BLOG: Cedar Point to unveil 'big new haunted house'

Tom Jackson
Aug 14, 2012


Get ready for a "big new haunted house" when HalloWeekends returns to Cedar Point Sept. 14 through Oct. 28.

That's the word from Cedar Point General Manager John Hildebrandt, who says the park is going all out to please HalloWeekends fans.

The new haunted house will be Eden Musee, a wax museum gone bad, harking back to an earlier Cedar Point attraction.

It replaces Happy Jacks Toy Factory, which is is going away with the demise of Disaster Transport.

Terror Island, which had a space now occupied by dinosaurs, also won't return, but will be replaced with a new attraction, Cutthroat Cove.

Fear Faire, the park's medieval horror attraction, is being revamped, Hildebrandt said.

"People will really notice a difference," he said.

A big new live show, Skeleton Crew, will be presented on the Luminosity stage, he said.

He said Cedar Point officials are well aware that HalloWeekends is a big part of the park's schedule.

"A lot of people tell us it's their favorite time of year to visit the park," he said.




hallow weekends fun, fun fun , the old Wax museum was so grusome,  a great scare.   crackheads unite.


im sure some church group will be protesting this !


and if they do, screw them....



that is great news on their new idea for the halloweekends exhibit.

I have one of the original wax heads from the Eden Musee when it was at Cedar Point years ago.

After they closed up the museum in the earlier years all the contents went to southern ohio and stored for a few years and then everything was auctioned off.  So now the wax heads and other items from the museum are all over the country.  

I am looking forward to seeing halloweekends this year.    I won't wait till the last day like I did a couple years ago as it was the most crowded day that cedar point had in their history.  Took forever to get out of the parking lot at midnight. 

anyway, I think Halloweekends is probably the best Haunted Attraction around anywhere in Ohio.  The regular kind of haunted houses are really lame compared to Cedar Points Halloweekends.   I also had went to Ghostly Manor and that was a big joke for the money they charge. I will never go back to that place.  Cedar Point is the best, 5 stars.