So, what do you think of Palin?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010

Well, the pick of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate has given everyone something to talk about, hasn't it?

In my Aug. 13 blog posting, "A Woman for Vice President?" I explained why I thought it seemed quite possible that at least one of the candidates for vice president would turn out to be a woman, even though national pundits were mostly mentioning men.

I wrote, "If Obama picks a white male as his running mate, I would think pressure would build on McCain to pick a woman."

My blog also pointed to Sarah Palin, although that didn't come from me -- it came from a reader comment. On my August 4 blog posting, someone posting as "Sarah Palin" wrote, "Come on McCain, give Sarah Palin a look." My wife spotted the comment and asked if I'd noticed the governor of Alaska posted on my blog. Of course, you can use any name you like when you post a comment here.

It's too early to judge the wisdom of McCain's pick, but the early attack line by the Obama camp that Palin lacks experience rings false. After all, she's the governor of a state, and has more executive experience than Obama, Biden or McCain. My boss, a woman, wants me to point out she has more experience hunting moose than the other three.

The consensus so far seems to be that Palin was a risky pick. We'll see how she does when she speaks in prime time tonight.



I think she is hot and I hope she shows her ta-ta's during debates.


What do I think of Sarah Palin? Let me break it down like this.

As the liberal democrat that I am,I can`t stand her. She is anti -abortion under all cicumstances. She is anti birth control. She is sending her oldest son to an illegal,immoral war.(This is why I call her anti-abortion and not the hypocritical term pro-life. She is pro NRA, wants to teach creationism over science,and wants to control what books we read in public libraries. Yes she will never get my vote.
If I were a conservative Republican,I would love her. I would love her for all the reasons mentioned above. I would love her because she brings all rhe things back we were worried about in John McCain. She made a great speach, took it to Obama,and offer change.After all she is a hockey mom, A PIT BULL with lipstick. She gets my vote.

Where this race will be decided is rhe "undecided independents." Let me ask you a few questions.

8 years ago we had a government surplus.Today we have a 9 trillion dollar deficit. I will admit I am not an economic major just a hard working American who doesn`t even know how many zeros are in a trillion dollars.

8 years ago we were a nation at peace.Today we are fighting a war on 2 fronts.Threatening to invade Iran ,Pakistan, and now possibly Russia. Why? The republicans will tell you 9-11 changed everything but remember it happened ontheir watch. If only they had read a memo.

At the Democrat convention Obama layed out specific detailed plans for change. Changes in energy, the economy ,health care,education. Changes for a better world.

At the republican convention we heard attacks on Obama ,The democrats, and the so-called liberal media. Yes(The same media that helped sell the Iraq war.)We heard alot about patriotism and heroism, and yes John McCain is an American hero.

But our nation is at a historic time.Change is needed. The RNC seems to agree as they took Obama`s lead and seemed to promote change. But they mentioned no plans for heathcare,the economy,ending awar we should have never started. They mentioned Victory but will someone please define victory. What do we win.

Sarah Palin is an inexperienced choice . She was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it.
As the mayor of Wasilla she went to Washington asked for AND received 27 million dollars worth of "earmarks."

As mayor of Wasilla she raised city taxes to build a hockey rink.

And as governor of Alaska the selfproclaimed "advocate for special needs children." decreased spending 62 percent for the special needs programs.

If you want real change Vote Obama. If you want the same old hypocrisy , Well vote for the same old Sh56 that got us into this mess.


She is NOT against birth control! I like her, but that doesn't mean I will vote for her. I agree her extreme views on abortion are a big problem with me. The media is liberal to say the least! I can't believe Oprah would have Obama on twice, but won't even think about having her until the election is over! I am undecided and would like to have ALL the informaion before I vote!


I mean information before anyone attacks me for my spelling error. I am upset that people are calling into question her dedication to being a mother. It doesn't matter how many times you preach to your children about abstinence and birth control, it still happens!


To MHL: You talk of 8 yrs ago. May i remind you 8 yrs ago was when the bubble was busting. The fall of 99' the fuel sky rocketed for the first time in yrs, then thru early 2000 the economy had slowed fuel was high and before fuel surcharges kicked in many, as myself, small business owners and small trucking companies were going under. Semi trucks were being parked in fields as no room for all the repo's. Remember trucking is the first sign. But since all had money from the many needless purchases, thru credit many could hold on, then as a few more yrs went by the fuel surcharges were getting the best of companies , retailers. Laying off needless middle management and some CEO's, now blue collar if not fold completely. With out even considering the past 6 months as to which you left wings put all blame on Bush/ The bubble was bursting before he came to office from a mismanaged over confident, banks loan money to all who could breath. president who let things ride from where Bush senoir got it going.. THINK... THINK.. when did it really start going bad. End of Clinton's term not BUSH


If this woman is made our VP, possibly President since Mccain is so old...our country is headed for more disaster.
She's been a governor for what? 20 months? And a myor of a small town hardly gives you the "experience" to be a president.
With a special needs child and a pregnant teenager, which both need her attention, how would she focus on our country?
People want to vote for her because she can "relate" to normal people.
"Normal" people do not run for president.
About the pregnant teen, this represents the family and how responsibly her children are raised.
Our president and VP represent and run our country...are these really the examples and morals people want for our country?
She would make an exellent choice for the PTA or something of the like, but not someone who should run a country.


You all talk of time to run the country with children, Clinton seemed to have time to run country and engage in affairs.


Are you better off than four years ago?


she has a nanny and a house husband to take care of the kids. She certainly is NOT poor, is she?

Exactly how young is too young to take a newborn out in public, due to their immune systems being so vulnerable?


you may want to cool your jets there, she's a 44 year old suckled five kids, unless she's had her jugs lifted. Scary


If this broad gets in I'm buyin' a bomb shelter.I may change my mind though if her retaded kid poops his pants live on stage at the debates. "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT". Who in their right mind would vote for a 72 year old fart. Speaking of which, excuse me while I go use da terlit.


She's mean, she hunts moose, she shoots at my peeps. I hope a polar bear gets her.


To kmk: If you consider Oprah as the media ,well then maybe the media is liberal.LOL


and MSNBC, CNN, the magazines that portray Obama as the second coming! If you don't see that you're IGNORANT!


Gov. Paulin is a human being, just like any other. In her case I think that she has attempted to limit her professional and moral mistakes due to her personal beliefs. She doesn't seem to attempt to hide them though, and for that, I would give her a plus. As far as experience, 2 years as governor of the largest land mass state in the union, also a term as a mayor. Her opponent has a little over 170 days as a senator. Whether you or I agree or not, a little math tells me she does have more experience.


Great idea. Finally a woman smart enough to realize abortion is murder. Go get 'em girl friend.

Don't worry about her kids. The Secret Service will babysit.


Did any of you actually listen to McCain's speech? Retrain American workers for new jobs? Retrain for what? He conceded our manufacturing base to over seas. Globalization is here but he's nuts if we must compete with slave labor.

I voted for Bush twice. Huge regrets. What do you really think is going to be different than last 8 years? To bad Obama isn't white. There would be no contest at all.


Retrain Americans to do the job they did in high school because that's all that's left. I need "retrained" to work the cash register at McDonalds since I'm no better off now than 25 years ago. A refresher course. that's McCain's idea of a job.
As for Palin, menopause hasn't kicked in yet. Anything that bloats & bleeds once a month should not have the power to declare war. WAYYY scary.

Perkins Resident

We need her to "govern" Perkins Township! She cleaned up the "good ole boys club" in her neck of the woods!
To a few employees... WORK is NOT a disease!


She's a whole lot beter looking than Cheney...............And obviously a better shot. Don't know if she can swing my vote to republican though, and McCain looks like he is lost most of the time. All he does is point, wave, and stick up his thumb. Again, we have very little to choose from.


We shouldn't trust the Pinko (Obama) and his "Change"! Change + Obama=
The Commie Pinko America will be the way to go for you, though.

Since you haven't improved your own life (you're choice) in 25 yrs, Obama HAS to be your pick. He's preying on the losers!

I can see why you've been drawn to him.


Taking care of a special needs child takes way more time and attention than getting a BJ.
Besides, Bill Clinton is not on the ticket, so comparing him to Palin is not even valid.
To those who think, oh, she's only human and at least she admits her mistakes:
A president should lead by example(or VP).
If the President or VP has a pregnant teen running around, what is that saying to our kids?
The presidents daughter does it and our country excepts it, so it must be ok!
Trust me, we do NOT need more pregnant teens or teens wanting babies and more grandparents unneccesarily raising their grandchildren or anymore teens with babies collecting welfare by 19 or 20 so that the rest of tax payers can pay for it.


She is evil incarnate!
Daughter is a sl-t.
Her minister preaches abstinance at the school and we see how well THAT went.

Do a search for the email sent by

Anne Kilkenny

and read the REALITY of Palin.

I am sure the "retentive" Republicans here will say it is all (once again) the LIBERAL media, but NOT.

She is an evil choice and typical of psycho-christian types.

Wanna know why her daughter got knocked up???

THINK about it!

It is nothing new.

She was rebelling against her mother who has NO time for her! Especially now with a Tard Mongoloid baby and now also running for VP?
It ain't over for those poor neglected kids.


I'm voting for her because she is HOT.


Well, Lets give equal time here shall we. I think there is kind of a parody between Palin and Obama. She has been governor for 2 years, he’s' been a senator for 170 odd days. She has a child pregnant out of wed-lock; Obama was born out of wed-lock. Her minister preaches abstinence, his preaches racial hate. She's running for VP (picked, not elected by her party), and he for President (chosen by the DNC). She can probably recite the Lord's Prayer by memory; Sen. Obama can sing verses of the Koran's prayer book from memory also.
I looked up this letter you referred to. Yes, the letter does exist, yes there is an Ann Kilkenny, but I cannot find anywhere, that the things contained in the letter can either be confirmed or denied. It is a woman's letter that contains her opinions, nothing less and nothing more. Not even the news sources confirm anything more out of it than that (other than the trooper investigation-and if they could, they would).
With regard to the REALITY of PALIN, this story confirms that she 'went after' federal grant dollars available to her city/state. If we vote people down for that or hate them as a result, you better get a long list on both sides of the party system, and this includes members of our own city government.
So, you have chosen to say that she is "evil incarnate". On what do you base this? You say she is a "psycho-Christian" type. Last time I checked, they haven't flown any planes into buildings or blown anyone up. But I will give you that down through world history, wars have been fought over 'many' differing religions. Your right to choose whom you vote for is protected by the constitution. But your choice to hate some one for their skin color, their sexual orientation, political beliefs, or religious affiliation is completely your own.
She's not perfect, and neither is Obama, but lets not use 'creative writing 101' here to start more propaganda than is already out there about any candidate.


The 1st thing I heard about her, even BEFORE she accepted her nomination to run with McCain, was that she'd been under investigation for "ETHICS VIOLATIONS." Then, in her acceptance speech, she "used" both her sons, the older son for having enlisted in the service on SEPTEMBER 11th; the younger, for having been born handicapped! Her 3 daughters were rapidly mentioned & glossed over as though they were merely AFTERTHOUGHTS!

She appears to be USING her sons to further her political career, as she doesn't seem to have much REAL political "experience."

The ethics problems ALONE would give ME pause for thought, but for the woman to parade her children (& ONLY her sons) as political tools to get her & McCain (who I once had MUCH respect for) elected is UNBELIEVABLY crass & classless!

On top of it all, she preaches ONLY abstinence - NOT sex education, which her own DAUGHTER could've benefited from. And, now - of course, she's running for political office, which will result in her pregnant daughter losing the mother whose advice and support she so desperately NEEDS now, more than ever! As do her other children!

Talk about voters being stuck between a rock & a hard place!


How can you compare Obama being born out of wedlock to this woman? He had NO CHOICE that his parents weren't married. This woman had a choice to teach her kids responsibility and she FAILED. This is OK in this country if you are the average joe but NOT if you want to be VP. We already have the likes of the Spears sisters as examples for our daughters-do we REALLY need someone like that in the White House?


Sarah Palin is more "HUMAN" than any Presidential candidate I have seen in 50 years. That to me means she can genuinely relate to the struggles of the common man. Her "small town" insight allows her to analyze issues from the perspective of the guy next door. She is as close to non-partisan as we'll probably ever see.

She happens to harbor beliefs that cross all 3 major party lines. She has reached across the isle and considered the isues from "the other sides" point of view. SHE IS NOT THE DYED IN THE WOOL POLITITIAN we are used to.

She is a breath of fresh air who is committed to change but not just for change sake.

Americans should drop their political guard and take a real look at a real genuine person.


You are correct! That blogger is misguided.

However, what about Obrahmas enthusiastic use of cocaine and other illegal drug, at the age of 17(See his autobiography "Dreams of My Father"). Was he not under the control of his loving Mother who I am sure did not want him to snort? Yet he choose to experiment frequently with a variety of drugs to "escape from the realities of everyday life".

So a daughter doesn't listen to her loving Mother and gets pregnant.

If you had to chose, which path would you prefer your child to take?


Some people are taking swipes at Palin for ethics violations and therefore will not vote for her. Well, here is something for you to stuff into your pipe. This has been under the radar but info is now coming out. There was legislation currently trying to put a limit on lawsuits concerning the use of asbestos. Biden, with Obama beside him, were leading the charge to have this voted down. This was defeated. Turns out the Biden's son runs one of the largest law firms on the east coast and he only does lawsuits against the abestos companies. A little political intervention? Thanks daddy.