McCain leads in Ohio, Rasmussen says

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Gov. Ted Strickland remains popular in Ohio and the state seems to be trending Democratic, so Barack Obama is leading Ohio. Right?


Rasmussen Reports said today that a telephone survey shows McCain ahead of Obama, 46 percent to 40 percent. Rasmussen calls this a “modest lead” and obviously it’s very early, so take these numbers with a large amount of salt.

Here’s another statistic from the telephone poll: 51 percent think journalists are trying to help Obama win. Just 21 percent think reporters are trying to be neutral, while 13 believe the press is trying to help McCain.

Read the full report to see how Ohioans feel about offshore oil drilling, the war on terror and other topics.



Wow! This is highly irresponsible and misleading. Cherry-picking single poll data and reporting on it without any context not only provides an inaccurate snapshot of the state of the race, but it is not quality journalism. Were you aware that on July 21, 2008 a poll was released by Public Policy Polling showing Barack Obama with an 8 point lead over McCain in Ohio? This poll was released the day before the Rasmussen poll. Here's the link, check out the internals for that one. http://www.publicpolicypolling.c...
Or how about the composite scores of all polls maintained at websites such as, realclearpolitics, and Realclearpolitics gives Obama a composite lead of 1.5 points.
Pollster a lead of 3.5 points.
And Fivethirtyeight a lead of 2.2 points.
All of these organizations are independent and non-partisan; and all of them show Obama with a slight lead in Ohio. So before you go reporting on a single poll which provides an inaccurate impression to your readers, it would be beneficial if you would provide some context and do some research.


I "cherry picked" the polling data by reporting the latest poll. That's what newspapers do. Similarly, our sports department last night cherry picked the results from the last few Cleveland Indians games by printing the story on yesterday's game.
A "composite lead" of 1.5 points underscores what I wrote, which is that it's early and any single poll should be taken "with a large amount of salt."