BLOG: Advice to our critics

Tom Jackson
Jun 20, 2012

My boss, managing editor Matt Westerhold, has been getting some heat from our more conservative readers for the column he wrote for our editorial page a couple of weeks ago criticizing Fox News, the right-leaning cable news channel and Web site. Some have threatened to cancel their newspaper subscription.

As everyone knows, most journalists are Democrats. And many of these journalists think that the obvious pro-Obama, anti-Romney slant of the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR and, yes, the Sandusky Register, is normal. When they see a news outfit such as Fox with an obvious anti-Obama, pro-Romney slant, that seems odd to them.

Roughly half of the population leans Republican, however, and there's obviously a market for a news organization that caters to them. If Fox News disappeared tomorrow, somebody would make a lot of money filling the gap.

I'm also not clear on how Fox News really differs from MSNBC, which has an obvious left slant.

But for Matt's critics, let me make a few points:

(1) Nothing is more boring than an opinion piece that fails to express an opinion and then defend it. The only opinion piece worth reading is a provocative one that forces you to think about the argument. That's why Rufus Sanders is always worth reading. Sometimes I agree with Mr. Sanders, sometimes I disagree, but I have to think about what he's saying.

(2) Our letters to the editor space is open to everyone, including our critics. If you think we've missed something, pick up a pen.

(3) It's simply an objective fact that the Sandusky Register is an aggressive, hard working newspaper that fights constantly to obtain public documents and get the news out. Yes, we are human and sometimes we make mistakes, but it's not a coincidence that the paper wins so many awards.

If you've ever read a lazy local newspaper that settles for whatever the local authorities are willing to hand out, you'll know what I mean. You may not agree with everything we've ever published, but if you skip the Register, you are missing an essential source of local news.




 @Dick Tracey: Are you kidding? Selective editing and taking things out of context is the defining theme of Fox News. We watch it on occasion, simply because their take on many issues is so blatantly silly and biased. Rolls eyes...


Reminds me of a big brother coming to the rescue of the wimpy little brother .

Now The Rest of...

Considering the Fox News rating in all time slots are double or sometimes even triple the other cable news networks in ratings and are a close competitor to the major broadcast networks on a per capita basis.  Why do we care what Matt Westerhold or the Sandusky Registers views are?.  If you want real comedy with your news, watch the low rated clowns on MSNBC.....

Tom Jackson

 @Contango Perhaps you missed my Gary Johnson interview, published on this blog in February?



GO Fox News!  The ONLY news outlet to get the TRUTH.  Oops, go ahead and keep watching your MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, CNN and ALL the others.  Go ahead and subscribe to the NY Times, Chicago Tribune and the Register.  You have my blessing to spend your money the way YOU want your news.  I love capitalistic enterprise.  That is called making decisions on your own BUSINESS instead of taking orders from liberal democracks who demand what you should do.  I enjoy the FREEDOM to spend my EARNED money the way I want, NOT the way for all you liberal members of the freeloaders club of entitlements want.  Isn't it AMAZING how all you crybaby whiners HATE one news outlet because they do not conform to your liberal bias?  Go ahead and continue with the liberal, democrack agenda of HATE.  I see all you loser haters must all gang up on ONE news station.  Boo, hoo, hoo!  Ha! Ha!  Even your liar-in-thief, who you elected, spoke out against ONE news outlet.  Even the 0bama administration tried to BAN Fox News from the White House press pool because they do NOT glorify a fraud.  How about it Sandusky Register?  How would YOU like to be banned from ANY news by Bush?  How would it feel?  Oops, I forgot, you copy right off the liberal AP-0bama wire service and get awards for doing it.  Here is a simple tip for all you whining, crybaby, liberal, democrack losers.  Don't like Fox News?  Then do NOT watch instead of BELLYACHING so much!  How simple is that to comprehend?  Keep watching all the other networks.  They NEED the ratings.  Ha! Ha!  Isn't it AMAZING that Fox News has more viewership than all the other cable news networks COMBINED??  Can any of you losers explain that?  If Fox News is the leader in news over ALL the other outlets, YOU must be watching as well.  Come on, how about that "solidarity" to your liberal base?  They would appreciate it if you would learn to OBEY the anointed one and give your money to his campaign.  How are the unemployment numbers again?  Oops, NO liberal news reporting that today or ANY of those higher "adjustments" made every week?  How is the national DEBT?  How is the economy doing?  Anyone know about the Fed's prediction on the annual pace of growth for the rest of 2012?  NO news on that??  Of course not!  The news is horrible, especially for the anointed one.  As a reminder to you freaks, 0bama has been the president for 3.5 YEARS, not Bush!  I guess everything MUST be peachy in liberal world.  At least 0bama broke the record playing 100 rounds of golf in 3.5 years.  Where is the budget?  "Where be my check?"  Ha! Ha!           


 @ Mr. Jackson:

Thanks for the link. Yes, I do believe that I read it at the time.

You're not implying that a solitary interview four months ago when Mr. Johnson wasn't even the Libertarian presidential nominee is sufficient coverage for the SR are you?



Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) explains why he left MSNBC  part 1 and part 2. the government didn't want cenk uygur telling the truth and MSNBC wanted uygur to tone it down. why did lame stream news like MSNBC didn't report the entire news about fast and furious or the lies of obama? is somebody local like the good old boys telling the sandusky register what to report on and not report on?

FruGalSpender    obama and romney are for secret behind doors trade deals and sheep still want obama and romney?  politicized justice department.


Tom Jackson

 @Contango, That's correct, I didn't imply that.



Fox "news", is nothing but a mouth for the right wingers.


@ Mr. Jackson:

Well then IMO, tell Mr. Whitis that instead of writing his "Trials of Emil" stories, to get off his derriere and go out and get something (anything) that may be worth-a-read like an interview with Mr. Johnson.

BTW: Is your spouse still solidly in the Obama camp or has she become somewhat disillusioned?


Also, speaking about MSNBC;  I like to listen and read opposing viewpoints if and when they are intelligently articulated.

I used to occasionally attempt to listen to the bankrupt and now defunct "Air America." 

What I most often tended to hear were permutations of the refrain: "Can we all agree that Bush is the problem?" They then would laugh.

IMO, on their present trajectory, MSNBC will go the way of Air America.

Why is Fox News financially successful? The first rule of business is: Find a need and fill it.

I watch a lot of MSNBC's sister station CNBC. They are about 180º politically opposite of them.

Tom Jackson

 @Contango, Well, the idea of the "Chasing the President" series is to try to obtain exclusive interviews with two very prominent politicians who ordinarily would not talk to a smaller newspaper.

Emil is a very good, and very busy, police reporter, so he's being a good sport by taking on this additional assignment.


The Big Dog's back

 In case no one has figured it out yet, faux news does get the most viewers. And who are the sheep? Baaaaaah right wingers.


Re: Howard Hughes LW&T.

@ Mr. Jackson:

Yet another Howard Hughes will?

Reads like a modern equivalent of the numerous pieces of Jesus' cross.



Simply put, it's laughable that a newspaper the size of the Register decides to wade into national politics. 

And the problem for the Register's business model is that while Erie County is (sadly) still tied to its historic union/Democratic voting history most of the citizenry that can still read in the Sandusky area leans more right. 

I'm going to guess that your average city dweller with 5 kids, no spouse and questionable job prospects is not taking home delivery of the Register, nor are they clicking on internet ads on this site.  That's not to say every person viewing such an editorial is a GOP member, but a healthy slice of them are.  Always good for the bottom line when a small business upsets 1/2 their clientele to the point of making them want to stay away.