Governor seeks MySpace friends in Ohio

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


During his visit to Huron last week, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher revealed, "Ted Strickland and I both have a site on MySpace, because we are both with it."

Strickland's MySpace site says he is a 66-year-old male who lives in Columbus, Ohio, who is on MySpace because he is "looking for friends." It's worked out pretty well for him -- his site lists 2,027 friends.

Under occupation, Strickland lists, "Governor of the State of Ohio." He has a blog, but it's not updated as often as my blog -- the last entry is the 2007 State of the State speech. We doubt the governor spends much time hanging out online with his MySpace friends, because the site says, "This page is maintained by volunteers, not by Governor Strickland or his staff."

We couldn't find Lee Fisher's MySpace site, so we asked a spokeswoman, who said she thinks the lieutenant governor meant to say he is on Facebook. She said she'll let me know when she has a URL.



It's a free place for marketing and publicity, why not? I hate the social network sites as much as the next guy, but they're here to stay and they make a great way to reach a broad (young) audience on the cheap. His was especially cheap as you can tell he hired no one to template/design the thing to his liking, here's a sample of something that probably cost a bit, but too, is very worth it for the broad reach...


Does the governor find more boyfriends there on myspace???