So, what do you think of Palin?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010

Well, the pick of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate has given everyone something to talk about, hasn't it?

In my Aug. 13 blog posting, "A Woman for Vice President?" I explained why I thought it seemed quite possible that at least one of the candidates for vice president would turn out to be a woman, even though national pundits were mostly mentioning men.

I wrote, "If Obama picks a white male as his running mate, I would think pressure would build on McCain to pick a woman."

My blog also pointed to Sarah Palin, although that didn't come from me -- it came from a reader comment. On my August 4 blog posting, someone posting as "Sarah Palin" wrote, "Come on McCain, give Sarah Palin a look." My wife spotted the comment and asked if I'd noticed the governor of Alaska posted on my blog. Of course, you can use any name you like when you post a comment here.

It's too early to judge the wisdom of McCain's pick, but the early attack line by the Obama camp that Palin lacks experience rings false. After all, she's the governor of a state, and has more executive experience than Obama, Biden or McCain. My boss, a woman, wants me to point out she has more experience hunting moose than the other three.

The consensus so far seems to be that Palin was a risky pick. We'll see how she does when she speaks in prime time tonight.



Obama's ' Muslim faith...' comment is gonna nail him.

Watch it:


You said it true!


I think she is McOld's arm candy. Lookee here folks! See how bright & shiny she is?! She can distract from Obama's youthful energy. Vote Old & pretty 08! (no)

Rick Studer

Dear No Left Turn, either you are a half azz or an idiot. The comment you are showing is taken out of context. Here is the whole comment. Go to 1:10 and watch the whole comment. If you have an attention span larger than the average Republican, watch the whole thing.


Many people have been so seemingly awestruck by the sudden appearance of "Wonder Woman" Sarah Palin that they obviously aren't thinking straight. Snap out if it, people! McCain's choice (and I question if it WAS McCain's choice or Karl Rove's choice) of the virtually unknown Palin was a desperate attempt by the Republican party to deflect attention from the fact that McCain is too old, too rich, and out of touch with reality and doesn't understand the struggles most of us deal with every day due to the tough economic times. (McCain doesn't even know how many houses he owns..and then there's his ex-addict Stepford wife Cindy and her $300,000 convention wardrobe. Unbelievable!) If McCain gets elected it will be 4 more years of Republican rule, and I for one have had more than enough of Bush/McCain economics! More hard times is what we will get if McCain becomes president. To all of you who are so smitten with Palin but not so much with McCain...WISE UP and THINK what'll happen if you vote for McCain because of her. IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!


Great post Elmerson as you beat me to the punch. If I could I would add that unemployment is at 6.1 percent and W. has made the world a more dangerous place by alienating our alliances.

Mr.Studer: This is a typical tactic of republicans lie loud and often and keep repeating till some dumnazz believes it. Their whole convention was based on lies ,but what else can they talk about ,their record?

Funny how suddenly they became change agents,yet did not speak on one issue. AMAZING



You are not aware that you have been brainwashed by liberal media!

Go to the US Department of Labor's web site. They have excellent one!

Average the unemployment rate of the Clinton area and you will get an average of 5.6% then get an average of the last 8 years, 5.1%. Suprised?

Number of terrorist attacks durning Clinton era 5

1. January 1993: two CIA staff killed outside agency headquarters in Langley, Va.

2. February 1993: Six people killed at the World Trade Center.

3. March 1994: an Orthodox Jewish boy killed on the Brooklyn Bridge.

4. February 1997: a Danish tourist killed on the Empire State building.

5. October 1999: 217 passengers killed on an EgyptAir flight near New York City

Number of terrorist attacks durning the past 8 years.. 1 9/11.. Not one since 9/11? Suprised Again?

Get the picture? Question everything.. seek truth!

I do feel safer in a world that fears us. It is a cruel world.. Whimps get wedges.. The weak get trampled.


somehow I think that old Sarah is pretty adept to getting on her knees with her presidential kneepads, shes a sl*t just like her daughter, Levi Johnstone said.


Re Guess what the TV lies:

You made my point exactly that`s why I don`t watch much of the right -wing media. After all they are just as responsible as Bush for selling this war on terror.

I stated the unemploment rate is 6.1 while I am not an economist I do know that 6.1 is greater than 5.6.

You really aren`t serious with that bogus terrorist list are you? Cheney and Palin have shot more people hunting.


What do I think of Sarah Palin?

Answer: I don't.

Enough said.


Seriously I have read alot of ignorant posts but that may be near the top.

I am not a dittohead or aRNC sheep . Don`t insult me with such nonsence.


I would say YOU have been brainwashed by the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, etc., etc. You know... the liberal (???) media. What a nimrod!


I not dithead, I listen Obama. Obama for change. Change good. Vote Obama.


terrorists? who cares? what have YOu done to help or prevent? nothing expect blabb your big fat mouth with stupid TV craap. Bush knew and could do nothing.


Funny. Why is it that if Obama's 'my Muslim faith' comment was supposedly taken out of context that Stephanopoulos felt the need to immediately correct him? He obviously saw it as the mental slip-up it was and was helping him to recover.

Ya gotta love how Obama says one thing and then it takes his spokespeople and him numerous times to explain exactly what he meant.

Obama does a great act of the ol' shuck and jive. It's fun to watch him trip over his own mind.


so you DO endorse bad behavior including illegitimate children from sl-t moms and mongoloids are your penalty for NO early withdrawl?

Children who are taught PROPERLY at home do not wind up in stupid positions of tramp pregnancies in teen age years. a rebellion by a child who is ignored by a mother winds up with bashtard kids. it will be worse with the Mongoloid demanding even more attention from Christian sarah.
maybe bristol with have Mongoloid too so she can NOT have an abortion and have a SPECIAL child and be a tramp but still have it be OK since they "GOING TO" get married.
What happened to the fundamentalist churches harping about, "FIDELITY IN MARRIAGE AND CHASTITY IN SINGLENESS"???
Answer that you stupid idiot...or does that only apply to others???


Now Psycho Sarah Palin and her church are having a gathering to pray away Gay!
This proves that this woman is an evil, crazy btch psycho! If prayer worked, then she would not have a tard Mongoloid baby and a sl-t daughter.

To quote Theresa Petrillo, "She should get CANCER!"


The poster at10:46 is a typical republican he has to steal my username.

Funny just last week the RNC stole the theme of change.

But the best of all came today after Obama called for a troop pullout all summer,Bush announced he will bring home 8000 troops.

And they say Obama doesn`t have the vision or wisdom to lead.


I am not sure if any of the persons posting have a mind that can remember back to 2006 but at least try

At that time consumer confidence was good unemplyoment was at about 5.5%, gas was $2.18 per gallon, taxes were low, interest rates were good and inflation was very low.

Then the American people voted for change and elected a democratic controlled house and senate.

Are you happy with what it was in 2008 and what it has changed to today. You voted for change and got it.

Obama has him self advised that he will raise taxes and as you may realize that large companies do not pay taxes they just add the tax money to the cost of their service or product and then collect the money form the consumer then pass it along to the goverment.

A previous poster advised that his taxes were waaaaaaay up under Mr Bush and that is not a true statement. Also the statement about the 700 trillion tax defecit is also not a true statement.My health care cost has not doubled and neither has my deductible. Also I would appreciate a source for the information about the $300,000 dress as I feel sure that you would not say that unless you had verifible proof.


You incredible hufftard you. Do you think GW who receives battlefield assessments daily and is in direct contact with generals in the field would listen to an illinois community organizer? And announce a troup pullout because B. Hussein Obama said so. You have to be one of the left wing kooks barry has to appease. I personaly don't care what europe thinks of us, as long as they fear and respect us.


For all those people going to vote for B.Hussein Obama, go to youtube and watch libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi ,who is also a big supporter's ,speech.It will enlighten and delight all obama supporters


Reagan & Bush the elder were friends with Sadam H. Look at some of the photos in the eighties with Senior Bush shaking Sadam's hand. Deals were struck wern't they? People so quickly forget 10 or 20 years ago. Duh.


Is America better off than 4 years ago?



My family and I are better off than four yrs. ago and it has little if anything to do with who was, is or is not POTUS.

People who believe in individual responsibility tend to create their own lives in spite of stupid politicians trying to mess 'em up.

All the fascist Obama can offer is questionable hope, change and some kind of a belief in the future if you vote for him.

The guy's an empty suit.

Repubs or Dems - Same kool-aid, different flavors.


I didn’t believe, nor do I particularly care if Obama is or is not a Muslim.

But, the guy keeps bringing it up the ‘fact’ that he’s a Christian. He helps gives the issue credence by denying he’s a Muslim. SHUT UP ALREADY.

Now, with his ‘my Muslim faith’ slip-up, he’s got me wondering if there’s a prayer rug laying somewhere around his house or if he’s fasting for Ramadan.

Anyone lately see him take a drink of water during the day?


She is Karl Rove in a skirt. She should stay home and take care of her baby and the rest of her brood. Go to or and educate yourself.


Again................Just like in 2004, we have very little to choose from. I don't know how anyone can say they are not ready for a change. Our economy, locally and nationally is in shambles and McCain points, waves, and gives all his republican cronies thumbs up. What are his plans? If I can make 5 million by November and reach middle class, it may just swing my vote. I don't think I'll make it, since I've been unemployed most of this year, and that is running out. Figuring in the 13 week federal extension, I should be homeless by Christmas. Obama may not be the answer, but McCain isn't either. At his age and his battles with melanoma in the past, we'll be stuck with this "Barbie", Palin. Wish Hillary would have been nominated, or at least have her on the ticket with Obama. I fear that some nut will shoot Obama, and we'll be stuck with Biden. Hillary's got ba11s.


Got milk?


let's talk economics.
on the first day Bush was dealing with a recession from the clinton administration. within the first year 9/11 happened. yes, it happened on his watch, but it was planned long before that. signs of the plans were ignored by the clinton admin.
there was a higher growth in the economy and lower unemloyment in the bush admin., until about two years ago, when americans voted for change.
as far as jobs going overseas. it was clinton that signed NAFTA.

as far as obamas tax plan. he wants to play Robin Hood. he'll take from the rich and give it to the poor. so, guess what if you work for living and pay your taxes you'll get nothing. don't let the speeches fool you.
so, who is the rich, aside hollywood. it's the business owners, the ones we work for. with them having to pay more, they will not be able to create more jobs, they will have to cut.
i've seen what the minimum wage has done to my place of work. hours were cut, and jobs were taking away.


What is McCain's religion? Notice he doesn't like to talk about it?

And the Barracuda? Raise Pentecostal but says she worships now at the Church on the Rock whatever that is.

Biden is Roman Catholic.

Obama is Christian.

My greatX5 grandfather founded a Protestant congregation that still has 5,000 members nationwide.

Religion is changeable - I've been in at least 4 and my family represents all from Jew to Pentecostal.

Faith is the issue. And when I listen, I have no doubt Obama and Biden have deep-seated faith.

McCain...I haven't seen it.
Palin...never had faith.

If you don't know the difference between faith and religion...then it's obvious you only have religion and are sadly incapable of obeying Christ's only command "that you love one another as I have loved you".

God bless you.