Heydinger exits Ohio House race in Norwalk

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Suddenly, Democrats don't have a candidate after all for the 58th House District, which includes Norwalk.

State Rep. Thomas Heydinger, D-Norwalk, announced today that for health reasons, he has decided not to seek a full term in the Nov. 4 general election. Heydinger, a retired judge and Vietnam War veteran, had

been appointed to the post after former Rep. Matt Barrett resigned after lying about a sex scandal.

The latest Democratic candidate -- the third so far this year -- will face Republican Terry Boose, a former

county commissioner.



Obviously a man of intelligence who didn't want to be part of the idiocracy that continues to push the State of Ohio into further economic decline.


Redfern messed this up. In his quest for power he overlooked the fact that Judge Heydinger was an honest man. Judge Heydinger refused to along with the strings attached to the Ohio Democratic Party money. Can't blame him.
The Ohio Democratic Party will not come with a person to match Heydinger reputation and Huron County will continue with high unemployment and no representation in Columbus.

The Republican candidate Boose looks good to me and he is from Huron County.

Mi Chu Wong Dong

Redfern too skinny. He need to eat more.
Redfern bad man too. I no like Redfern.
What happened to his head? Look like his head was in vise. Maybe call him wedge head.