No move to YMCA for health department

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The Erie County Health Department is no longer interested in moving to the old YMCA building if the Y moves to a new location.

Health commissioner Pete Schade floated the idea but dropped it when his board expressed little enthusiasm.

Linda Miller-Moore, president of the board, said board members knew extensive work would be needed to deal with the many levels in the YMCA building and the Y's swimming pools.

Board members were worried about cost, she said.

"We just thought there was too much to overcome," she said.

Schade thinks his department may need more elbow room at some point. He expects to expand the services the health department offers to the community if it obtains federal money to become a Federally Qualified Health Center.



The health department needs to understand that Erie Co. taxpayer funds or any other public funds that may be spent on supporting abortion education and/or abortion referral services will be closely monitored. The upcoming levy will not be an easy sell given the leadership and morale issues at the health department.


wasn't that one of the main reasons that the city gave the ymca taxpayer money to move. i guess stahl looks like a real dummmy now. this gets worse everyday.


it looks it was all a bunch of bs that the Y gave the city on how us funding their move would benefit the health dept. move into it's current location. the city commissioners fell for it hook line and sinker. those commissioners that voted yes should do us all a favor to help this community, and do not run for reelection. we as voters made a big mistake with who we have voted in. some of them are riuning their family names. that has to hurt.


So, the waterfront property that the Health Dept now sits on is not worth enough to fill in the swimming pools at the YMCA?


the health dept should have moved to the old memorial hospital instead of the ymca.