So, what do you think of Palin?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010

Well, the pick of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate has given everyone something to talk about, hasn't it?

In my Aug. 13 blog posting, "A Woman for Vice President?" I explained why I thought it seemed quite possible that at least one of the candidates for vice president would turn out to be a woman, even though national pundits were mostly mentioning men.

I wrote, "If Obama picks a white male as his running mate, I would think pressure would build on McCain to pick a woman."

My blog also pointed to Sarah Palin, although that didn't come from me -- it came from a reader comment. On my August 4 blog posting, someone posting as "Sarah Palin" wrote, "Come on McCain, give Sarah Palin a look." My wife spotted the comment and asked if I'd noticed the governor of Alaska posted on my blog. Of course, you can use any name you like when you post a comment here.

It's too early to judge the wisdom of McCain's pick, but the early attack line by the Obama camp that Palin lacks experience rings false. After all, she's the governor of a state, and has more executive experience than Obama, Biden or McCain. My boss, a woman, wants me to point out she has more experience hunting moose than the other three.

The consensus so far seems to be that Palin was a risky pick. We'll see how she does when she speaks in prime time tonight.



Lower taxes for one.


Yes, for people who make more than $500,000 a year. Is that you?


Here's one you won't see or hear on the news from the drive by media. A third year law student from the University Of Chicago under the freedom of information act requested the records of the Chicago Anneberg Challenge group. This was the community action group B. hussein Obama was president of and william Ayers convicted capitol building explosion terrorist and Obama's friend was head of the action arm. They{obamas campaign} were tipped off to this student and now with the president of the University Of Illinois Joseph White disallowing all records to be reviewed. How do you spell covering your butt. I spell it b.hussein obama and terrorist william ayers. Hat tip to american for bring this to my attention because the main stream media will surely not carry this beaking story. I only hope obama's supporters watch the qaaddafi video on youtube


I have a suggestion. If you don't like her, don't vote for the ticket. If you do like her, vote for the ticket. There, EVERYBODY HAPPY NOW?


what's barry gonna due beside raise taxes, and don't give me restore our place in the world, because barry is a socialist that really hates america for all our successes why do you think he goes to the america hater rev. wright's church


If everyday Americans really can be duped by a guy who runs around chanting “change” and just mindlessly regurgitating what people tell him to say, then I’d have to say this country deserves him as president. Barack Obama for President of…the United States?! And Biden is about as exciting as oatmeal. Neither of them have had an independent thought this entire campaign. Obama has been in government for about a year, and already is notorious for missing votes in the Congress with the lowest approval rating in years. What credibility! But as long as he grins and yells “CHANGE!” people will vote for him.


McCain's campaign makes it sound like he's going to Washington to make change. So what has McCain done to change things over the last 24 years he's been in Washington? Is McCain seeing the light, or just feeling the heat?


Mentioned below was the statement "all terrorists are Muslim."
That means:

Timothy McVeigh was muslim.

Ted Kazinski was Muslim.

Everyone who ever shot up a school was Muslim.

Oh don't forget our founding fathers were Muslim. The British labeled them terrorists.

I could go on and on.


You incredible buffoon have you ever heard of the mcain campaign finance law?


Christians are the biggest scourge on our society. The Republican Party lost me when Reagan started courting them. Reagan made a bad decision with Meese. The problems get worse, for example, when republican leaders choose to bail out their friends in the mortgage business, yet close places like San Pedro Todd Shipyard. The combination is lethal. The Republican Party needs to shed the conservative christians and go back to less government and more rights for the people. The christian conservatives are over concerned with controlling every aspect of our lives. I'm tried of it and I'll fight to my death to change it. Obama might not be the best solution, but it's better than more corporate welfare, unjust war, and suppression of the people. I may be a liberal atheist, but they'll defend the constitution and the bill of rights, specifically the second amendment. You must protect all the amendments. I'm armed and ready for the next civil war. Are you? Your vice presidential nominee has family involved with Alaska's independence movement. She's ready for civil war. Are you


Did no one hear about Palin being a Pentecostal til a few years ago.

Speaking in tounges, all the crazy stuff. This should cripple the McSame campaign.

The GOP and idiots on here claim Obama is Muslim(which he isn't) but Palin is the craziest religion there is(fact).


I really shouldn't respond to your stupid analogy, so I won't. Normal people know what I mean


The person that has the most experience according to the GOP should win the White House.

Umm W. Bush was a governor and has been president for 8 years = worst president ever.

Experience does not equal good. Bill Clinton was the same age as Obama is now and was the best president in any of our lifetimes.


You really should educate yourself on the issues before commenting or voting.

McCain stated he is going to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Obama wants to repeal them.

Did you know anything about them?

It is obvious you don’t….

You should do some research. This election is too important to go into with learning the facts.

Don’t believe the slogans and make a uniformed decision

I am sure you will find you benefited from Bush’s tax cuts.

You don’t need to make $500k a year for the tax cut to effect you. Far from it!

Do you own a home? Do you know what a capital gains tax is?

Bush eliminated it. Obama states he wants to bring it back.


Antharax was domestic and lacked a political angle? Purely just a coincidence that all of the victims we Democrats or those believed to be supporting their side. Irvins was convicted of the crime and he did it alone? Pretty convenient. By your definition Palestinians bombing in Israel are not terrorist in nature because they live there.

John Allen Mohammad was the gunman and yes he was making a political statement much like the guy on the Empire State Building, but it is pretty obvious why you count one and not the other. Heritage Org. is nothing but propaganda for the simple minded. They clearly found their audience.


this country was founded by religous people seeking refuge, if you don't like it I suggest a move in your future.and to experience clinton is one of our best presidents ever? I don't know your crack dealer, but he must have the best


Don't you just love those ads showing mccain and bush hugging and kissing each other? Those two should get a room.....


I’d rather have a president and vice-president that get things done, frankly. Not this smiling charade of “we’ll all live in peace forever, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya while the proletariat get handouts of money” bull$hit Obama is preaching.

Why do you hate Bush so much? I’m going to assume it’s because of the War in Iraq and soaring gas prices, because that’s all anybody ever really complains about. I’m not going to say anything about how the war is winding down, the insurgency is starting to falter, and we’re pulling troops out while stability is being restored thanks to the troop surge Obama voted against (one thing he actually did vote on). I don’t need to. I just need to ask; why didn’t the Democratic Congress do anything about it? The Democrats constitute a majority in Congress. They could have ended this war the day after they were elected by cutting off funding. Yet no one complains about the Democrats going along with Bush. How can you claim to be the party of change when you’re just a bunch of sheep who blindly follow yet hypocritically criticize others for doing exactly what you supported? (Oh, and about the gas prices. Obama is against offshore drilling.)

Palin has done more as governor of Alaska than Obama has done in his entire lifetime. Supporter of the Alaska Independence party? How about a supporter of a racist, hate-mongering preacher who thunders about how glad he was the 9/11 attacks happened? Or not just a supporter, but a spouse of someone who claims she was never proud to be an American until the country nominated her husband as a presidential candidate? And you dare insinuate Palin won’t stand up for America? She wants this country strong. .


I like the ones linking obama and william ayers as best friends and then showing the damage to the capitol that ayers took responsibilty for the bombing


You are another uniformed Democrate.

Read the man's record.

Re: Experince

Please support how Bush is the worst president. Unpopular yes. Bad?

Public opinion does not make a president go or bad. Hitler was popular.


Sarah had an affair with her husband's business partner? (as reported in the national enquirer, the first newspaper to report the edwards affair). Cindy better be careful....


the fact that when you bring up crap about obama like the chicago annesberg hiding transcripts, his ties with terrorist william ayers, his muslim faith, the dumbocrats won't face the issue but deflect to the republican hating rhetoric, when all we want is answers about barry and why he does all these socialist things. Not one word in defense but like all liberals, don't defend, deflect


If the main stream media gave obama all the investigation about him as they have to sarah palin, we would know the names of the teachers in his muslim school in Indonesia


Obama has been investigated by the media for nearly 3 years--Palin a week and a half.


actually Palin left her church in 2002. obama left...oh that's right, he never left..


I think if she really wants to help win she should hire Jermey Doster as press manager.


your a-hole is showing and it is oozing


Give it up.. you should stop showing your ignorance.

The Anthrax attack was the act of a mentally ill person. Not a terrorist attack. Give it up. No black helicopters. No great conspiracy.

My definition of Terrorist Attack, from, states nothing that would suggest “Palestinians bombing in Israel are not terrorist in nature because they live there.” So once again, you are off base. Read the definition again.

Your second paragraph is simply intelligible.

Typical Democrat argument, you have no rational counter-point so you make unsupported personal attacks and name calling against the Heritage Foundation.


lol, you're just to intellegent for me.


Okay this is going to make me old. I remember when the Nixons, Goldwaters, Reagans,etc. called Martin L King a communist, among other words. Imagine _ King wanted voters in Miss. to be allowed to vote. This was in 1965. I was in Ohio and read these articles in the paper. Now lets fast forward. The same harangue is being applied to Obama. Some of you dumn@sses haven't learned from history. (The GoOP)