Your next commissioner, unfiltered

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


We've been experimenting with political features for a couple of years on our Web site, trying to find a good way to help voters make their election decisions.

The hottest local races this fall are the two county commission contests -- Democrat Tom Ferrell vs. Republican Mike Printy, and Democrat Pat Shenigo vs. Republican Joe Hayberger.

So we've begun a new blog feature allowing the candidates to speak for themselves. We've just posed our first question, asking each of the four to explain why he chose to run.

Why is this approach useful?

I read many political blogs on the Internet. Many of them believe political coverage in the newspapers is biased. They either believe that (A) We're all a bunch of left wingers, in the tank for Barack Obama, left wing think tanks, labor unions and the Democratic Party (see Instapundit for examples of this line) or (B) We've all sold our souls to the corporate media, and essentially we do nothing except parrot the Bush administration and repeat Republican talking phrases (this is the line taken, for example, by Glenn Greenwald).

With our new Decision '08 section, the candidates address you in their own words, and we run exactly what they send us.



This is an EXCELLENT way to get to know the commissioner candidates! Nice job SR! !

Now how about getting the 2 candidates running for Erie County Clerk of Courts (Barb Johnson and Steve Schaefer) on here as well. This race is also a "hot race!"


How about Murray and Enderle. Enderle does not have as much money to spend on an election as Murray. Becuase of this I am afraid that the voters will make a major mistake and vote for Murray. Please, cover this race more.


All this is a Democrat bashing tool for the Register to try get Printy elected which won't work. Why would anybody vote for Printy when he hasn't lived her for his whole life and doesn't own any property in Erie County. What a commitment to Erie County he has!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make the people that post to Decisions '08 post their names too!!!!


isn't going to cover the Enderle Murray race they are only interested in thier Boy Printy vs. Ferrell. If you can't see that you are blind as a bat.