BLOG: Zimmerman won't "walk"

Tom Jackson
Apr 24, 2012

One of our regular columnists, Rufus Sanders, had a piece in the Monday paper, "Zimmerman will walk." Pastor Sanders argues George Zimmerman will escape punishment in the killing of Trayvon Martin when his Florida trial is over.

I enjoy Rufus' columns (he's always good for a strong opinion in colorful prose) but his prediction seems premature to me. Here's why:

1. The trial will not take place for months, if not years. We don't know what evidence will be put before the jury, what surprises will emerge and how the judge will rule on key issues. It seems early to complain about the verdict.

2. The key controversy for weeks concerned whether Zimmerman would be arrested and charged and have to face a court trial. Until the U.S. becomes a police state, it seems unfair to assume in advance of the trial that a person must be convicted for justice to prevail. (Otherwise we would have a show trial with a predetermined verdict). The demand that his victim's family must get its day in court has been met.

3. Let's assume for the sake of argument that the jury returns a "Not guilty" verdict that appears to fly in the face of the evidence and the instructions from the judge.

That would open the door for the federal government to step in and file civil rights charges, forcing Zimmerman to face a second criminal trial. This seems very likely if President Obama wins re-election, somewhat less likely but possible if Governor Romney wins.

4. Even if Zimmerman escapes a state or federal criminal conviction, his life likely will not return to its former state.

If I were tried for a crime in Sandusky and acquitted, I could move to another town and start over, confident that few of my new neighbors would know anything about my alleged misdeed. Even the most heinous crimes typically become well known only in the immediate area. Only a comparatively few cases become national media events.

But Zimmerman has become a national villain. Thanks to all of the news coverage, he will likely come under intense scrutiny no matter where he lives. It will resemble living under closely supervised probation for the rest of his life.

How did that sort of scrutiny work out for O.J. Simpson?






OK first it was humorus, Then it got disturbing, Now its down right odd.



"OK first it was humorus, Then it got disturbing, Now its down right odd." what is odd origen? that the fbi and cia have whistleblowers? please explain in 100 words or more. are you not one of the smart ones who post comments?


First you posted 7 different times about being mocked and having comments removed and of last night none were removed, Second you were answering to your own post, Third it didnt seem like anything you would normally post. Catch my drift?



By trying to be a "none racist" Mr Sanders always seems to me to BE a racist.  His comments always go to far, in my opinion, but then again, it's just my opinion. 

As for this Zimmerman trial, I must agree that even with this trial, no matter what happens, if Zimmerman does happen to be found "not guilty", he will never truly be found "not guilty" by the public.  A certain element within society will always see him as guilty of killing Trayvon Martin, as their minds have been made up and they aren't likely to change it no matter what the court's say to the contrary. 

It won't make a bit of difference what anyone says at that point and he will never be able to walk away from a darn thing.  The media already saw to it.  He might be able to live in another state, another town., but it better be a small place, far removed from where he is now, until someone recognizes him and then he is "done-for".  This will go on perhaps for the remainder of his life (the reference to OJ Simpson, who despite being found not guilty, is still being punished by those who thought him to be so in their minds,. )

Nope, Zimmerman will never walk no matter what the jury or court says after this.  His life was just as finished as Trayvon's was the minute that trigger was pulled and he was arrested. 

It sure is a great reason to think before you shoot, isn't it?   It would make me think twice before shooting. How about you?  



damn those hackers. they also hacked into my account at the norwalk reflector a few months ago.


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Tom, you mis-wrote, "the national media has made Zimmerman out to be a villain". No one else but the media has done this outside of Orlando. If it weren't for the "national media", how in the world would any of us in Ohio know about it? Besides, what NBC did was downright horrible. More heads should roll.


Julie R.

I personally enjoy Mr. Sanders columns.

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wiredmama222 :  A certain element within society will always see him as guilty of killing Trayvon Martin, as their minds have been made up and they aren't likely to change it no matter what the court's say to the contrary.

Yes, an element that has made up their minds without all the facts based on the spin a biased media put on the case.  An element that can't bear to sit back and wait for all the information before lurching to a conclusion.

A certain element of which you are a proud member:

"He is the last person I would defend.  I think he is one of the most ruthless people I have ever heard of in my life.....  Zimmerman strikes me as being not only a "wanna-be cop", but the type with a temper and the type with a ZERO control button who would stop at nothing to show the real police what a great cop he could really be....and he blew it big time.

He killed this kid for no reason whatsoever except that in his mind this boy was "one of those A-holes" "who always go away" ....but not this time and not with hm preventing it and it ended in Trayvon Martin's death.  I have this whole big "hypothesis" about how this went  It just truly makes me sick

to think loonies like this guy had a gun and are let loose on the streets ANYWHERE with them."

Sound familiar?

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 deertracker : people are not in the streets acting out. Everything has been relatively civil as it should be.

There have been at least two black on white mob attacks where the perpetrators were shouting that it was justice for Trayvon.   That qualifies as acting out, and is not civil.


An 18-year-old man charged with a hate crime in Oak Park told investigators he beat his victim in anger over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, according to the Cook County state’s attorney office.,0,6204964.story


The first problem is that too many people have drawn conclusions based on ideology, rather than facts (of which they don't have enough.)  The second is that some of them falsely believe their conclusions are a reason for lawless and violent outbursts.  Given that so many have drawn their conclusions based on with which participant they most closely identify, their actions are likely to be taken as reflecting on that participant, and thus weigh against their own position.

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Jackson:

I read this one this morning:

"You'll Feel Differently About George Zimmerman And The Trayvon Martin Shooting After You Read This":


Julie R.

Hey SR, why am I getting the message that my comments on other stories have triggered the spam filter and won't be accepted? Are you getting some flak from the Eeerie County courthouse about my truthful comments or what?

Super Judge

When Zimmerman is found not guilty he can allways move to Montana and be treated like a king. Im sure Zimmerman did'nt want to shoot that boy, but he may have felt that he owed it to him.

Super Judge

Trevor Dooley the original Zimmerman?


super judge - I like your signature - the problem is that it is the republicans that ARE at a war with the rights of mankind - and especially women.  You seriously need to do your homework on that one.

Julie R.

I sure must have hit home when I told how public officials allowed attorneys and financial institutions to DEFRAUD THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT program for Medicaid at the Erie County Care Facility!