Warner seeks airport construction jobs

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Most of the folks touting the benefits of a proposed new airport to serve NASA Plum Brook Station are talking about jobs that would take awhile to develop. A new airport would attract more work to Plum Brook, high tech companies would then be lured to set up shop here, and so on.

Bob Warner, the new member of the Sandusky City Commission, is trying to draw attention to a more immediate economic benefit. An airport with runways large enough to accommodate the world's biggest cargo planes (which is what NASA says it needs) would also be a big construction project, generating jobs for construction workers.

Huron County has many construction companies and many construction workers. The local Laborers union has 232 members in Huron County, compared to 174 in Erie County. Building an airport would help workers in Huron County, too, not just Erie County, Warner argues.

If Erie County partners with Huron County on an airport, "We can employ thousands of construction workers," he told the Erie County Commissioners Thursday.



Don't ya think this guy, Warner, should get his head out of the clouds? Warner needs to look at the marina district mess before the city goes bankrupt with the Kim Nuesse discrimination settlement. Next don't ya think he needs to pull back on the Marina District debt? This guy is all talk an no action. Who lined him up for the city commission?


City Commissioner or County Commissioner?

By the way, the Huron County airport is a much better location than NASA.


The reason the expansion is planned for the NASA property is to enable that facility to work on much larger projects which would be airlifted in.

With more work at NASA, and more jobs in the tech industry to support that work, some of the newly employed people just might decide to live in a Sandusky condo. And I am sure some will be attracted to homes in Huron County, too.

And I think the Chesapeake condos are selling out.....seems to be quite a few occupied now in the southern end of the building.


Seems to me that you could just open up the rail corridor into NASA and ship the materials needed for the projects via frieght train. The railroad right of way is still there, some of the rails are still there. With the cost of fuel, I can't see using airplanes to bring material in. Some of the projects require very large items that no airplane could carry.


The joint airport in Ottawa County is under used, why waste more money.


the airport in Ottawa is too small idiot and there's no room for expansion. Can't you freaking read the stories or do you just shoot your mouth off to show how stupid you are??

Pay Attnetion Moron they need to land planes that are as big as 3 football fields!!!


I told you before, warner just likes to see his name in the paper. He is for helping a select group of people - UNION ONLY. The rest of you losers can go f*ck yourselves.


Again one of the three others wound have been a better choice as a commissioner,
than big mouth Warner.What a beauty.


i don't know what are you talking about but i have only one task in mind to fulfil that is,construction of a newly international airport.whoever in concerned,please don't hesitate to contact me at your most convenience.