Cat sale continues through June 5

Tom Jackson
May 28, 2010


Through June 5, the Erie County Humane Society's shelter is having a "sale" on cats. Any cat in the shelter is available for $19, as opposed to the usual $60 fee. 

As usual, the $19 cats will be spayed or neutered, have their first shots and will otherwise be healthy and ready to go home with you.

The shelter is open for adoptions 1-6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 1-4 p.m. Saturday, but please note that the shelter will be closed for Memorial Day.




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Kottage Kat


While I want to believe that you said that in jest. I have 4 rescues and they have this to say about your humor.




 Sorry Kottage Kat. The idea of a cat sale was too hard to pass up.


Ah, another RACIST rears their ugly head.  Oh well, join in the ranks of all the others that post here. 

Kottage Kat

 The remark was removed, and my katz are smiling.

Go over to the NR you can type anything there and it never would be removed. 

They will love to have U


      I tried to take some abandoned kittens i found to the shelter and they said they didn't have room.  It took me over 15 minutes to explain to them that they are either taking the cats or i'm letting them go in the parking lot.  Afterwards, i went to work and hit up all the girls (they love cats) for some money and we made a nice donation to the shelter.  They could really use anything you guys could spare, go there and look at the place if you think I'm kidding.  It's a pretty valuable service they provide for the community, highly underrated and easily overlooked.

     I would rather give money to save an endangered species than a person or group of people, we have plenty of humans, not many condors.