County to give downtown workers the time of day

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


It's time to fix the clock on top of the Erie County Courthouse, county administrator Mike Bixler says.

After Bixler explained Thursday the county was going to repair the clock so that it will work correctly, county commissioner Nancy McKeen asked, "On all four sides?"

"You can walk around, it's a different time on every side," McKeen said.

That may be an exaggeration -- the clock appeared to have the correct time on three of four sides Thursday -- but the variant times have been a frequent source of embarrassment to the county.

"It's an ongoing maintenance issue. It's hard to get parts," Bixler said.

The county is spending $13,324  to hire the Verdin Company of Cincinnati to renovate the clock to make it work correctly, Bixler said. Work will be carried out in 60 to 90 days.



Well, a few years back they threw away the original mechanism because it was unreliable and installed this modern new 100% accurate mess. Typical...of a committee.


They cant screen. Find out if the Sandusky Prosecutors are going to file charges on the screener and the guy he chased out the door and tackled on the sidewalk last week.The guy got upset and threw a disposable lighter at one of them and then ran out the door. The screener chased him out the door for some unknown reason and tackled the guy!!Dont remember reading anything in the paper about it?One of the Deputies had to pull them apart. Get what ya pay for Nancy


I heard on the street that the person was a Sandusky Register Reporter. No wonder they do not want it in the newspaper