BLOG: This week in phony outrage -- Obama ate dog meat!

Tom Jackson
Apr 19, 2012



HIS HORRIBLE ACTION: Wrote about eating dog meat as a child.

For months, Mitt Romney fans have smarted over the endless recirculation of a story that he once transported a family dog in a carrier on top of his car, an incident that supposedly illustrates his poor regard for animals.

This week, Obama's detractors struck back with with an accusation of their own -- Obama ate dog meat as a child, and bragged about it as an adult!

As the Wall Street Journal's James Tarango wrote in his Best of the Web column, Obama wrote (in his autobiography, "Dreams of My Father,") that With Lolo [Obama's stepfather], I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy)."

Taranto spent much of last week Tweeting jokes such as, "On the bright side, dogs are haram, so this should put to rest the Muslim rumors."

Depending on how you look at it, it's going to be either a very long campaign season or a weirdly amusing one.

Dave Weigel at Slate has a good piece about how the Romney campaign is using this sort of thing to bond with the conservative base and deal with media bias. 






If you eat chinese food chaces are you too eat dog!

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Jackson:

"Phony"? It was funny.

Here's another one for ya about Mr. Obama and Mr. Emanual being members of a Chicago men's club.

Wasn't Mr. Obama considered by some to be our first "metros*xual" president.?

Maybe Mr. Obama is kinda like a politcal version of Star Trek's, Geo. Takai - a twofer?



The Big Dog's back

 About as funny as you emmiting horse excrement.






It's no more phony than the outrage over Romney's "dog days!" And on the plus side, at least the Romney family pet got where he was going alive...

Frankly, neither story has anything to do with a man's ability to act as the leader of the free world. Instead it has to do with detractors, most of whom are (unfortunately) in the media, and who have (in large part) conclusively demonstrated THEIR lack of qualification for their jobs!

“Here’s the leash sir, I’m going back to get the rest of the carcass off the road…Poor little guy, probably kept up with you the 1st mile or so….tough mutt” Wow I’m so hungry I could eat a gas station sandwich………..Obama don’t eat those anymore, too high in cholesterol, GET UP/MOVE!  

Hey , In tough times you got to do , what you got to do . I already explained to my two pooches , that if it came down to it , whoever had more meat on them went first . Really though , it's all in how you prepare it . ; )))

November India Golf

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My President is cool

I am sure glad that our President flies somewhere every day he is not
playing golf. He needs time off because he has been so busy he does not sleep.

He stays up thinking of new ways to help we the peopple.
He has done so much with so little he had to print 3 x as many dollars as when he took office. He
had to spend or borrow more than he takes in so he could accomplish so much with only 5 Trillion
dollars in 3.5 years. We don't need to worry about that because our
grandchildren can easily pay it off. That is really a gift to them because these
dollars have stimulated job growth now and in the future He comes from a poor background and when he was little he loved to eat the family dog and on bad days he ate grasshopper. Some ppeople say he was not born in this

country but he has posted his brth certificates online. He says he can't

help it his copy machine keeps screwing up and the last form had to be put together from 3 copies. I don't understnad that. His energy policy is really amazing. We don't need as much carbon based
fuels so he blocked the Keystone pipeline to get safe clean energy from our
friends in Canada. Its ok since we will have windmills and algae to fill our
outdated vehicles. Since we don't need as much oil, Canada has decided to
sell it to China where their EPA is much more strict that ours. That is called
going green. Don't forget to inflate your tires since that will help with the
gasoline which is too low in price.It has been proven that we are polluting the air so much, we are becoming hotter. The gas is poison CO2. That is why we breath it out. Stupid plants breath it in. I don't know why they want poison gas. Its becoming such a large amount that it makes up .03% of the atmosphere. He is thinking about chargeing people for the average number of times they breath out per year. I say it would be better off to charge cars, trucks, and power plants since they put out the most. He heard that the Mexican drug cartel was running short on guns and ammo so
he had the ATF send them some guns free of charge. Mexico has a stupid gun ban
and crime including murder is much lower than here. There have only 50,000
murders in that last few years near the border. They keep leaving the guns at
the scene of killings so we can have them back. . Drug prices in the US should
drop soon since its much easier to transport drugs with guns. I could go on but I know he
has our best interest at heart and always speaks the truth without any notes.
Thus he is reputed to be the smartest man to ever inhabit the White House and I
believe it. I am sure happy he is protected by the men of the secret service
which has the highest standards of conduct and morals. He took in so much money on April 15th he gave a reward to the GSA agency that watchs all Government spending to keep it as low as possible. They consider the money belongs to We the People and they must be frugal. The GSA saved us so much money he gave them extra money for a party in Vegas which cost over $800,000. He also gave the defense guy Panetta free trips to fly home since he has saved or created many of our lives.



Isnt that what they eat in asia? It was where he was raised so its only natural. Too bad he will make all of his fawning believers in his divinity eat crow when his fiscal policys bust.

Just make sure it is cooked to 170 degrees. Don’t see what the big deal is.   Eat crow that is funny. Actually I have eaten crows reminds me of “wings” they go good with Dortmunder.