Anybody need cheap drugs?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


For years, Sue Daugherty, the head honcho of Serving Our Seniors, struggled to build up the supply of prescription drugs in the organization's "Drug Repository" program, which recycles unused prescription drugs.

She won that battle by patiently recruiting donors.

Now she has another problem -- publicizing the program so the drugs will reach the low-income people who need them. For a dispensing fee of $7.40 per prescription, needy seniors can obtain drugs such as Aricept (for treating dementia -- retail cost $169) and Pravix (reduces the risk of a stroke or heart attack -- retail price $135).

Charities that want to screen clients for eligibility or residents seeking more information should phone Serving Our Seniors at 800-564-1856.



You do mean Plavix right? I should know how to speak the SR language by now.


Pravix is the Japanese equivalent of Plavix.


Re: Capt Gutz, thanks for the laugh!!


Who cares????


Sorry, 'Plavix' is correct....