Libertarian Barr close to double digits in Ohio

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


A Zogby International poll released Aug. 22 showed Libertarian Bob Barr is drawing support from 8 percent of the Ohio's voters. (The poll placed Barack Obama at 41 percent and John McCain at 36 percent, Ralph Nader at 1 percent and "Not Sure/Other" at 13 percent.)

It's just one poll, but members of the Ohio Libertarian Party are pleased and hope the poll numbers show they can become a player in state politics.

The party's chairman, Kevin Knedler, told me party members have come up with an answer for people who say voting for Barr will "waste" their vote. If Barr can get 5 percent of the vote on Nov. 4, "he will give us ballot access for the first time in the history of this party through the ballot box," Knedler said.

Libertarians generally want to sharply cut taxes and the size of government, withdraw from Iraq as quickly as possible, oppose the Patriot Act, want to end the War on Drugs, oppose restrictions on gun ownership and want to end the federal government's role in education.

Barr will be in Columbus at 6 p.m. Saturday to greet supporters; details here.

He'll likely return to Ohio, Knedler said.

"They are keenly aware that other than New Hampshire, he is polling higher in Ohio than any other state in the north," Knedler said.



Barr will not have an impact!

Anonymous (not ...

Sen. McCain picking a female running mate is a cute political gimmick. Have you happen to notice that the opposing group has a black guy?

What are they gonna run in 2012, a gay, a lesbian, or a Hispanic or a Native American?

They've gotta keep improving the novelty of the hypnotic distractions for the masses or they might possibly wake up and want to retrieve their stolen independence.

If you believe in individual responsibility, personal freedom and the values as stated in the U.S. Constitution, the 'real' change vote against the continued economically and internationally disastrous policies of the Tweedledee and the Tweedledumber parties is Libertarian – The Party of Principle.


I told you that if McCain is smart, which he is, he would pick Sarah Palin.


So that must be the reason they announced the VP in Dayton.
The GOP is underestimating the angery conservatives who will not vote for McCain. I think it will only get worse because of the things McCain will say during the campaign. He wants to out populist the Dems.

Anonymous (not ...

Within the Repubs there is the Goldwater (libertarian) faction and the Rockefeller (country club) faction.

McCain is close to the Rockefellers, Palin in close to the Goldwaters.

Should be interesting.


I hope you will cover the Stalinist attempt by the GOP to keep Bob Barr off the ballot in Pennsylvania.

Thank you.


stalinist attempt to keep McCain off the ballot in several states including Ohio?


I wouldn't put too much weight in a Zogby poll...


I've been a conservative Republican voter in the Canton area for 30 years, and I will never, ever vote for John McCain, nor will anyone else on our block.

McCain is the worst example of a RINO, who's advocated the kinds of neoconservative positions that are destroying the core beliefs of the Republican Party. He wants to run the country into bankruptcy, and the Sarah Palin selection is no different-- they're both big government "conservatives" who want to drain the US Treasury in idiotic, imperialistic foreign wars. The way the GOP and McCain in particular, have treated Ron Paul-- utterly shutting him out of the Republican convention-- is an indication of the way they thumb their noses at what once were considered genuine conservative principles.

I'll likely be voting for Bob Barr myself in November. I have family down in Florida, and they're leaning toward Chuck Baldwin (the Constitution Party candidate). But never, ever for John McCain. The Republican Party is long overdue for a serious lesson, and they're about to get it.


McCain and Palin are both big government?? That is funny.

Go back and do some more research my dear. Nobody likes an ill informed blogger.


Winston Smith wrote:

"If you believe in individual responsibility, personal freedom and the values as stated in the U.S. Constitution, the 'real' change vote against the continued economically and internationally disastrous policies of the Tweedledee and the Tweedledumber parties is Libertarian – The Party of Principle."

I agree with you, Winston. The problem is that the vast majority of sheeple don't believe in personal responsibility. It's too much easier to let government nannies handle it all. They don't believe in personal freedom, either, because that requires too much personal responsibility which in turn requires too much work. And they SURE as heck don't believe in the Constitution. (Remember the Constitution PROHIBITS the federal government from involvement in anything but international treaties and interstate commerce. Do you have any idea how much more than that they've got their grubby little fingers in?)

There's an old saying that democracy is the form of government in which people get the government they deserve. An acquaintance of mine invariably added: "And they deserve to get it good and hard." He was right.

Yes, libertarian is the way to go. No, most lazy and/or ignorant Democrats and Republicans won't bother. Bob Barr is a personal hero of mine (as is Ron Paul), but I'm deeply depressed they're fighting a losing battle against ignorance, apathy, and ego.


Is once again "spot on". Sadly many Americans do not realize the responsibility they have to future generations; nor do they understand that the Presidential Election is not a popularity contest.

I am a minority being huge fan of Ron Paul. Sure he's a quirky little guy but his committment to the purity of the Constitution overshadows any personality oddities he may be viewed to have.

I voted for Ross Perot in 1992. When an unknown Governor from Arkansas was elected to office I was devastated. I began to question the value of my vote and the validity of the election process. I also realized, the election process will continue every 4 years and it is my responsibility to try and change the outcome, if i believe it needs changing.

Our government is steeped in special interests groups, influencing the decisions of lawmakers. "WE the people" is no longer the voice our elected officials listen to. The change needs to begin NOW.

It is time to vote for those who want to preserve our constitutional freedoms! It is time to vote your conscience and not the "party of lesser evils".

A Sovereign American

I will also vote for Ron Paul, as a write in if I have to.

Anonymous (not ...

I first voted Libertarian for Andre Marrou (Ron Paul's running mate in '88) and Nancy Lord in '92. Since then, for POTUS, I've always voted the party.

If enough dissatisfied Ohio voters vote for Bob Barr and Wayne Root, it could potentially help get the Libertarian Party in Ohio on an equal footing with the Dems and the Repubs and the Party would not have to go through the costly and time consuming process of collecting signatures every election cycle in order to get on the ballot.

Together, the Dems and the Repubs set the ballot bar high in order to help keep democracy to a minimum – they like the status quo.


The differences between McCain and Obama are minimal, when you consider that both believe big government can save you from yourself, and that we can save other nations from themselves as well. I will not play along with the game of lesser of two evils, as I believe that is part of what has plunged this nation into the mess we find ourselves today.

Please visit and give liberty a voice in the Presidential debates and beyond.


Thanks for the comments, Tom.
More choices are always good for Ohio voters - heaven knows there's not a dime's worth of difference between the old parties!
I always laugh when I hear about wasted votes. Do we still believe these guys are elected by individual Americans casting votes for who they think best represents their values?
Ohio is ready for a change. Barr will have an impact in Ohio politics now as he secures the LP ballot access for the coming few years.