Bixler not looking for the exit sign

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Erie County administrator Mike Bixler has heard the rumors, but the longtime official says he's not planning to retire in 2009.

Bixler has been the administrator since 1987. He plans to stay on, unless commissioners obtain a new majority that's eager for a change in direction.

"Very honestly, I'm waiting to see how the election goes in November," said Bixler, the father of professional baseball player Brian Bixler.

Commissioner Nancy McKeen is retiring and will be replaced either by Democrat Pat Shenigo or Republican Joe Hayberger. The chairman of the commissioners, Democrat Tom Ferrell, is being challenged by Republican Mike Printy. If the three-member commission had two new commissioners, Bixler said he'd have to see if they wanted to keep him.

"I'd like to still be here," he said.

Even if he did leave, Bixler, 54, said he's hardly ready for retirement and would go work somewhere else.



Yesterdays blog said you were to cover politics for the SR. Did you read this in the Neusse article today?:

Re Retired Police Officer wrote on Jun 19, 2008 12:20 PM:

" You have got to be kidding. This department has been the laughing stock of the State for many years. The same people who conspired, backstabbed, and lied are still in control in this department. Do you know that even down in Cincy they laugh when you mention the SPD. They know it is a corrupt department and when I asked if anyone would take a job as chief in the SPD they told me to the last man NO. I was told our command staff does not support the chief and the political situation up here is not conducive to taking this job. You had better promote within, because, after this railroad job on the chief you will not get anyone from outsid who will be willing to take this job, unless they are just as crooked as the existing staff and city manager. The word is spreading around the state about this fiasco of a witch hunt and the incompetent city manager. "

It seems like it is time for you to get that white shirt a littlle dirty by walking through City Hall and finding out what is going on. So far your articles have been pretty drab and boring. Water and algae are interesting, but uhhh get your head out of the office.

I do not think you are the man for this job.


The only thing I can tell you Mikey boy,don't count on Tom Ferrell, because he's gone!


Ferell has been seated much too long. The county should have term limits. Now, if we could only replace Baxter. Why doesn't someone challenge his seat? There should be a change where Baxter is concerned. Considering what has happened in Sandusky, I think the Republicans would have a good chance at putting someone up against Baxter and winning.


Another elected official to vote out this November is Clerk of Courts Barbara Johnson. She has been Clerk for 18 year and that office is a complete chaotic mess!

It doesn't help matters that she is rarely in the office....o wait, this is an election year, she has been in more lately, only to mess things up more because she doesn't know how the office is run, and she doesn't know how to run the office!

Yes, change would really be better for the county to vote Johnson out and get someone in there who can clean up her mess.