Local folks attending Strickland's Toledo meeting

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Governor Ted Strickland is hosting a series of education forums in Ohio to prepare the way for his education reform plan, which he's going to announce next year.

None of the forums are in the Sandusky area, but there's one Wednesday in Toledo, so I'm passing on the details to you here.

The governor's forum will be 5-6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Rogers High School gymnasium, 222 McTigue Drive in Toledo. The audience is expected to include folks from Erie and Ottawa counties.

If you can't attend, you can view a video broadcast on the Internet. Videos of previous education forums also are available. The details are here.



...better teach this guy what a blog is supposed to be. This info could have been run as a city brief. It doesn't need a mug shot of an alledged reporter. If he got off his duff and actually reported or even blogged about the meeting, that might mean something. This doesn't.


This guy Strickland is typical flim-flam politician who said anything to get elected.

For example, on his pledge to reform the way Ohio funds schools, he recently said that he will by-pass the legislature and take his plan directly to the voters to see if they will approve it! WOW, that takes him off the hook....he can make anything up and then the voters can shoot it down because he knows that voters will not approve an increase in taxes for schools.

The Gov can then say after the school reform funding bill is defeated that it is not his fault, and that the reform was not approved, so re-elect him as Gov. for another term and then he will follow-up on his pledge with the state legislature...this guy is a piece of work.

I will not waste my time or hold my breathe on seeing anything changing on school funding.

The only way to avoid the current property tax for schools is to have voters say NO to every school property tax proposal and then the Gov and the Ohio legislature will need to step up and fix the system.

Until then, local taxpayers will be fleeced every few years to pay for salary increases due to unions running up the costs of schools.


Hopefully Gov. Strickland will improve Ohio's educational system to the point where even more young people will be able to find better jobs in other more business and tax friendly states.

Ohio – get a good quality tax paid education and leave.


Just your typical collectivist/government thug.