The senator who stands for something

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


There's a big controversy these days in the liberal blogosphere over Barack Obama's decision to back a new compromise version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. A key provision of the new FISA bill is that it gives immunity from lawsuits to telecommunications companies that allegedly broke the law by cooperating with the Bush administration's warrantless wiretaps after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The senator's stance represents an apparent change in his position from February, when he promised to fight hard against giving immunity to telecommunications companies. This has prompted criticism from civil liberties advocates in the blogosphere.

The Chicago Tribune reports that before the Senate takes up FISA, it will take up a separate bill to remove the lawsuit protection from the bill. The article says this will allow Obama to vote against telecom immunity before he votes for it.

I mention this to note a recent 80-15 vote in the U.S. Senate over FISA. The 15 "No" votes are the guys on the losing side who opposed the bill and tried to block it. They include U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-OH. Whatever you think of Brown, I've noticed he's not afraid to take a position and stick to it.



He is clearly ideologically bankrupt when it come to common sense and getting Ohio back to economic success. We need someone who will serve Ohio and not continue his political diatribes that do nothing but embarrass Ohio.


is a charade. I, a lifelong Democrat, will vote the Reopublican ticket for the first time in 40 years. Sad to say that Obama Rama is a wolf in sheeps clothing and a lot of people just cannot or do not want to see this.


I just talked to someone who is reading one of Obama's books he wrote years ago. They said we should be VERY AFRAID if he becomes President. They said HE IS A RACIST!


Sherrod Brown is the man. I want him for VP but I think Obama will be better served with him as an ally in the Senate. It's painful to see what Obama's having to say and do as works for swing votes.


b hussein obama is a flaming socialist


Keith Olberman reported that the FISA bill does give immunity from civil lawsuits, but does not give immunity from criminal prosecution. That ought to give a few people, those who used fear of terrorism to trample on our rights, pause for thought.


Flog the telecos for cooperating in the face of a national security emergency!

In light of the liability potential, if I were CEO of a telecom company, and Pres. Obama called for my cooperation during a security emergency, I'd tell him that I'll have to discuss it with my legal council and I'll get back to him in a couple months or so.


Before he appears on camera, could an aide please hand Sen. Brown a comb?

The guy has permanent bed head.

Also aides, have his suits pressed, they're always wrinkled.

The guy will never make the cover of GQ.


Congress now has a 9 percent approval rating, way lower than bush, does that tell you anything, did I mentioned that the democrats are in control of congress. Dump every incumbent and vote for those that want to drill for oil on our land and create more refineries with out all the red tape.