BLOG: Help a cat, get a hefty discount at Cedar Point

Tom Jackson
Jul 26, 2012


Don't forget that a promotion starts on Monday at Cedar Point that will allow animal lovers to save money while helping local cats and dogs.

From Monday to August 5, visitors to the amusement park who donate a new item to the Erie County Humane Society will get a coupon for $15 off the price of admission. Look for a large black and white sign just outside the main entrance of Cedar Point.

Items that can be donated include cans of cat food, dry cat food, clay cat litter, new cat and dog toys, liquid bleach, white copy paper, paper towels and kleenex, and 13-gallon flex garbage bags.




Are they only accepting donation during certain times of the day ?  Will you beable to get this same deal if you buy a Starlight admission ticket ?


That is an awesome idea!  Hopefully they get a good response from this.

he said she said


How about I just help the cat and leave the CP tickets at CP