BLOG: Vice President Rob Portman? [updated]

Tom Jackson
Apr 13, 2012


With Mitt Romney all but anointed as the GOP nominee for president, the only remaining question is who the GOP vice presidential candidate will be.

Two pundits claim they have the answer: Ohio's junior U.S. senator, Rob Portman.

Major Garrett insisted Portman will be the pick in an April 5 article. Comparing a Portman pick to Bill Clinton's selection of Al Gore, Garrett explains, "Portman reinforces all that Romney offers or hopes to offer the country."

Garrett says that Portman is "boring," but says that's a plus, because Romney isn't looking for someone who will upstage him. "Don't kid yourself that this doesn't matter to Romney," Garrett wrote.

Paul Begala, who evidently missed Garrett's article, offers a similar argument, again comparing Portman to the Gore pick.

I was turned down when I asked to speak to Portman, but his press secretary emailed me quotes from other articles.

Portman claims that being the U.S vice president is the furthest thing from his mind. He told WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, "I'd say I can help you more here where I am. I love representing Ohio." He told the Lorain Morning Journal, "I’m really not interested."

Maybe he's sincere. Politicians do sometimes tell the truth. He can always take the job if it's offered and say patriotism forced him to give in.

Obviously, Portman could help Romney in Ohio, a must-win swing state for both tickets.

 UPDATE: After I wrote the above, I belatedly discovered that Brett Larkin had written a column about all this in last Sunday's Plain Dealer, and did a pretty good job, too. You can read it here.



The New World Czar

I've been wondering for the last few years...what exactly does the Vice President actually do?


The VP wakes up each morning, Drinks his coffee and ask the single most importanat question of the day"Is he still alive?" If the answer is yes he can go lay back down.


origen....lolololol....and that's right!

The Big Dog's back

 Actually VP cheney was the real Pres.


Portman would embarrass ohio more then he already is. Between  him and Boehner the boner i dont know who is a worse liar.

November India Golf

re to retiredfirefighter... you misspelled your screen name... its retardedfirefighter


There are only two congressmen I have seen (that i know of, currently) that I would like to see in the White House. If I couldn't have Ron Paul, I'd want Alabama Senator Jeffrey Sessions. <--- watch that entire 7+ minute video to see why

here's another one <--- i LOVE this guy

The Big Dog's back

 illumi, are you kidding about sessions? You obviously don't know his background. Closet KKK.

November India Golf

too bad reporters can't tell the truth ..

Marcus M

big mut, aka bfutie, fall off the golf cart again?  "closet KKK" you mean like Grand Knight Senator Robert Byrd (D) W.Va.?   KKK reference like George Wallace Gov. (D) of Alabama who fought the Civil Rights Act with the support of Senator Al Gore Sr (D) Tenn. 


More like he fell down the basement steps.

Of course he doesn't bring up the horrid treatment Democrats bestow upon minorities in this country. MSDNC hasn't told him that is what he should think.

The Big Dog's back

 Who is this vile, lisping piglet known as the “top ranking Republican” on the Senate Judiciary Committee calling everybody and everything (mostly Elena Kagan) Communist and Anti-American? Why it’s Alabama heartthrob Jeff Sessions, the Reagan-era U.S. attorney in Mobile who, when nominated by the Gipper to be U.S. District Court judge in southern Alabama, was revealed to be a complete racist and Bircher-style paranoid — the kind of trash who would tell black colleagues that he thought the Ku Klux Klan were “okay” until he discovered some of them were “pot smokers.”


Nice cut and paste from Democratic Underground Brutus!

Still not an original idea, thought, or even basic comprehension of facts from you, but you did go through all the effort to "Right Click-Copy, Right Click-Paste"

Good doggie, here biscuit!


EDIT: To be honest, I was mostly just trying to push the discussion in those 2 videos, rather than Sessions as a VP : P but, suggesting Sessions as a VP makes my post fit the topic : P

I have no idea about his background, actually. I just came across this guy, like, 3 days ago. I have only watched some videos of him in Congress on the Youtube channel "SenatorSessions". And i would retract my nomination of him, if I found what Brutus says to be true. However, I am not even going to look it up at this time (already too much on my plate, as it is), because he isn't in the presidential race anyway. And i am certain he won't be giving up his seat in the senate to be a VP for Romney

Then again, tho.. Even if he is a racist, I have to wonder how many congressmen or congresswomen would be crazy enough to NOT set those kind of feelings aside for now, and deal with the real crises we face.

I am just merely inspired by some of the videos of him in Congress on that channel. I was getting some of the same feelings I get when listening to Ron Paul in Congress. However, I would not equate him with Ron Paul. I do not know enough about Sessions' views on a number of policies yet, to be able to do that. So, even without Brutus' allegations, it is still premature for me to "nominate" the guy : P


For those who want to change the subject to race, Al Sharpton and his buds from the New Black Panthers threatening violence in Florida, that's the best example of racists......


"For those who want to change the subject to race, Al Sharpton and his buds from the New Black Panthers threatening violence in Florida, that's the best example of racists......"   sammie baby, that is one good comment. high five to you and high praise.


Who?! Portman? hahahahahaha!