to victory in 2016. He was sent by a higher power to lead us against the evils of this world!

Tom Jackson

 @Mr. Sandusky, Joe Biden's claim that the GOP wants to put black people "back in chains" is a new low from a Obama-Biden campaign running a disgraceful campaign, but I'm standing by my comment until you (or anyone else) can show me a Democratic House nominee as bad as Joe the Plumber.

@Swamp Fox, If you are "not sure if Mr. Jackson your typical lib media person," here's my take on the election: I think it's a shame that Romney and Obama can't both lose.


Tom Jackson writes:

"I think it's a shame that Romney and Obama can't both lose."

Hear, hear!

Unfortunately a third party candidate would need same party representatives in Congress to get his legislation introduced and passed.

For example, the odds are that if elected that Ross Perot woulda been DOA legislatively.

He wouldn't have even been able to "make the trains run on time." 


@ OMG.LOL.WT_: Typo - good catch.


The Big Dog's back

 Ahhh Tom, that's not such a wild claim as you think about the chains. 


@ Doggie writes:

"not such a wild claim as you think about the chains."

Obviously you never read "Road to Serfdom." 

Not unlike the wrongheaded  liberals, the people in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union thought that they were free too.

"We Thought We Were Free":


the office cat

@ TOM JACKSON.  Glad you don't call yourself a journalist.

"Joe Biden's claim that the GOP wants to put black people "back in chains" is a new low from a Obama-Biden campaign running a disgraceful campaign."

Biden was talking about the GOP helpiong WALL STREET put ALL OF US back in chains.

And you definitely are 'atypical'.





His screen name should be Super Comedian!


Super Judge, you sound like Rufus Sanders.


Hear, hear is an expression used as a short, repeated form of hear him, hear him. It represents a listener's agreement with the point being made by a speaker. In recent usage it has often been re-analysed as here, here, although this is non-standard


Mr. Jackson writes:

"But to give the Dems their due, it's unlikely they'd nominate a candidate for the U.S. House who is as big a disgrace as Wurzelbacher."

From the Dems, I nominate that old crazy drunk Pelosi.

My other choice would be looney lefty Maxine Waters.




I would second that, Mrs "Let pass the bill to see whats in it" pelosi is a loon. Her and Alan "I Forgot my pills today so ill just make up things today" Grayson are pretty much the worst of the worst.



I'm still trying to fathom why Joe wants to shoot Canadiens . . .


He doesnt like Hockey?

The Big Dog's back

 What has Grayson ever made up?



I know he is another hero of yours, He meets all the qualifications. Hes insane, Slanders opponents and is a complete party hack. So heres one thing he made up. Look up "Taliban dan" and then Asking the DOJ to harass people because he didnt like what they said. Yeah, For a multi-millionaire 1%er  he sure has alot of sheep following him *Hes worth 30 million, I wonder what his tax returns look like?

The Big Dog's back

 Just as I thought, no proof.


I like how kaptur told him to say sorry to all people who respect life.she is prochoice and she respects life?


Joe needs to go get a G.E.D.


Hey if he gets elected no big deal.                 The voters will speak.              Its that   E-z.



Only gotta know three things to get a "plumbers license" in Toledo.

1. Poop don't run uphill.

2. Don't bite your fingernails.

3. Payday is on Friday.

Joe got the payday question, missed the other two..........




It's so interesting, observing the types of people both parties nominate. Republicans seem to nominate two types: the crass/arrogant/uncompromising yet highly intelligent and articulate types such as Cantor and Ryan. They also nominate a surprising number of stunningly undereducated, monosyllabic folks who are  woefully inexperienced in the political arena such as Palin, Bush II and Joe the Plumber. If you have a big mouth and come across as anti-government, you're seen by conservatives as a viable candidate, never mind the fact that you have absolutely no idea how to actually govern or how to fix anything.

There really aren't any Democrat versions of Palin or Joe the Plumber, ya know? Why is that?


As bad as Joe is, and I readily admit, He's terrible, there are probably 30-50 more in the House and Senate who eqully bad or worse.  Now if you want to count Liars, thieves, and pedophiles the nuber would probably be closer to 500 out of 535.  I'd hope you could find 35 out of 535 but maybe not.


 Is "Wurzelbacher" a native American name ? 



No Warren is though, The Warren tribe likes to congregate on the Harvard reservation along with other Tribes that enjoy having Gullible people believe every word they say as the gospel.


 Wall. Shoot people. My guess would be that the name is German.


What good are border patrols when you can't draw your pistal and that is only what the Joe was trying to explain.   These illegals come over and go on welfare and we have to take care of them.  Why do you think California is going broke? If there are no jobs or free welfare there is no need to come across the border.

The Big Dog's back

 Making excuses for sam ehh darkhorse? The only job worse than that is cleaning out honey pots.


The illegals can obviously do what ever they want:



By Miranda Leitsinger, NBC News

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- They are in the United States illegally, and they are tired of hiding.


Over the past few weeks, a group of nearly 40 housekeepers, day laborers, students and immigration activists has been making its way across the country in a ragtag caravan, chanting “no papers, no fear” and proudly declaring “I’m undocumented” in public gatherings.

The riders are not legally in the U.S., a point they want everyone they meet to know. They are on the bus tour, dubbed the “undocubus,” to highlight their plight and to challenge their anti-immigrant foes in the ongoing national debate on immigration.



Seriuosly, why doesn't ICE bust that busload of in your face arrogant illegals!?



@ Blues:

Thanks for bringing this instance to my attention.

More "illegals":

The Ruskies had a sub in the Gulf of Mexico for over a month and our govt. didn't know it:


“The Blues is the truth. If it’s not the truth, it’s not the Blues.” - Willie Dixon



Why not take Joe and the rest of the Republicans and put them on the other side of the fence and let the "illegals" in.   They seem to be the only ones working in this country.   At least they aren flying into sky scrapers or sending lethal viruses thru the mail or car bombing hundreds of innocent people in a shopping center or farmers market.   All you a-h's who are pissing and moaning about them coming here and taking jobs away from us are the very same a-h's who wouldn't go into a field to pick produce or grab the handle of a broom or mop.  You  a-h's want them out.   I hope you can afford living here once they are gone.  One good thing if they are forced to leave, I'll be right behind them for I'm pretty disheartened and disgusted with the attitude of brain deads, like Joe, in this country.   Between you and the Republicans you're doing a damn good job of destroying everything we ONCE stood for. 



Go live by the border for awhile, Better yet move to mexico. Danget i forgot, In mexico they throw you in prison for crossing the border illegally.


Okay, buddyamigo. That means that I can come to your house and take anything I want because I feel I deserve it. Screw what the law says. I can do what I want and proclaim it as my right.

the office cat


uhhhh.  We LIVE on a US border.  It's just more difficult to 'profile' the illegals since most of them look like us.

Just admit it's a 'color' thing and then we can address the real issue - soon as we get the BLACK man out of the WHITE house, huh?


The illegals need to band together and clean up thier own country before screwing up ours.


I lived in PHX, AZ for 3 years. My wife worked at The Pointe Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. She told me how the resort (which charged close to 2,000 K per night for celebs) would hide the illegals when INS came in. If they caught them, they'd send 'em back to Mexico and they'd be back within 2 days. Firsthand story.

the office cat

@ BLUES.  Why you complainin' 'bout Mexico?  Illegals are hidden routinely in Sandusky - it's just that most of them are white and more difficult to profile.


I also worked in Cincinnatti for about 6 months. I lived in a hotel. Rather nice, too. It was a Marriott. The cleaning personel all spoke spanish and didn't understand a damn word I said until I started handing out ten dollar tips per week. Funny how that worx. The only lady who cleaned my room who was USA born and bred, told me that they were all illegals and pretended not to know English. That was in 2008.


                                                                                   Joe's logic is  =  to Todd Akin's.


@ kURTje:

 Apples and oranges.



The Big Dog's back

 One nut (sam) to another (akin). Of course both exemplify the Repub core values. They are just outspoken about it this year. Next thing you know they will be throwing around the "N" word.


They leave that to the liberals to do. MSNBC host throw it around and it OK, Wheres the outrage? Guess Hypocrisy is acceptable from the democrats.



In Joe's Toledo.....




Hardly.......most have their agenda or  used as puppets (Josh Mandel/non-combatant).    Hardly any of our leaders are worth a ####.    Flat tax for all, or give US the same medical as our elected officials.


"Flat tax for all, or give US the same medical as our elected officials." kURTje.

We can agree on that. For sure.

the office cat

@Big Dog...   or "legitimate abortion'? 

and please, Rep. Akin, explain for us what rape isn't 'forcible'.

the office cat

SKINNY-DIPPING where Jesus fished - and walked.  What ELSE were those DRUNKEN GoOPS  adding to the lake?  Hmmm?  Hmmm?  All that booze has to go somewhere when you're not near a 'facility;'.

LEGITIMATE RAPE.... 'legitimate' means generally acceptable (opposite of illegitimate - like us kids born out of wedlock).  Or maybe he meant to separate it from 'RETROACTIVE RAPE' (like retroactive resigning from Bain Capital)?

STIMULUS MONEY?  Well, that's not what Paul Ryan MEANT TO SAY in tose letters seeking it for his state.

THE STIMULUS WILL CREATE JOBS.  Rep. Paul Ryan in 2002 exhorting the House to PASS the Bush Stimulus Plan .... IN 2002!

A FINE CROP of REPUBLICANS we're producing this year.! 

"the office cat says

@ BLUES.  Why you complainin' 'bout Mexico?  Illegals are hidden routinely in Sandusky - it's just that most of them are white and more difficult to profile."

I'm thinkin' what I've already stated is why I'm complaining. It's my honest opinion. I think it's fairly easy to comprehend.



Donegan......let's be real here.   How about the "Hatch Act." ??  This "rule" carried over into off time also if you were a Federal  employee.   I think that rule is still engaged; though I may be wrong.    Know anything about war??   Rules of engagement?    Oh boy.........same  crap ....  Try free speech on your break time in the work area - see what can happen if your honest thoughts are shown.        What fun occurs!!!..                 "never  trust anyone that did'nt bale hay." 


the solution to checking the immigration status is simple.  do the same as they do for dui checkpoints!  check the drivers license of EVERY car to see if it legit.  if not they go to the pokie.  thats pretty simple. 

Second Opinion

Illegal birthrates will change the course of elections for the next century, and liberals want this.

Illegals bring crime with them, PROOF is the fact that the very first thing they did when entering this country they BROKE the law and became a felon and a fugative, at least to everyone but the liberal parties.

Illegals have increased drug usage in the US, look at Willard and the patrol needed on route 2, Best get your facts straight before replying because there is a great deal of proof that these statements are true.

Lets face it, liberals want their handouts of other peoples money and they are willing to share it with those from other places as long as they get theirs.




Second Opinion


I find this article to be no different than the typical Katie Couric technique, slant the question to direct the opinion of the listener; such as opening the article with;  

                           "So how's Joe doing to make the Republican Party proud?"  


The tainting didnt stop there, he continues with :

       "Few people would argue that border security agents have no right to defend themselves."

Ask any Boarder Patrol agent if they feel they have the right to defend themselves and you will find that most are afraid more of the Federal Governments retaliation with Federal criminal charges than they are the Ilegals. Two good men sat in jail for years until Bush left office and there are others. I personally have two close friends on the ground and they tell us that Obamas administration is confusing and hostile towards the agents but is forgiving to the illegals. Have you not heard of the lawsuits Obama has against Arizona, or how Obama refuses to take back the Federal Park that illegals took possesion in Texas?


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