Early poll: Obama leads in Ohio

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


My current employment as political reporter for the Register allows me the opportunity to read a genre of literature that may be unfamiliar to you: The political press release.

From now until November, I expect to read press releases from Ohio Democrats and Ohio Republicans that either boost their own candidate for president, attack the other guy or do both. Often they are snarkily amusing.

Today, I got a press release from the Dems, passing on without the usual editorial comment a press release from Quinnipiac University on a new poll that shows Obama leading McCain in Ohio 48 percent to 42 percent. One other interesting fact: Independent voters in Ohio want Obama to forget about putting Hillary on the ticket. (This fact would likely get the Obama camp's attention, as the election is widely viewed as a battle for independent voters.)

Republicans haven't exactly giving up. They recently pointed to this AP article stating that Obama's campaign believes it can win the election without carrying Ohio.

The spin from Ohio Republican Party chairman Bob Bennett: "On the same day that Barack Obama visited Columbus, his campaign manager was meeting with Washington insiders about how they will write off Ohio. With a strategy of telling voters one thing while your campaign does another, it's no wonder so many Ohioans remain skeptical of Barack Obama."



It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Obama is carrying Ohio. With the condition of this country & this state left by the Republicans, the Demorats will win everything all over nation. The people have had it!


I'd love to know who exactly was polled . I don't know of a single person who will be voting for Obama & I come from a predominately democratic family. O


Gonna take er.


Ask Barack about the loss of Maytag jobs in his state. Ask Barack about his source of campaign funds. Ask the laid off Maytag workers what they think about Barack.

Excuse me while I go and puke.
B-A-R-A-C-K!!!! B-A-R-A-C-K!!!


There was some recent interest in Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate to determine just who is daddy really is...and, there is also some speculation that Obama may had a more colorful drug history than has been suggested in his own book.

No doubt Barack Hussein Obama's history & track record are being given special attention now.

The question before the voters will be can you trust a guy who was a pothead named Barack Hussein Obama whose rise to fame is being a smooth talker without substance? There is not much depth or notable achievements in his resume. What has he really accomplished? What are his achievements before he was promoted by the liberal media?

Hope, change, and more smooth talk is now wearing thin. No one I know is voting for this "change & hope" politician wrapped in a carefully controlled image. Other than the liberal media making this man, he would not have defeated Hillary and Bill Clinton. Many Hillary voters will nodoubt crossover and vote for McCain.

It is only a matter of time before Barack Hussein Obama receives even greater scrutiny and then watch and see what happens.

We really can not afford to have another Jimmy Carter type presidency. This smooth talker never served in the military and he recently said that there are 57 states in this country.

Maybe all of that pot smoking affected his brain.


Thanks, Tom Jackson, for giving us an insightful, informative blog about something other than Kim Nuesse.


Obama makes all these promises about change and health care. Talk is cheap.
Look at health care. Why do people with little or no health insurance have to pay FULL price for medical procedures, operations and doctor visits while the rich insurance companies pay 30% or so of the medical bills as FULL PAYMENT? What a scam. What has Obama done about this? NOTHING. Obama is a smooth talker and tells people what they want to hear. Obama should insist that people with little or no medical insurance get the SAME discounts afforded to the RICH insurance companies. Read what really is about Obama.