BLOG: This week in phony outrage -- Hilary Rosen!

Tom Jackson
Apr 19, 2012


THIS WEEK'S VILLAIN: Democratic Party spokeswoman Hilary Rosen.

HER HORRIBLE STATEMENT: "Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life." (Referring to Ann Romney, Mitt's wife and mother of five.)

I recently proposed in this blog that the politics industry in this country should be renamed the Phony Outrage Industry, as politics these days deals more with fake indignation than real issues.

It's been a good week for those of us who are amused by phony outrage, and its fallout.

The latest supposed outrage to common decency was delivered by Hilary Rosen, a Democratic operative who probably wishes she could return to the obscurity she enjoyed just last week. She was trying to attack Mitt Romney during a TV appearance but managed to attack the candidate's wife instead (see the quote, above.)

A rational response would be, "Who gives a rat's butt what Hilary Rosen thinks? When are the Indians going to start hitting?"

But politics isn't about being rational, and Republicans have been busily "proving" all week that Rosen is part of the Democratic Party's all-out assault on stay at home moms. My favorite example is the press release from the Republican Party entitled, "Sherrod Brown Should Donate Hilary Rosen Campaign Funds to Charity."

Sample graph: "National Republicans and Democrats have stood united in condemning Hilary Rosen's public comments against Ann Romney as inappropriate and offensive, it's time for Sherrod Brown to do the same," Ohio Republican Party Vice Chair Kay Ayres said.

Don't you feel better informed, now that you know what Kay Ayres thinks?




They are keeping everyones eyes off the "Other" hillary, She just pledged 900 million (Thats another billion we dont have) To Gaza. Hamas is awefully happy about this donation. But the MSM has better things to do by creating storys while rome burns.


This has to be singularly the biggest and most irresponsbily the dummest thing the Republican party could do right now to try and right itself in a sea of controversy. 

You don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Ok, so they went after his wife.  Mitt Romney brought this one on himself.  He isn't part of a typical American family. Yet he keeps making statements as if he were and he brings his wife into it trying to "connect" to the simple American home.  "I ask my wife...." etc.  He opened the door and someone walked through. 

I don't believe for one minute that Hilary Rosen works for the Democratic Party.  I think she spoke for a LOT of us out here who think the same thing......Republican, Democrate and Independent......"how can an elitist housewife with all the comforts and help, a rich woman who does not have to worry like we do, possilby know what the average person goes through?"  

No, the Republican cannot lay this at the door of the Democrats.  They have to pick this one up and own it themselves.  They haven't any choice this time.  When a rich man like Romney puts his foot in it this badly, he has no choice BUT to own it.  Here is a great opportunity TO own it. 

Come on, now.  Listen and learn.  Obama didn't!!!!   You have to.  

The Big Dog's back

 I agree with you wiredmama. 

My Opinion is...

I didn't take it that Rosen meant that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life as in working as a mother, but as in working to budget a household so that all the bills get paid and there's still food on the table, or had to clean her own house, or had to worry about the price of gas in relation to attending her kids' school activities or sporting events. These are things that Ann Romney has never had to worry about. I go to work, get paid, pay the bills and my paycheck is gone! If an unexpected expense occurs inbetween paydays I have to figure out a way to deal with it. Again, Ann Romney has never had to worry about that and neither has Mitt who was born with a solid gold spoon in his mouth. Don't pretend you can relate to the average Joe when you've never been anywhere near where he is. Go back to your exclusive clubs, ride your 6 figure horses, make your $10,000 bets and hang out with your friends who own football teams.

The New World Czar

Rosen, Wasserman-Schultz, and Redfern are all good role models for Democrats. Open mouth, insert foot.


So, if democracks are going after Ann Romney then the gloves come off for Michelle 0bama?  "NO, the first family is OFF LIMITS!"  Ha! Ha!  NOT anymore!  Let's review.  How about checking out the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois!  (ARDC)  SOMEONE was "Court Ordered to be on Inactive Status" (DISBARRED).  Hey, AP-0bama Register, WHAT were those stories you printed about the first lady being a distinguished attorney??  Isn't it amazing NO media has mentioned anything about that controversy?  I guess she change her degree to nutritionist.  So the TRUE agenda of you liberal, democrack losers is to BLAME a woman who raised her FOUR sons and schooled them at home?  I wonder if ANY of them are members of a gang or involved in CRIME?  How about looking around your OWN great city to see how many liberal losers have decided to give up on raising ANY of their children.  WHO is raising them?  Baby grandmomma?  How about the State of Ohio and the detention home?  How about that liberal, democrack welfare program of more money for more babies?  Here is the TRUTH!  Take a LOOK!!   Yeah, let's hear about all the vitriol about a MOTHER raising her children.  "Aw, it's NO big deal, NO mother who raised their children to be responsible EVER worked a day in their lives."  Keep up with your liberal BLAME and EXCUSES.  Here is a tip.  Your liberal idol, Ms. Rosen has tepidly APOLOGIZED for her remarks.  Guess who her working partner is?  Why it is Anita Dunn, the MAOIST political strategist who resigned from the 0bama administration.  It appears you loser liberals are MOTHERS who raised their children and lashed out against the 0bama administration and their wonderful "PHONY" political advisor, Hillary Rosen.  Can ANY of you losers explain that?  No?  Keep up with your lame excuses.  "No, the Republican cannot lay this at the door of the Democrats."  In a PIG'S behind!  Even your own lame stream, biased, liberal media can NOT help you now!  Enjoy that liberal excrement sandwich!  FOUR MORE YEARS!  Ha! Ha!    

origen Pretty sure the president cannot relate to the normal folks either, I have never taken a 4 million dollar vacation, Have you?

the office cat

ORIGEN.  Because he took a large vacation now, doesn't mean he can't relate - unlike Mitt and Ann Romney. The president was reared part of his life by a single mom on food stamps while she went to college - with the help of her extended family (like many of us).  He went to college on student loans (did you go to college?). 

Michelle shared a bedroom with her brother with a blanket hung on a rope down the middle to divide them.  She too had loans for college.

They both knew what it was like to run out of money before they ran out of bills.

They rode public transportation - and never owned a throroughbred - let alone a full stable.

I'm sure they knew what it was to buy at Goodwill.

When the Obamas were away, her mother cared for the children.  Who cared for the Romney boys when Mittwit and Ann when on campaigns in the 80s?  Oh yeah... the nanny and rest of the household staff.



@the office cat

Didnt see the word "Either" huh? No one in washington can relate to what middle america is going through because none of them are here and they are all surrounded by millionairs who could care less about us, Look around they wouldnt give you the time of day if it wasnt that they need you vote, Other than that they are there to feed their friends money paid for off your back.

the office cat


Your ignorance gives away your hatred.

The Romneys have FIVE sons.  Any homeschooling was by the nannies and the household staff./

Hillary Rosen is a talking head.  Too bad she apologized.

Who raised you? Two loving married parents?  How many children are you rearing in a happy well-adjusted two-married-parent household?

I can't say it too much.  Ann Romney HAD A CHOICE.  Many women and men don't have that luxury...or the household staff.

Your comments just made me the proudest Democrat I know.  Thanks!

the office cat

"Democratic Party spokeswoman Hilary Rosen."

Guess accuracy isn't part of Jackson Street or Mr. Jackson.

Hilary Rosen is a CNN (MSNBC) commentator with no ties to the Democratic Party, the Obama re-election campaign, or anything except her station and her own mind.

Ann Romney HAD A CHOICE to stay at home (whichever of the five homes) and be a 'Mom' - along with her nanny, housekeeping staff, kitchen staff/chef (yes, they have a chef).  Her most difficult decision was telling the driver which Caddy to bring around and which outfit to wear when riding her thoroughbred.

Thinkest thou she buys OTR - or Goodwill - except when she wants to 'identify' with American women?

And does she really struggle over how to make tuna taste like something else?

Daycare in Ann Romney's world is giving the nanny instructions.  ya really think she bought the boys' underwear?

I could go on but doing so just insults the mother of my single Mother who after my dad left when I was 7, who got paid once a month, planted and preserved a half acre garden, remodeled the house inside and out, took care of older people in the neighborhood.  It's also an insult to my wife who worked through breast cancer and chemotherapy while we worked to provide a home and college educations for out daughters and  found new things to do with tuna.

Ann Romney HAD A CHOICE.  The women in my life didn't. .

As a responsible journalist I am CALLING OUT Mr. Jackson to correct his error in his reference to Hilary Rosen.

My Opinion is...

Taxpayer:  From now on I'm going to refer to the conservative right as The Reich. Yes, as in the Third Reich. You like to blame every stubbed toe, every drop of rain on your head and every red light driving to work on the "liberals" (media, unions, people, etc.) just like they blamed everything they perceived as wrong on the Jews. The Nazis had it in their head that everything they did was right, and anyone who disagreed with them was wrong. Sound familiar?? Referring to people with views and opinions other than yours as "losers" isn't very mature. Please let me know when you have actual, physical proof that every Conservative walks on water and everything wrong with the world happened because of the Liberals. I am proud to be a liberal, independent thinker who sees through your thinly veiled insecurities.

Erie Countian

To "My Opinion Is..."   THANK YOU! Best comment I've read in ages. I'm so sick and tired of today's Conservative whiners and their constant "we're always right, everyone else is wrong" attitude.


Yes I love how these Democrats are all “poor working Americans” lets see how much is drunkard Pelosi worth? How about anti-gun @#$t Feinstein, funny how she introduced legislation to route $25 billion in taxpayer money to a government agency that awarded her husbands real estate firm huge contracts to sell foreclosures; equaling about $14 million in profit. Hilary Clintons made over $9 million on her memoirs alone. Make fun of Michelle Obamas spending and $4 million dollar vacations and the progressives go on attack. Teresa Heinz Kerry, no silver spoon in mouth there? Jane Harman worth a cool $153 million; and so on. Yes those poor, blue collar, hard working, Democrats that make up about 7 or 8 of top ten wealthiest politicians. Once again liberal-progressives show what hypocrites they are. I thought the progressives wanted women to succeed, how better to succeed than be wealthy? All these years, I thought Rosen was a man, that explains it.hahahha...

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Jackson:

Not so sure that this one qualifies as a "phony outrage."

Dontcha think that Mr. Obama's off the cuff comment of " We didn't have the luxury for her (Michelle) not to work," kinda adds fuel to the fire?

Maybe if Mr. Obama had been a better provider for his family Michelle could have stayed home?

Of course, Mr. Obama's mother had the "luxury" of dumping him and his sister off on her parents while she went out to save the world - a great role model for all women.  


The New World Czar

To add to gilamonster's facts, let us not forget Sherrod "we're all in this together" Brown. That poor Ivy League-educated hipster is the one who has never spent a day outside the public sector (wait, he did reportedly deliver newspapers in Mansfield as a teenager). Can you say limousine-liberal???

Again, who never worked a day in their life? 


Glancing through the comments, one thing stands out:  a few people's reactions/words are WAY out of proportion to the original topic. And it's the same people every time, you know? Taxpayer, one must wonder why you go immediately to BURN on literally every topic. I feel very sorry for anyone who has to spend time with you in the real world, dude.

I feel sad for anyone who feels such blood-boiling anger and hatred towards anyone/anything that doesn't fit in their narrow view of what America should be. To me, people like that are the Poster Children for the very extremism they purport to be against...  



I think Hilary Rosen is a CUN forgot the T


And theres coaster!! Preaching peace while secretly wanting a democrat dictatorship where they will "Help" you find ignorance...err i mean bliss!! I personally feel sorry for those who cannot recognize they are being played the same ones they elect and go blissfully along their merry way. A little passion for somthing never hurts anyone, Besides you and taxpayer are in the same league, You both entertain me. So whats the harm he screams aboput liberals and such and all you can do it say Obama +8 (I will help derp derp) LOL!!

The New World Czar

Taxpayer makes a very valid point regarding Anita Dunn and the Rosen apology. After Sandra Fluke went in front of the Democrat panel to complain about Georgetown law students not getting covered for birth control, guess whose PR agency "helped' her in her lamestream media tour? Anita Dunn, of course.

All this garbage is connected back to the White House and the DNC no matter how much they try and deny it. This time it bit them in the behind.

The Big Dog's back

 I see you right wingers listened to rush today. You sheep repeat word for word.

Looks like the lefties are still enjoying a steady diet of Kool Aid. Hey, give me another glass.   Maybe before you insult a certain demographic of people, you should make sure no such people are prevalent in your own camp? If not you get a bad case of blisters around your mouth caused by a## to mouth disease.   Don’t know why Rosen is so angry; she decided to be the man in her family? Now she is doing damage control, trying to plug up the dike. (yes, pun intended)
Just Saying

Ann Romney - Poster Mother for the spoiled rich kids !


The one thing i have noticed during this entire thing is the left has convinced people that they are working to get jobs here in the US while demonizing people with money. Its a Bipolar country now, If your rich your evil but you need to work to try to be rich, Stay at home moms do not know anything about anything because they are rich enough to stay home But children need more parental contact so stay at home parents are good. I have it boiled down to everyone including the gov doesnt know what it wants and are being led by the nose while being distracted by stupid storys about one woman making comments about another.

Captain Gutz

I can guarantee no one is going to vote for Ann Romney.


"Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself." B, Obama

Challenge accepted.

She visited the white house 35 times 5 time directly with obama. (Thats almost more than his actual cabinet)

This isnt looking well, Seems the president surrounds himself with people who are ideologues and have foot in mouth disease (Add to that communist and wall street guru's who are billionaires) And a clearer picture is comming through.

Final conclusion= The president surrounds himself with idiots he can throw under the bus when they say something so outrageous that there is a backlash from the public when they speak the true agenda, But it gives good cover in the headlines while the admin sends us up the river to other countrys. Really easy to figure out and seeing as he asked.




Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a case of a news analyst who is NOT connected to the White House OR the Prez in any way? Why should her comments be a reflection on Obama, when it's quite obvious that he doesn't agree with her? She said something stupid, and owned up to it, with an apology.  No need for phony outrage from the Right, when Rush says things equally ignorant every day on the air...


I don't understand why you are implying that it's phony outrage. I couldn't care less about Mitt Romney, but as a stay at home mom, what was said about his wife was highly offensive to me. I am legitimately outraged by that statement. Of course, I am only outraged at the idiotic woman who said it. I don't think it was a political statement, though, it was just one woman's ignorance.

The Big Dog's back

 I suppose you compare yourself to palin also.



"I suppose you compare yourself to palin also."


I know its the weekend and you probably had a big night out but that makes no sense even to those us us who werent out drinking kool aid all night.

The Big Dog's back

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

Palin? The feminazis attack her because she is a threat to them. What about all those bogus-frivolous ethics violation? These so called “tolerant” liberals sure can attack people on a personal level; going as far to say her down syndrome child was not hers. Liberals, such good little lap doggies.   Now we see the true liberal hypocrites. They want women to have the choice of abortion and birth control, but Lawd have mercy if a women makes a choice to be a stay at home mom. Nothing but hypocrites.   It is funny watching the Obama machine doing damage control again.  
The Big Dog's back

It would be different if she really was a stay at home "mom". With all the nannys, housekeepers, and oh yeah, a billionaire husband, she's just a legacy maker. 

Captain Gutz

Big Dog,


You are also a legacy maker.