So, what do you think of Palin?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Well, the pick of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate has given everyone something to talk about, hasn't it?

In my Aug. 13 blog posting, "A Woman for Vice President?" I explained why I thought it seemed quite possible that at least one of the candidates for vice president would turn out to be a woman, even though national pundits were mostly mentioning men.

I wrote, "If Obama picks a white male as his running mate, I would think pressure would build on McCain to pick a woman."

My blog also pointed to Sarah Palin, although that didn't come from me -- it came from a reader comment. On my August 4 blog posting, someone posting as "Sarah Palin" wrote, "Come on McCain, give Sarah Palin a look." My wife spotted the comment and asked if I'd noticed the governor of Alaska posted on my blog. Of course, you can use any name you like when you post a comment here.

It's too early to judge the wisdom of McCain's pick, but the early attack line by the Obama camp that Palin lacks experience rings false. After all, she's the governor of a state, and has more executive experience than Obama, Biden or McCain. My boss, a woman, wants me to point out she has more experience hunting moose than the other three.

The consensus so far seems to be that Palin was a risky pick. We'll see how she does when she speaks in prime time tonight.



I don't think she's a game changer, but I do feel she's a lousy pick none the less.

- 20 Months governor experience
- PTA Experience?
- Mayor to a town of 7,000?
- Helps convey McCain's 'Maverick' campaign strategy.

- Proponent of Book Banning.
- Wants Intelligent Design (read: Creationism) taught in the public classroom.
- Bit of a religious nut job seeking ultimate power for all the wrong reasons. She's been quoted referencing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as our chosen Crusade.
- Does not believe humans have any effect whatsoever on global climate change.
- She's an Alaskan Separationist.


I think that if McCann had chosen Mitt Rommney, he would have a chance against Obama. Both Hillary and Rommeny have been had by both parties. This election makes me not want to vote. Either one of these condidates are capable of making our country even worse off than it is already.


It's time for the Repubs to throw out the Rockefeller country club faction and bring back a little more of the Goldwater libertarian philosophy.

Palin is a good first step in that direction.

Also, it's high time that the Dems throw out the limp-wristed Marxists and bring back the old JFK pro-business, pro-national defense mentality. Sen. Lieberman is one of the last and they tossed him out of the party.


And I'm an undecided Independent! (Testosterone aside), Sarah Palin brings a whole new dymanic to the ticket. A female perspective most men fear and most women admire. She has the savvy and backbone to take on any issue without concerns of political repercussions. She is young and vibrant and exudes Red, White and Blue Patriotism. Her 13 years of service have prepared her for battle at the Federal level. And she already has a Energy Independence Plan in the works.

I am truly undecided, but McCains choice of Sarah Palin has me thinking she will add the Yang to the ticket. Besides she can run against Hillary in 2012 and she will already have the experience to sit in the Oval Office.


You need to branch out and read more blogs other than the liberal Bush Hater rants.

Palin is going to blow out the Republican convention and then take aim at Obama because whatever criticism one has of her is double jeapardy for Obama who is less qualified and has no executive experiences. Obama has never managed a budeget and while Palin is in charge of her state's National Guard, Obama only recently started to wear a flag pin.


I am amazed that any parent, whether a mother or a father, would want to assume the nomination while coping with a new baby with a handicap and an unmarried teenage daughter expecting a baby.

What was that baby doing at the convention at a late evening hour and with all that noise ?????


What a Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous (not ...

One speech doesn't make a campaign. Like Obama she has shown a talent for reading from a teleprompter.

Wait until a reporter shoves a microphone in her face and asks her a complicated world affairs question.

I believe her strong suit is energy. McCain should use her as an attack dog against the Dems on that issue.

I believe that the campaign theme for McCain should be – It's energy stupid!

I found it interesting that she mentioned Harry Truman. I had already concluded that the last VP or President with little to no executive experience was Truman.

The not-ready-for-prime time Truman gave away Eastern Europe to the Soviets at Potsdam, but that's a whole other issue.

I still think that this is the worst presidential selection since 1976 with Carter and Ford.


To reader, get over it, there are many women not only taking care of their family, but also are sucessful. She is a real role model for all young people. I have a young professional daughter, my hope is that she can reach for leadership and succeed like Sarah. She did not ride her husband's name for sucess, like some poltical women I could mention. Maybe having a real marriage and a loving husband is the difference.


Why not talk about Joe Biden's brother and son being sued for hedgefund fraud.
Where is the media? Maybe the Murrays can file a class action suit, or maybe not, Biden is a D.


With lipstick on! That's not only a Hockey Mom, that's most Moms, should the situation arise! Why hasn't it been focused on, regarding men, the Dad-time taken away when they seek public office? Sexism at it's best, and we thought we'd grown? Just goes to show you how brutal politicians can be with the personal attacks! Following in the foot-steps of Rudey (didn't catch Mitt), she was quick to insult Obama. Pretty sure the Obama Camp was doing "Damage Control" as soon as the words came out of Rudey and this womans' mouth! If they (Sara & Obabma) can stick with the issues.....the War on Terrorism and funding of that war, the protection of OUR HOME SOIL, oil production right here, along with wind and Solar power (Nukes are nothing but a cancer-promoting, mushroom-cloud target), the economy, the jobs needed right here in the US, Education and Healthcare we'll have a real campaign! The US, as a country, is ranked 25th in Education! Can she help as VP, do for the entire US what she managed to do for the State of Alaska, give it back to the people? The Democrats have pretty much shown me their double-standard-kind of politicking over the last 16+ years, at the Federal, State and Local levels! I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm not picking sides, and am hoping that the "meat and potatoes" of this campaign will be what's focused on, rather than insults, back-and-forth, of the personal/religious nature, from those in both parties! Wasn't it Geo. Washington that commented about the divisions of the political parties being the demise of this country? Well, it's been brewing for a long time now!


What a sea of white faces at the Republican convention!

Certainly not reflective of our country's population.


You must be color blind pal. There were hundreds of Black American Patriots in that crowd.

Sarah Palin has effective brought the Democratic ticket to their knees. This woman a real Patriot and is more in touch with the issues the common man than OBiden has been in 30+ years.

John Mccain will show the "community organizer" that real (not fabricated) experience will prevail.


Gov. Palin can read a speech with energy and a charming smile. She has shown us nothing beyond that.


The Republican party has no monopoly on patriotism. Its thinking like that that makes me fearful of putting people like Sarah Palin in positions of authority.

Will she be censoring our library's books next?

You right wing nuts who think wearing a lapel pin and buying a yellow ribbin sticker for your car makes you patriotic make me ill.

The reasons to go to war in Iraq were manufactured by a group of Republican idealogues who were too busy to serve in the war during their youth.

Rudy Guliani should be ashamed of himself for still trying to link Saddam Hussein to Al Quaeda. No link...he hated Islamic extremism. And no weapons of mass destruction either.

Just lies and more lies....and obscene profits for the military industrial complex.

Just like President Eisenhower warned the country about in his farewell speech.


I completely agree, and have some of the same fears. She's already done book bannings in her own public library. She's also talked about holy crusades, and righteous powers instilled in her by the almighty. Scary. What happened to the real Republican Party, the one that Lincoln was part of?


Appears Palin stretched the truth on a few things last night...


Forget she's a woman. She wants to be vice president...and maybe president. Don't think Vladimir Putin will care she's a woman - unless he can use it.

Leave the family out...except she brought the family in and that means SHE, not the media, made them fair game.

Daughter's 'goney' marry the dope...then DO IT! You're a governor - you can do the deed.

She favors abstinence-only in's that workin'?

And what about Treg? He never moves - even when the crowds are roaring. He needs constant stimulation. But he never responds to anything...even when he's handed off to someone else. He needs a mother's touch...and we never see her holding him.


Just read some of the women thinking comments about Palin are sexist.

Joe Biden was sworn in at his injured son's bedside. She doesn't even hold Treg when she's not speaking. What mother doesn't take EVERY chance to hold her infant - even when running for office?

JFK had his kids playing in the Oval Office.

What PARENT takes a 5-month-old infant into an arena of 10,000 screaming people at 10 at night...complete with God knows what germs, bugs and diseases flowing through the air?

What PARENT makes an unspoken statement that teenage pregnancy is acceptable by parading the 'bump' before international audiences?

She'll be off the ballot before the election.


TO ELMERSON, Why are you people so afraid of Sarah, maybe because she is is a strong women that did put up with a cheating husband for political gain, like Hillary the joke!

Anonymous (not ...

Tell ya what. Given a choice, I'd rather have Palin than Strickland as guv.


What a great political move!I pulled my Obama sign today. Mrs. Palin will win the middle class over. A real human with everyday problems....


She doesn't even hold Treg when she's not speaking.

His name is TRIG and if she did hold him you would be on here saying
"She's only holding him to get good publicity"

What PARENT takes a 5-month-old infant into an arena of 10,000 screaming people at 10 at night...complete with God knows what germs, bugs and diseases flowing through the air?

I would...and have...taken my 5 month old everywhere. He's not going to catch anything being held by his own family. Never had a kid have you? At 5 months he's probably still up and down every 3 or 4 hrs...he doesn't know it's 10 at night and even if he did..he wouldn't care. Babies sleep when and wherever they are tired.

What PARENT makes an unspoken statement that teenage pregnancy is acceptable by parading the 'bump' before international audiences?

Oh sure she should send her away to "boarding school" for 9 months. God forbid she love and support her daughter. Do you even have a clue what year it is?

She'll be off the ballot before the election. "

Keep dreaming. She WILL be our next VP. Obama is history.


What PARENT makes an unspoken statement that teenage pregnancy is acceptable by parading the 'bump' before international audiences?

What parade? The only reason anyone knows that the poor girl is pregnant is because they had to prove to the whackjobs that Trig was actually her baby and not her daughter's. They didn't PARADE anything. All they did was love and support their daughter.
You are truly pathetic. I guess the realization that Obama is toast is starting to sink in and get to you. You need to just accept it and move on.


Palin recently said that the war in Iraq is "God's task." She's even admitted she hasn't thought about the war much"”just last year she was quoted saying, "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq."

Palin has actively sought the support of the fringe Alaska Independence Party. Six months ago, Palin told members of the group"”who advocate for a vote on secession from the union"”to "keep up the good work" and "wished the party luck on what she called its 'inspiring convention.'"

Palin wants to teach creationism in public schools. She hasn't made clear whether she thinks evolution is a fact.

Palin doesn't believe that humans contribute to global warming. Speaking about climate change, she said, "I'm not one though who would attribute it to being manmade."

Palin has close ties to Big Oil. Her inauguration was even sponsored by BP.

Palin is extremely anti-choice. She doesn't even support abortion in the case of rape or incest.

Palin opposes comprehensive sex-ed in public schools. She's said she will only support abstinence-only approaches.

As mayor, Palin tried to ban books from the library. Palin asked the library how she might go about banning books because some had inappropriate language in them"”shocking the librarian, Mary Ellen Baker. According to Time, "news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire Baker for not giving "full support" to the mayor."

She DID support the Bridge to Nowhere (before she opposed it). Palin claimed that she said "thanks, but no thanks" to the infamous Bridge to Nowhere. But in 2006, Palin supported the project repeatedly, saying that Alaska should take advantage of earmarks "while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist."


It's sad that so many like you have to make up things to make her look bad. The funny thing is that the more you try, the better she looks. You are just making yourselves look petty and ignorant. Keep it up. You are making it so easy for the Republicans.


So many of you can only use the talking points you hear on MSNBC & CNN, which comes straight from the DNC. Why do you fear Gov. Palin so much? Keep up the good work Gov. Palin!


You right wing nuts follow along behind the Bible thumping, warmongering Republican fascists.....not a thought or concern about a war of agression begun under false evidence, the crushing of individual rights all in the name of a war on terror, the politicization of the justice department to appoint attorneys who follow the far right line, the budget blowouts leaving the next generation saddled with trillions in debt for a war we never should have started, the injuries and deaths to our best and finest young people, the lack of leadership toward energy independence, only a mindless loyalty to big oil....

Are you really proud of the last 8 years ???????


I thought I'd get some T shirts made up with Palins face on one side of the front and McCains face on the other side, with the caption "Vote for these two".


and I am seeing very, very few people of color in the audience.

Anonymous (not ...

brainless followers:

Leaving out the stock mkt. tech wreck which began in Mar. 2000, in addition to the worst terrorist attack and the worst natural disaster in U.S. history; I'd say that nationally that the last eight yrs. ain't been that bad.

Due to the extreme magnitude of each, I don't quite know how any POTUS could have prevented any of 'em.

Let's just hope that the next few yrs. don't have any repeats of the above events or worse, regardless of who's POTUS.


I think that Palin will be great. If McCain were to be unable to complete his term, Palin would become President. Palin is much better than Obama, Clinton and Biden put together. Obama, Clinton and Biden are also lawyers who would just mess up the country big time. The lawyers are all talk. Palin just makes too much common sense to me. Because McCain picked Palin, I have decided to vote for McCain instead of staying home and not voting at all.


I think it's wonderful that she is totally opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. It's great that she's willing to make women and girls unwilling breeding stock for rapists and child molesters. It shows that she has true family values. Plus, she looks just like Tina Fey, and that chick is hilarious! She also looks like Peggy Hill, and King of the Hill is one of my favorite shows. She's got my vote for sure!

Anonymous (not ...

Roe v. Wade has made abortion rights a minor issue due to the fact that it's essentially a non voted on amendment to the Constitution. Any politician can have an opinion, but they ain't gonna be able to change diddley on a national scale.

Wickard v. Filburn is collectivist in nature, unconstitutional in its scope and is far more insidious. It is the Supreme Court decision that needs desperately to be overturned in order to help restore economic and political freedom to the U.S.


Get to know this little "˜gem' from the era of FDR.


TO BRAINLESS FOLLOWERS, I assume you are refering to yourself or Obama followers


Honestly, don't you think Obama supporters are proud to be Americans too ?

As mentioned below, Republicans have no monopoly on patriotism.

To suggest your fellow citizens who have a differing political viewpoint are not patriotic is Unamerican. Seems more like Russia or China.


Thanks for proving my points, yall.

Yeah...I have children - one a special needs child for whom I quit my job to care for because my wife's income and insurance were better. Oh yeah...that was more than a quarter century ago - probably before you were born.

I didn't say who takes a 'healthy' 5 month-old into a large crowd. I asked what parent takes a health-challenged child into those enviroments. Have you ever had a health- or development-challenged child?

Yes..PARADED the bump on the tarmac with the father, at the convention not once but three times. Send her away? Of course not. But don't stand on your Pentecostal stump and discuss family values and abstinence-only sex education until AFTER you perform the marriage ceremony.

I'm not afraid of Sarah. I REJOICE the barracuda is on the ballot. And her latest actions in 'Troopergate' are making me even surer she'll be off the ballot. She already admitted a member of her administration repeatedly called the guy she fired and said "Todd and Sarah want to know why this is taking so long?" She can be impeached!!! She can be shown as a criminal...and cannot be on the national ballot.

Of course, I was around in 84 when the media and GOoP virtually crucified Geraldine Ferraro - who never, like Palin, refused to talk with media.

Palin is a desperation move.


The GOoP owes a huge apology to thousands of men and women in this country. The GOoP said on more than one occasion this week that organizing and operating community action agencies does not involve executive skill.

On behal of the GOoP, I apologize to the directors of United Way, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, agencies that serve millions of Seniors, Camp Fire directors, food pantry directors, directors of homeless shelters - and all those who organize services for millions of Americans.

Many of the people I just mentioned raise and supervise millions of dollars - per agency - and coordinate volunteers and others.

Unlike governors, these people don't have a bevy of assistants, secretaries, and others.

Governors don't have to write and administer grants to keep their states afloat.

Governors have 'people' to go among the people.

Have any of you ever worked, at any time, in a guaranteed government postion and at any other time in a community agency that depends on others for survival?

When is the last time you saw a governor stuffing envelopes?

You think a community organizer doesn't know how to talk to government; doesn't spend time on the phone talking to government?

Again...the GOoP never I apologize for their elitist comments.

A Sovereign American

She's just another puppet, Can't you see her strings?


You spoke truthful volumes!


Not very much after she is standing there with her husband in Iowa and the reporter asks "How do you feel marriage in Alaska is different than in the lower 48" And she smiled and grabbed her husbands crotch and said "I worry about my lower 11 (inches???) here, girls in Alaska like everything big and do not come home to any less". How is any man supposed to feel knowing our VP is a size queen. This is sick, something right out of ancient stories in the bible of the depravity of rulers. I am so humiliated, I am told I am just average or normal in that dpartment and my wife is up all night googling stuff about big ones now and her eyes light up when she see the first dude Todd.


I'm from Missouri-refer me to a network, show,date and time, so I can see this myself. If she had actually said/and done this, the networks would be all over this like flies on dog dung. Grow up and come up with a little more plausible lie would you? And don't even try to tell me that the "networks" are 'right wing' and would not show this, or that the republicans "got to them". That would even be a bigger lie than what you have already purported here.




U stink


I think she is attractive.

digger nick

the most important thing is that she is white .


Here is good evidence that ArcXIX, the blogger the received national attention for his attack on 17-year-old Bristol Palin, is a poll worker at the Franklin County Board of Elections.

ArcXIX blog that attacked Bristol Palin: (copy of google cache)

ArcXIX self-incrimination that he works as a poll worker:

Poll Worker Here (0+ / 0-)

This was my first year working for the Board of Elections. I wanted some more hands on training, but the two hundred page manual was quite good.

We had 275 people turnout at our location (twice the amount as last November), and all of them were surprised by the lack of lines. An emphasis on early voting helped relieve the actual day of election by a large margin.

Wish my candidate carried the state, but that is an entirely different can of worms that does not involve the Boards fine execution this year (so far).

by ArcXIX on Wed Mar 05, 2008 at 05:23:30 PM PDT
ArcXIX self-incrimination that he is on the Franklin County Voter list:

And Check Your County Board (2+ / 0-)

Didn't find my name through that link, but the Franklin County BoE website has me listed as always. Found two friends not listed. Time to see what is going on here.

by ArcXIX on Wed Oct 18, 2006 at 09:36:29 AM PDT
Why I connected ArcXIX is likely a person by the name of "Charles Hartley" of Columbus, Ohio:
I Googled "arcxix -palin -dailykos -kos" and started trying to find out who ArcXIX was.
On only the second page of the less than 500 matches, I found:
It has several identity pieces of information on it:
Name: Charles Hartley
alias: "AgentArc"
AIM Name: ArcXIX
Last Visit: Feb 24 2008
Sex: M
Age: 24
Location: Columbus, Ohio

Why the alias AgentArc makes the idea of choice of ArcXIX by the 1UP account owner too incriminating to be a just a coincidence:
Google "palin agentarc -hartley"
What this shows are several hits which reference pictures of Palin that are kept in a photobucket account of "AgentArc".
Note that all these pictures are now removed by the owner. To me, this is highly convincing evidence that the owner of the 1UP account is the person who created the ArcXIX blog on Daily Kos. It is possible that the name, age and location are a falsehood perpetrated by the account owner, but I do not consider that likely.

Both the ArcXIX and the AgentArc are evident in a few different web sites, but the personalities represented by those accounts are completely consistent with each other.

Is this sufficient information for a reporter that covers the Franklin County election processs to consider making inquiries about?

I guess that is up to you to decide.


Sir, your eloquence is only exceeded by your mental capacity. You are brilliant, and beyond my wildest expectations. NOT!!!! Either grow up or go talk to your street thugs where you undoubtedly originated from.


No guessing here my mind is made up.


Your name is contango - got your IP. Just tell the truth.


" for 19 months. That does NOT add up to experience. He has been lead by top Dem speech writers and those in the know but that does NOT add up to ability.

Personally, I consider a MILLIONAIRE to be WEALTHY. He IS a MILLIONAIRE. Why hasn't he offered or given his excess worth to the community or his church. His ACTIONS are void of committment to those less fortunate.

He is all talk folks..he knows all the right BUZZ WORDS but is void no substance and action. Look at his Voting record.....oops thats right he doesn't have one! He registered "Present" or "NO (i don't care to) VOTE".

What about US Obama? What about US?? "

Talk about a POSER!


I think she is a lier and a pretty bad actress alot of the things she said in her speech are a lie.She stated she was apposed to earmarks she lobbied for more earmarked money and recieved it than any other state in the u.s.a.She is nothing but the g.o.p. puppet and smoke screen send her packing back to alaska she is as phoney as john mcsame.


is a poser


Thanks to John McCain for helping me decide who to vote for in November. It will now be Obama! Also thanks for sending us the absent voter registration cards in the mail, I'll pass it on to the kids in college, they too are voting for Obama.


was already pregnant when she eloped with her hubby Todd....personally, I think, that her hubby is a wuss..and none of us know whether or not she has cheated on him or vise versa, people keep posting "well at least her husband hasn't cheated on her", but how do we know?? And why is it that they take a newborn out in a crowd of 15,000 people, this woman is a media w*ore, for sure.


So...With all that 19 months of coaching and a congressional 143 days of "Present" or "NO (I don't care enough to) VOTE" that makes him a seasoned POSER and a puppet.

He's another phoney MILLIONAIRE Democrat!


So, based on your line of thinking, then Mr. Obama must also be rejected, because he was born out of wedlock, hugh???


Even though I'm a Democrat she dresses better than Pantsuit Hillary. She looks good & that's about it.


what is hugh? No I didn't say anything about Mr. Obama, I do no recall him ever preaching abstinance, either.


I didn't say who takes a 'healthy' 5 month-old into a large crowd. I asked what parent takes a health-challenged child into those enviroments. Have you ever had a health- or development-challenged child?

I am the parent of a developmentally delayed child. I also think that you are an idiot for acting like her child's health was going to be compromised at the convention. I have never heard or read any news account about her little boy being sick. He has Downs. That does not mean he isn't healthy. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.


I think she is hot and I hope she shows her ta-ta's during debates.


What do I think of Sarah Palin? Let me break it down like this.

As the liberal democrat that I am,I can`t stand her. She is anti -abortion under all cicumstances. She is anti birth control. She is sending her oldest son to an illegal,immoral war.(This is why I call her anti-abortion and not the hypocritical term pro-life. She is pro NRA, wants to teach creationism over science,and wants to control what books we read in public libraries. Yes she will never get my vote.
If I were a conservative Republican,I would love her. I would love her for all the reasons mentioned above. I would love her because she brings all rhe things back we were worried about in John McCain. She made a great speach, took it to Obama,and offer change.After all she is a hockey mom, A PIT BULL with lipstick. She gets my vote.

Where this race will be decided is rhe "undecided independents." Let me ask you a few questions.

8 years ago we had a government surplus.Today we have a 9 trillion dollar deficit. I will admit I am not an economic major just a hard working American who doesn`t even know how many zeros are in a trillion dollars.

8 years ago we were a nation at peace.Today we are fighting a war on 2 fronts.Threatening to invade Iran ,Pakistan, and now possibly Russia. Why? The republicans will tell you 9-11 changed everything but remember it happened ontheir watch. If only they had read a memo.

At the Democrat convention Obama layed out specific detailed plans for change. Changes in energy, the economy ,health care,education. Changes for a better world.

At the republican convention we heard attacks on Obama ,The democrats, and the so-called liberal media. Yes(The same media that helped sell the Iraq war.)We heard alot about patriotism and heroism, and yes John McCain is an American hero.

But our nation is at a historic time.Change is needed. The RNC seems to agree as they took Obama`s lead and seemed to promote change. But they mentioned no plans for heathcare,the economy,ending awar we should have never started. They mentioned Victory but will someone please define victory. What do we win.

Sarah Palin is an inexperienced choice . She was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it.
As the mayor of Wasilla she went to Washington asked for AND received 27 million dollars worth of "earmarks."

As mayor of Wasilla she raised city taxes to build a hockey rink.

And as governor of Alaska the selfproclaimed "advocate for special needs children." decreased spending 62 percent for the special needs programs.

If you want real change Vote Obama. If you want the same old hypocrisy , Well vote for the same old Sh56 that got us into this mess.


She is NOT against birth control! I like her, but that doesn't mean I will vote for her. I agree her extreme views on abortion are a big problem with me. The media is liberal to say the least! I can't believe Oprah would have Obama on twice, but won't even think about having her until the election is over! I am undecided and would like to have ALL the informaion before I vote!


I mean information before anyone attacks me for my spelling error. I am upset that people are calling into question her dedication to being a mother. It doesn't matter how many times you preach to your children about abstinence and birth control, it still happens!


To MHL: You talk of 8 yrs ago. May i remind you 8 yrs ago was when the bubble was busting. The fall of 99' the fuel sky rocketed for the first time in yrs, then thru early 2000 the economy had slowed fuel was high and before fuel surcharges kicked in many, as myself, small business owners and small trucking companies were going under. Semi trucks were being parked in fields as no room for all the repo's. Remember trucking is the first sign. But since all had money from the many needless purchases, thru credit many could hold on, then as a few more yrs went by the fuel surcharges were getting the best of companies , retailers. Laying off needless middle management and some CEO's, now blue collar if not fold completely. With out even considering the past 6 months as to which you left wings put all blame on Bush/ The bubble was bursting before he came to office from a mismanaged over confident, banks loan money to all who could breath. president who let things ride from where Bush senoir got it going.. THINK... THINK.. when did it really start going bad. End of Clinton's term not BUSH


If this woman is made our VP, possibly President since Mccain is so old...our country is headed for more disaster.
She's been a governor for what? 20 months? And a myor of a small town hardly gives you the "experience" to be a president.
With a special needs child and a pregnant teenager, which both need her attention, how would she focus on our country?
People want to vote for her because she can "relate" to normal people.
"Normal" people do not run for president.
About the pregnant teen, this represents the family and how responsibly her children are raised.
Our president and VP represent and run our country...are these really the examples and morals people want for our country?
She would make an exellent choice for the PTA or something of the like, but not someone who should run a country.


You all talk of time to run the country with children, Clinton seemed to have time to run country and engage in affairs.


Are you better off than four years ago?


she has a nanny and a house husband to take care of the kids. She certainly is NOT poor, is she?

Exactly how young is too young to take a newborn out in public, due to their immune systems being so vulnerable?


you may want to cool your jets there, she's a 44 year old suckled five kids, unless she's had her jugs lifted. Scary


If this broad gets in I'm buyin' a bomb shelter.I may change my mind though if her retaded kid poops his pants live on stage at the debates. "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT". Who in their right mind would vote for a 72 year old fart. Speaking of which, excuse me while I go use da terlit.


She's mean, she hunts moose, she shoots at my peeps. I hope a polar bear gets her.


To kmk: If you consider Oprah as the media ,well then maybe the media is liberal.LOL


and MSNBC, CNN, the magazines that portray Obama as the second coming! If you don't see that you're IGNORANT!


Gov. Paulin is a human being, just like any other. In her case I think that she has attempted to limit her professional and moral mistakes due to her personal beliefs. She doesn't seem to attempt to hide them though, and for that, I would give her a plus. As far as experience, 2 years as governor of the largest land mass state in the union, also a term as a mayor. Her opponent has a little over 170 days as a senator. Whether you or I agree or not, a little math tells me she does have more experience.


Great idea. Finally a woman smart enough to realize abortion is murder. Go get 'em girl friend.

Don't worry about her kids. The Secret Service will babysit.


Did any of you actually listen to McCain's speech? Retrain American workers for new jobs? Retrain for what? He conceded our manufacturing base to over seas. Globalization is here but he's nuts if we must compete with slave labor.

I voted for Bush twice. Huge regrets. What do you really think is going to be different than last 8 years? To bad Obama isn't white. There would be no contest at all.


Retrain Americans to do the job they did in high school because that's all that's left. I need "retrained" to work the cash register at McDonalds since I'm no better off now than 25 years ago. A refresher course. that's McCain's idea of a job.
As for Palin, menopause hasn't kicked in yet. Anything that bloats & bleeds once a month should not have the power to declare war. WAYYY scary.

Perkins Resident

We need her to "govern" Perkins Township! She cleaned up the "good ole boys club" in her neck of the woods!
To a few employees... WORK is NOT a disease!


She's a whole lot beter looking than Cheney...............And obviously a better shot. Don't know if she can swing my vote to republican though, and McCain looks like he is lost most of the time. All he does is point, wave, and stick up his thumb. Again, we have very little to choose from.


We shouldn't trust the Pinko (Obama) and his "Change"! Change + Obama=
The Commie Pinko America will be the way to go for you, though.

Since you haven't improved your own life (you're choice) in 25 yrs, Obama HAS to be your pick. He's preying on the losers!

I can see why you've been drawn to him.


Taking care of a special needs child takes way more time and attention than getting a BJ.
Besides, Bill Clinton is not on the ticket, so comparing him to Palin is not even valid.
To those who think, oh, she's only human and at least she admits her mistakes:
A president should lead by example(or VP).
If the President or VP has a pregnant teen running around, what is that saying to our kids?
The presidents daughter does it and our country excepts it, so it must be ok!
Trust me, we do NOT need more pregnant teens or teens wanting babies and more grandparents unneccesarily raising their grandchildren or anymore teens with babies collecting welfare by 19 or 20 so that the rest of tax payers can pay for it.


She is evil incarnate!
Daughter is a sl-t.
Her minister preaches abstinance at the school and we see how well THAT went.

Do a search for the email sent by

Anne Kilkenny

and read the REALITY of Palin.

I am sure the "retentive" Republicans here will say it is all (once again) the LIBERAL media, but NOT.

She is an evil choice and typical of psycho-christian types.

Wanna know why her daughter got knocked up???

THINK about it!

It is nothing new.

She was rebelling against her mother who has NO time for her! Especially now with a Tard Mongoloid baby and now also running for VP?
It ain't over for those poor neglected kids.


I'm voting for her because she is HOT.


Well, Lets give equal time here shall we. I think there is kind of a parody between Palin and Obama. She has been governor for 2 years, he's' been a senator for 170 odd days. She has a child pregnant out of wed-lock; Obama was born out of wed-lock. Her minister preaches abstinence, his preaches racial hate. She's running for VP (picked, not elected by her party), and he for President (chosen by the DNC). She can probably recite the Lord's Prayer by memory; Sen. Obama can sing verses of the Koran's prayer book from memory also.
I looked up this letter you referred to. Yes, the letter does exist, yes there is an Ann Kilkenny, but I cannot find anywhere, that the things contained in the letter can either be confirmed or denied. It is a woman's letter that contains her opinions, nothing less and nothing more. Not even the news sources confirm anything more out of it than that (other than the trooper investigation-and if they could, they would).
With regard to the REALITY of PALIN, this story confirms that she 'went after' federal grant dollars available to her city/state. If we vote people down for that or hate them as a result, you better get a long list on both sides of the party system, and this includes members of our own city government.
So, you have chosen to say that she is "evil incarnate". On what do you base this? You say she is a "psycho-Christian" type. Last time I checked, they haven't flown any planes into buildings or blown anyone up. But I will give you that down through world history, wars have been fought over 'many' differing religions. Your right to choose whom you vote for is protected by the constitution. But your choice to hate some one for their skin color, their sexual orientation, political beliefs, or religious affiliation is completely your own.
She's not perfect, and neither is Obama, but lets not use 'creative writing 101' here to start more propaganda than is already out there about any candidate.


The 1st thing I heard about her, even BEFORE she accepted her nomination to run with McCain, was that she'd been under investigation for "ETHICS VIOLATIONS." Then, in her acceptance speech, she "used" both her sons, the older son for having enlisted in the service on SEPTEMBER 11th; the younger, for having been born handicapped! Her 3 daughters were rapidly mentioned & glossed over as though they were merely AFTERTHOUGHTS!

She appears to be USING her sons to further her political career, as she doesn't seem to have much REAL political "experience."

The ethics problems ALONE would give ME pause for thought, but for the woman to parade her children (& ONLY her sons) as political tools to get her & McCain (who I once had MUCH respect for) elected is UNBELIEVABLY crass & classless!

On top of it all, she preaches ONLY abstinence - NOT sex education, which her own DAUGHTER could've benefited from. And, now - of course, she's running for political office, which will result in her pregnant daughter losing the mother whose advice and support she so desperately NEEDS now, more than ever! As do her other children!

Talk about voters being stuck between a rock & a hard place!


How can you compare Obama being born out of wedlock to this woman? He had NO CHOICE that his parents weren't married. This woman had a choice to teach her kids responsibility and she FAILED. This is OK in this country if you are the average joe but NOT if you want to be VP. We already have the likes of the Spears sisters as examples for our daughters-do we REALLY need someone like that in the White House?


Sarah Palin is more "HUMAN" than any Presidential candidate I have seen in 50 years. That to me means she can genuinely relate to the struggles of the common man. Her "small town" insight allows her to analyze issues from the perspective of the guy next door. She is as close to non-partisan as we'll probably ever see.

She happens to harbor beliefs that cross all 3 major party lines. She has reached across the isle and considered the isues from "the other sides" point of view. SHE IS NOT THE DYED IN THE WOOL POLITITIAN we are used to.

She is a breath of fresh air who is committed to change but not just for change sake.

Americans should drop their political guard and take a real look at a real genuine person.


You are correct! That blogger is misguided.

However, what about Obrahmas enthusiastic use of cocaine and other illegal drug, at the age of 17(See his autobiography "Dreams of My Father"). Was he not under the control of his loving Mother who I am sure did not want him to snort? Yet he choose to experiment frequently with a variety of drugs to "escape from the realities of everyday life".

So a daughter doesn't listen to her loving Mother and gets pregnant.

If you had to chose, which path would you prefer your child to take?


Some people are taking swipes at Palin for ethics violations and therefore will not vote for her. Well, here is something for you to stuff into your pipe. This has been under the radar but info is now coming out. There was legislation currently trying to put a limit on lawsuits concerning the use of asbestos. Biden, with Obama beside him, were leading the charge to have this voted down. This was defeated. Turns out the Biden's son runs one of the largest law firms on the east coast and he only does lawsuits against the abestos companies. A little political intervention? Thanks daddy.


sarah is way more hot than kimmy


palin is nothing more than another christian conservative nazi who will continue the downfall that the bush regime started.


whoa dude, get off the huffington post and the daily kos and the zantac.Come to the light you hufftard


you speak with forked tongue oh republicanista


I am the white, middle-class true American male who will not study the platforms, issues or moral convictions possessed by each candidate. Rather, I am bitter towards government and politicians and find myself compelled to vote by one reason, and one reason alone. Rest assured, this great nation was built on the same determining factors as I will cast my ballot. I will follow the lead of our founding fathers and vote for the the Sarah because she is a "babe". May God continue to give her beauty over wisdom and God Bless America.

Yours Truly, The Average White Guy


It is a bunch of crap for anyone to vote for McCain because Palin is a WOMAN. Bull. Vote on the issues. I know that I do not want a crazy, hunting woman who can't even keep track of her own kids (out getting Preggers at such an early age), who is Pro-Life, anti-gun control, and so inexperienced.

She is a lousy pick.


Hey B.Hussein Obama, in your speech at the DNC you said I am my brothers keeper, why does your brother live in a grass shack in Kenya?


just remember this is the inexperianced woman who will take over if for some reason McCain can't hold office..Is this what the U.S.really needs?Beauty is only skin deep!


W was a governor and the worst president in the history of the country. Being governor does not qualify you for the white house.


Hey Sandusky Register, where do these idiot bloggers come from, I guess after they get their talking points from the huffington post and the daily kos, they come here. RE um how has george bush made you life worse than under slick willy. I mean personally what did gw bush do to make your life miserable. Please respond. Did he kick your dog or what? Let's rumble Um you illiterate liberal


which is worse, an inexperienced second in command or a inexperienced president with 170 days in congress and dear friends with a radical who tried to blow up the capitol


I might be scaring off bloggers with the truth


If Obama and Obiden are elected...we are only 2 heartbeats away from Nancy Pelosi and 3 heartbeats away from Byrd (the ancient one).


By Byrd, do you mean robert "sheets "byrd from a past grand dragon of the KKK


Contango stop blabbering.


why does her face look so weird? Like her nose area is mashed into her mouth area? I guess it is like the 5th child. that must be where Twit got it. the gene bank is closed for the Plain's. can't wait to see what the NEXT one looks like! she needs to use the Devo song for her campaign, 'Mongoloid".


I don't know who in the world you think I am, but you're not even CLOSE-so you might as well give it up!


with george stephanopoulus when B. Hussein Obama slipped and said my muslim faith and george corrected him. Face it folks he is a muslim like the 911 terrorists


posting on the most popular blog, what's up with the steinle collision, is the coast guard that slow? No wonder lake erie towing is always the first on the scene


Both parties choices STINK! Ask yourself this simple question. Will you be voting FOR a candidate you can truly desire & celebrate or voting against the other guy, because he's worse. That's what I thought.

Just write in my name as your fearless leader of choice.

J. Tiberius Kirk

Beam me up Scotty.


The term is Hummmmm..... And, please elaborate what is "forked" in my statements-don't just label me with names, engage me with you're wit. And regarding "MORON REPUBLICAN" that's my point exactly - have you ever had a child? Especially a teenager? I suppose you were able to control everything they did, thought, and who they talked with, or where they went??? NOT! Just as much as Obama should not be held accountable for his parents actions, Ms. Paulin cannot be held accountable for every mistake her child makes. Most people in public office do have children that suffer as a result of their parents jobs. Single mothers/fathers with multiple jobs have their children suffer the same fate. I agree with you that it is not right. A parent needs to know where to draw the line between family and job.

Rick Studer

To "yours in the truth"

I'm not the blogger "um" but can I accept the challenge to rumble? I assure you I have my own talking points and my own baseball bat, you choose. :) Please hurry, what will we chat about? Ronald Reagan? Cuba? Health Care? Or the bats... , give me your best sparrow brain!


Contango I nailed it and you know it! IP# is ......


Are you better off than 4years ago?


Who do you play for? The Cubs? hahHAHAH.


Negativity. Negativity. Negativity.

Lessee. What has George Bush done to me? My taxes are waaaaaaaaaaay up. My home equity is waaaaaaaaaaay down. My healthcare has doubled along with my copay.
I have a relative with catastrophic illness who will lose his job and his insurance.
My car insurance is up.
Gas for my car went over $4 a gallon.
Milk for my grandchild went to $4 a gallon.
Bill Clinton gave us a huge surplus and George Bush has given us a $700 Trillion deficit that will be paid my my grandchild.
Gee...I don't know if I can survive another George Bush term.

Now, to GOoPs who identify with me. Cindy McCain's dress for the final night at the convention was $300,000! Her jewelry was $280,000! Combine that to reach 10 YEARS of my income - 10 of my best years.

Michelle Obama's convention dress cost $200.

And to hummmmm (or whatever) I've raised daughters and each of them was accountable - even though I did not advocate abstinence-only education and did not argue that sex education belongs in the home - as did Gov. Barracuda. How'd that work for her?

As for the "my Muslim faith" comment: I wondered which stupid halfwit would come forth with that and pull it out of context when Obama said "when they talk about my "Muslim faith" they are ignoring my life as a Christian."

Fidel Castro could return from the grave and run as a Republican and you praise his 'executive experience' and skill at 'nation-building'.


All Catholics abuse children? No. All Muslims terrorists? No.


so what do i think of palin? well, i can't type it here, but it starts with a "c", ends with a "t", and has a "u" and "n" in between......


re Greedy Wanter wrote on Sep 8, 2008 8:06 AM:
Obama preys on losers? I had 2 full time jobs- one factory, one office- one for 10 years full time, the other was a factory 6 years full time. The factory is closed, the office downsized to 4 people.
That was the Bush/Quayle plan as is the Bush Cheney plan as will be Old Man McCain/Mrs. Lemmespitoutanotherkid. Until I make my first $5.1 million I will be considered poverty to McCain anyway. Unless you own 7 houses and make more than $5million McCain could care less about you.
Sad thing is if there's an assasination attempt on McCain if he's president it could be done with a cap pistol since he's so old he'll keel over from a heart attack & Mrs. Pit Bull in heat will be Commander in maxi pads, er, chief.
Old, naive rich people for McCain


all i know is i think it's f***ed up if she--who has a 17 year old pregnant daughter among other things--is in a position to tell US what to do and how to live. talk about a walking contradiction.....


Obama's ' Muslim faith...' comment is gonna nail him.

Watch it:


You said it true!


I think she is McOld's arm candy. Lookee here folks! See how bright & shiny she is?! She can distract from Obama's youthful energy. Vote Old & pretty 08! (no)

Rick Studer

Dear No Left Turn, either you are a half azz or an idiot. The comment you are showing is taken out of context. Here is the whole comment. Go to 1:10 and watch the whole comment. If you have an attention span larger than the average Republican, watch the whole thing.


Many people have been so seemingly awestruck by the sudden appearance of "Wonder Woman" Sarah Palin that they obviously aren't thinking straight. Snap out if it, people! McCain's choice (and I question if it WAS McCain's choice or Karl Rove's choice) of the virtually unknown Palin was a desperate attempt by the Republican party to deflect attention from the fact that McCain is too old, too rich, and out of touch with reality and doesn't understand the struggles most of us deal with every day due to the tough economic times. (McCain doesn't even know how many houses he owns..and then there's his ex-addict Stepford wife Cindy and her $300,000 convention wardrobe. Unbelievable!) If McCain gets elected it will be 4 more years of Republican rule, and I for one have had more than enough of Bush/McCain economics! More hard times is what we will get if McCain becomes president. To all of you who are so smitten with Palin but not so much with McCain...WISE UP and THINK what'll happen if you vote for McCain because of her. IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!


Great post Elmerson as you beat me to the punch. If I could I would add that unemployment is at 6.1 percent and W. has made the world a more dangerous place by alienating our alliances.

Mr.Studer: This is a typical tactic of republicans lie loud and often and keep repeating till some dumnazz believes it. Their whole convention was based on lies ,but what else can they talk about ,their record?

Funny how suddenly they became change agents,yet did not speak on one issue. AMAZING



You are not aware that you have been brainwashed by liberal media!

Go to the US Department of Labor's web site. They have excellent one!

Average the unemployment rate of the Clinton area and you will get an average of 5.6% then get an average of the last 8 years, 5.1%. Suprised?

Number of terrorist attacks durning Clinton era 5

1. January 1993: two CIA staff killed outside agency headquarters in Langley, Va.

2. February 1993: Six people killed at the World Trade Center.

3. March 1994: an Orthodox Jewish boy killed on the Brooklyn Bridge.

4. February 1997: a Danish tourist killed on the Empire State building.

5. October 1999: 217 passengers killed on an EgyptAir flight near New York City

Number of terrorist attacks durning the past 8 years.. 1 9/11.. Not one since 9/11? Suprised Again?

Get the picture? Question everything.. seek truth!

I do feel safer in a world that fears us. It is a cruel world.. Whimps get wedges.. The weak get trampled.


somehow I think that old Sarah is pretty adept to getting on her knees with her presidential kneepads, shes a sl*t just like her daughter, Levi Johnstone said.


Re Guess what the TV lies:

You made my point exactly that`s why I don`t watch much of the right -wing media. After all they are just as responsible as Bush for selling this war on terror.

I stated the unemploment rate is 6.1 while I am not an economist I do know that 6.1 is greater than 5.6.

You really aren`t serious with that bogus terrorist list are you? Cheney and Palin have shot more people hunting.


What do I think of Sarah Palin?

Answer: I don't.

Enough said.


Seriously I have read alot of ignorant posts but that may be near the top.

I am not a dittohead or aRNC sheep . Don`t insult me with such nonsence.


I would say YOU have been brainwashed by the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, etc., etc. You know... the liberal (???) media. What a nimrod!


I not dithead, I listen Obama. Obama for change. Change good. Vote Obama.


terrorists? who cares? what have YOu done to help or prevent? nothing expect blabb your big fat mouth with stupid TV craap. Bush knew and could do nothing.


Funny. Why is it that if Obama's 'my Muslim faith' comment was supposedly taken out of context that Stephanopoulos felt the need to immediately correct him? He obviously saw it as the mental slip-up it was and was helping him to recover.

Ya gotta love how Obama says one thing and then it takes his spokespeople and him numerous times to explain exactly what he meant.

Obama does a great act of the ol' shuck and jive. It's fun to watch him trip over his own mind.


so you DO endorse bad behavior including illegitimate children from sl-t moms and mongoloids are your penalty for NO early withdrawl?

Children who are taught PROPERLY at home do not wind up in stupid positions of tramp pregnancies in teen age years. a rebellion by a child who is ignored by a mother winds up with bashtard kids. it will be worse with the Mongoloid demanding even more attention from Christian sarah.
maybe bristol with have Mongoloid too so she can NOT have an abortion and have a SPECIAL child and be a tramp but still have it be OK since they "GOING TO" get married.
What happened to the fundamentalist churches harping about, "FIDELITY IN MARRIAGE AND CHASTITY IN SINGLENESS"???
Answer that you stupid idiot...or does that only apply to others???


Now Psycho Sarah Palin and her church are having a gathering to pray away Gay!
This proves that this woman is an evil, crazy btch psycho! If prayer worked, then she would not have a tard Mongoloid baby and a sl-t daughter.

To quote Theresa Petrillo, "She should get CANCER!"


The poster at10:46 is a typical republican he has to steal my username.

Funny just last week the RNC stole the theme of change.

But the best of all came today after Obama called for a troop pullout all summer,Bush announced he will bring home 8000 troops.

And they say Obama doesn`t have the vision or wisdom to lead.


I am not sure if any of the persons posting have a mind that can remember back to 2006 but at least try

At that time consumer confidence was good unemplyoment was at about 5.5%, gas was $2.18 per gallon, taxes were low, interest rates were good and inflation was very low.

Then the American people voted for change and elected a democratic controlled house and senate.

Are you happy with what it was in 2008 and what it has changed to today. You voted for change and got it.

Obama has him self advised that he will raise taxes and as you may realize that large companies do not pay taxes they just add the tax money to the cost of their service or product and then collect the money form the consumer then pass it along to the goverment.

A previous poster advised that his taxes were waaaaaaay up under Mr Bush and that is not a true statement. Also the statement about the 700 trillion tax defecit is also not a true statement.My health care cost has not doubled and neither has my deductible. Also I would appreciate a source for the information about the $300,000 dress as I feel sure that you would not say that unless you had verifible proof.


You incredible hufftard you. Do you think GW who receives battlefield assessments daily and is in direct contact with generals in the field would listen to an illinois community organizer? And announce a troup pullout because B. Hussein Obama said so. You have to be one of the left wing kooks barry has to appease. I personaly don't care what europe thinks of us, as long as they fear and respect us.


For all those people going to vote for B.Hussein Obama, go to youtube and watch libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi ,who is also a big supporter's ,speech.It will enlighten and delight all obama supporters


Reagan & Bush the elder were friends with Sadam H. Look at some of the photos in the eighties with Senior Bush shaking Sadam's hand. Deals were struck wern't they? People so quickly forget 10 or 20 years ago. Duh.


Is America better off than 4 years ago?



My family and I are better off than four yrs. ago and it has little if anything to do with who was, is or is not POTUS.

People who believe in individual responsibility tend to create their own lives in spite of stupid politicians trying to mess 'em up.

All the fascist Obama can offer is questionable hope, change and some kind of a belief in the future if you vote for him.

The guy's an empty suit.

Repubs or Dems - Same kool-aid, different flavors.


I didn't believe, nor do I particularly care if Obama is or is not a Muslim.

But, the guy keeps bringing it up the "˜fact' that he's a Christian. He helps gives the issue credence by denying he's a Muslim. SHUT UP ALREADY.

Now, with his "˜my Muslim faith' slip-up, he's got me wondering if there's a prayer rug laying somewhere around his house or if he's fasting for Ramadan.

Anyone lately see him take a drink of water during the day?


She is Karl Rove in a skirt. She should stay home and take care of her baby and the rest of her brood. Go to or and educate yourself.


Again................Just like in 2004, we have very little to choose from. I don't know how anyone can say they are not ready for a change. Our economy, locally and nationally is in shambles and McCain points, waves, and gives all his republican cronies thumbs up. What are his plans? If I can make 5 million by November and reach middle class, it may just swing my vote. I don't think I'll make it, since I've been unemployed most of this year, and that is running out. Figuring in the 13 week federal extension, I should be homeless by Christmas. Obama may not be the answer, but McCain isn't either. At his age and his battles with melanoma in the past, we'll be stuck with this "Barbie", Palin. Wish Hillary would have been nominated, or at least have her on the ticket with Obama. I fear that some nut will shoot Obama, and we'll be stuck with Biden. Hillary's got ba11s.


Got milk?


let's talk economics.
on the first day Bush was dealing with a recession from the clinton administration. within the first year 9/11 happened. yes, it happened on his watch, but it was planned long before that. signs of the plans were ignored by the clinton admin.
there was a higher growth in the economy and lower unemloyment in the bush admin., until about two years ago, when americans voted for change.
as far as jobs going overseas. it was clinton that signed NAFTA.

as far as obamas tax plan. he wants to play Robin Hood. he'll take from the rich and give it to the poor. so, guess what if you work for living and pay your taxes you'll get nothing. don't let the speeches fool you.
so, who is the rich, aside hollywood. it's the business owners, the ones we work for. with them having to pay more, they will not be able to create more jobs, they will have to cut.
i've seen what the minimum wage has done to my place of work. hours were cut, and jobs were taking away.


What is McCain's religion? Notice he doesn't like to talk about it?

And the Barracuda? Raise Pentecostal but says she worships now at the Church on the Rock whatever that is.

Biden is Roman Catholic.

Obama is Christian.

My greatX5 grandfather founded a Protestant congregation that still has 5,000 members nationwide.

Religion is changeable - I've been in at least 4 and my family represents all from Jew to Pentecostal.

Faith is the issue. And when I listen, I have no doubt Obama and Biden have deep-seated faith.

McCain...I haven't seen it.
Palin...never had faith.

If you don't know the difference between faith and religion...then it's obvious you only have religion and are sadly incapable of obeying Christ's only command "that you love one another as I have loved you".

God bless you.