BLOG: Ohio's attorney general files ebook lawsuit

Tom Jackson
Apr 11, 2012


Ohio's attorney general, Mike DeWine, has joined 15 other states in a lawsuit against Apple computers and several book publishers in an effort to force down the price of electronic books.

The Obama Administration's Department of Justice has filed a similar lawsuit.

"What was at first a great benefit to buyers of electronic books – lower prices – apparently was considered too much of a benefit," said Attorney General DeWine. "Customers who pay out their hard-earned money, no matter the product or service, deserve better."

A copy of Ohio's lawsuit is here. DeWine's press release is here. 

I recently argued here that the Obama administration's pending lawsuit against the publishers was a terrible idea that will harm consumers because it will aid's dominance in ebooks. I gather DeWine doesn't agree.




 Am I missing something? Isn't this a free market country? Can't the publisher and the provider decide the cost of the product they sell?


I guess not if you live in Ohio....and not if Mike Dewine has anything to say about it.  But just look at all the things Mike Dewine wants to have a say in when it comes to those who live in this State.  It really makes me wonder.  Just wait until he decides to make a run for the White House....and he will make a run at the White House. 


They want thier free issue of time magazine darnet, It has pictures you know.

The Big Dog's back

 Far as I know collusion is still against the law.


@big dog

Till the gov forces you to buy from a private corperation across state lines that is protected under the commerce clause. HA!!


@ bigdog    If you mean collusion with him filing, you bettcha!

The Big Dog's back

 wired and ori, why are you being partisan about this? Dewine is a Repub, I agree with him because he's right.


So you dont see anything wrong with the government forcing companys to fix their prices lower? If they are all up for fixing prices why dont they force the insurance companys to lower the cost on their product and we can all avoid the Obama care debacle? Oh i forgot the insurance companys are their friends. The government forcing anyone to do anything that is not out and out criminal is just asking for trouble.

wiredmama222 HAS to have pictures because NONE of them can read that well.