Marc Dann looking drawn these days

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The best part of the  Ohio Republican Party's new "Dump Dann" Web site is its collection of editorial cartoons about Dann's sex scandal. As of this writing, Don Lee's cartoon isn't included in the GOP collection, but I thought it was really good. Look here for Don's cartoon. Click on Don's cartoon to make it bigger, and right-click it to save your own copy.

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Dann is just another unethical Democrat politician who thinks the rules apply only to Republican politicians.


Dann still looks and acts like a big fat pig.

My guess is he was always looking drawn. You don't live a life of partying that hard and still look well rested. Perhaps now that the toga party has been disbanded, he'll be able to get some more sleep and start acting like a grown married father instead of horny frat boy.

He is disgusting.


I for one am tried of our elected officials acting unprofessional and unethically. They need to get him out ASAP. Does he even care about the impression he needs to make while holding a highly elected position?


And to think, Matt W. called this guy the future of the Democrat Party! Even as other newspapers around the state were calling his management of the State's AG's office into question, Matt W. was holding the guy up as some new standard. Again, I told anyone that would listen that this guy would end up resigning in disgrace if elected, and look where we're at...he's nothing but another sleezy low-life Youngstown politician (which are the worst kind), whose no better than Jim Trafficant.