It's a topsy-turvy world

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Think the Republican selection of Sarah Palin hasn't shaken up the political world?

See if you can guess who wrote this column saying that an ambitious woman politician with family issues ought to stay home and take care of the kids:

"The usual assortment of pundits, mostly male, are tap-dancing around the pregnancy, insisting the real issue is one of candidate vetting, not parental responsibility. That's good for what's left of this poor girl's privacy, but this skittish chit-chat doesn't come close to reflecting the millions of conversations among regular Americans.

"I had not written a word about Palin when I signed onto my computer Monday, but my in-boxes were brimming with e-mail and voice messages from women who were outraged that Palin decided to run for such a high-profile office when she had to know it would bring unbearable scrutiny onto her daughter. If Palin didn't expect this, she's even less experienced than her resume suggests."

Did you guess who's standing up for "regular Americans," the ones who think women politicians should stay home and take care of the kids? It's Connie Schultz, the prominent Plain Dealer columnist and Hillary Clinton supporter. The rest of her column is here; PD columnist Regina Brett's rebuttal is here.

OK, try again. Name the outspoken feminist who can be heard here defending the right of women with families to seek public office:

"How dare they question whether Sarah Palin has enough time to spend with her children and be vice president. How dare they do that. When do they ever ask a man that question? When?"

Give up? It's Rudy Giuliani, the Republican former mayor of New York City and a prominent spokesman for the concerns of working women, at least this week. (Text of his speech before the GOP convention is here.)

It's an interesting week when Rudy Giuliani sounds like a better feminist than Connie Schultz. Do you think it has something to do with Nov. 4 drawing near, and both sides being desperate to win?



should know about women he's been around and with enough of them!!!!!


You would think any parent, mother or dad, would hesitate to put their family under the scrutiny of a national candidacy under the circumstances of Governor Palin.

I doubt dragging the daughter and her boyfriend onto the national stage is real helpful to them.


To Ruby & reader, sound like far right wing wackos, scared of a quailified women like Gov. Palin.


Ummm, actually, no, I consider myself a very compassionate liberal.

Do you honestly think the politcal ambitions of Governor Palin trump the needs of her family ?


Yes, a women can be both a leader and mother, Gov. Palin should be the role model for all young girls.


Rudy Guiliani...who moved his mistress into Gracie Mansion down the hall from his children and estranged wife...yeah, that opinion means a lot.

What leniency did the media or GOoP give Geraldine Ferraro - or her family - in 1984?

What measure did the media or GOoP give Thomas Eagleton in 1972?

What fairness did the media or GOoP show the family of Michael Dukakis in 1988, focusing on his wife's addiction treatment (but they never mentioned Betty Ford's until she did). Barbara Bush even called Kitty "that woman who is - well, it rhymes with witch".

No answer yet...why hasn't Sarah Palin performed the marriage for her daughter then giver her the big wedding later? We know unwed mothers can still wear white. But if she's married, the talk stops.

Well, there still is the whole teen pregancy epidemic....


Well, ERieman, should Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol be a model for all young women too?

Babies born to babies generally are underweight, take longer to thrive, face greater growth challenges.

Bristol has dropped out of school. Her baby's father is a senior with no plans for college. What kind of life will they have?

Is that what you want for your daughter?

Then you're a 'fine example' too.


To Elmerson. How has the left wing media treated all Republicans. You must really be scared of Gov. Palin to attack her family. Lets talk about Obama and how he purchased his house (multi-million) with the help of a Chicago mobster. Rev. Wright who was his pastor until it was time to throw him overboard for poltical reasons.
Get over it, your only real problem with Gov. Palin is her poltical party. At least she has a real marriage unlike Hillary! Hillay stayed with her cheating husband only because she could not succeeed without him. Gov. Palin has done it on her own merit.


Elmerson, by the way my wife is a professional working mom, we raised a daughter and son, both professionals.
Why so bitter and a need to attack families, take a chill pill>


And who was so eager to get under the covers with Obrahma (because he's a lotta BULL) after emphatically denouncing his lack executive experience and looking at him with incredible disdain as if he were just some young punk off the street?

I believe his exact words were "the White House is no place for on-the-job training" It was ahh ahh ahh oh yeah the Democratic VP choice Obiden.

Come is all politics as usual. The trick is seeing past the glitz and glam and uncovering the real motives and past voting records. Other than that it's all (like Matt Westerhold) a big smelly bag of wind!


Palin makes me very nervous because it frightens me to think she could conceivably be a heartbeat away from the presidency. She may be doing a competant job as governor of Alaska and also taking care (?) of her family, but there is so much about her that we don't know, and she is already being shown to be a liar...such as saying she didn't support Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska and his "Bridge to Nowhere" when she really DID, and claiming that she sold her private jet (that Alaska provided for her as governor) for a profit on e-bay. She also has ties to an extremist group that wants to secede Alaska from the United States. I think the press will be finding many more skeletons in the Palin closet, whether or not the Republicans allow her to speak to the press or be interviewed, which they are NOT allowing her to do right now. McCain made a ridiculous choice. I find it hard to believe that this woman is the best he could find in his party to be his running mate. I question his ability to be president if this is the kind of sloppy, ill-conceived, snap decisions he makes. And as for Palin's family issues, I think it is ridiculous that Palin complains how the media focused on her pregnant daughter when she should have known that her daughter would be subjected to intense media attention when news of her pregnancy was announced. This media attention was mainly due to the "family values" and conservative beliefs that Palin and the Republicans supposedly stand for. It is ironic that Palin, who advocates sexual abstinence for teens and is against sex education in the schools, has a daughter who has defied the very ideals that her mother feels everyone should live by. Palin eveidently can't even be a leader worth listening to in her own home! And if Palin is feeling sorry for herself and her family after only 6 days of intense media scrutiny, she should realize Barack Obama has had 19 months of it! If Palin wants to be treated no differently because she is a woman, than this is what she's going to get! Palin doesn't mind exploiting her family and even trotting out the teenage father of her daughter's baby to put on a good political show at the Republican convention. What a hypocrite. Well, the media is no longer focusing on her daughter, but you can bet they will find out some truths about Palin's past and the lies she has told. The Republicans are obviously too scared to even let her be interviewed right now, but that will only make the press work harder to get the real facts about Palin. I think it will be shown that she isn't really as wonderful as so many think she is.

Common Sense

In partial response to ED:

I believe thqt you may have missed the "tongue-in-cheek" humor Ms. Pallin was displaying with the eBay remark. As for scrutiny of her daughter's condition, I am firmly of the opinion that one should not judge lest ye be judged.

As for her daughter's decision to ignore her FAMILY's values, she is not the first, nor will she be the last.

Finally, it will be interesting to see all of the candidates in q & a as well as debate sessions. Oh wait......the democrat's main portion of the ticket is not willing to participate in town hall meetings. Why the fear? Is it because it looks to much like a battlefield with fire from all sides?


Free-thinkers are those who are able to separate the wheat from the chaff and make an informed decision. Those who cannot differentiate fact from fiction or reality from fantasy become playful tools for those with ill-conceived motives.

Zealots are most often completely blind to the truth and are willingly lead to slaughter. Although zealots have a sincere concern for the psuedo-objective they immerse themselves "way over their heads" emotionally. At this point they are putty in the hands of the craftsman.

History has shown that even the survivors of battle will continue to support a cause that is ill-conceived or lost. More often than not zealots are sacrificed for the cause (ex: suicide bombers). The objective is typically for a few to gain power, wealth or position.

Your comments are indicate you have been sold on the "cause" and can not maintain objectivity. The information you have provided is right out of the Poli-Sci text books and lacks objectivity and substance.

If you do not attempt to inform yourself with information containing facts and vital statistics, you will sacrifice your vote and thus your voice in Government affairs. Being lead without being informed is tandamount to sacrificing your future with prejudice.

Face reality and do your homework and think for yourself. Your vote is much too valueable to hand over to a moniker.


Blogs...what a great venue to vent, discuss, debate or stump your position!

Unfortunately, anarchists have taken over and have reduced the level of healthy debate to "name-calling and finger pointing". Their objective is not to resolve issues or compare differences but to keep the chaos alive.

I find myself joining in the bashing for the sake of bashing. It is like a free for all with the only objective being "one-ups-man-ship".

The SR should create a secure blog for those who are willing to sacrifice their anonymity for the sake of lively debate.

Tom see what you can do. Your managers may see this as a violation of free speech for the sake of exclusivity, but not all of us are anarchists.


Ok, I agree with the reply to EC that each of us are responsible to do some ACTUAL fact checking on our own instead of just listening to the media and actors and talking points from each party.

When you actually look into Obama you find a self-serving candidate with very little actual experience in running anything. I base this on his over 130 FACT CHECKED votes of PRESENT where he did not vote yes or no but took the easy way out.

I don't think that our next president will be given that luxury to not make a decision. And I am not talking about the decision that is made after 3-4 days and finally getting it right. A clear indication of his "leadership" abilities was when the Georgian invasion was started by Russia and McCain immediately came out and issued a statement that said "We are all Georgians" and slammed the Russians for their actions. McCain never waivered or backed down from his initial statement. Obama's first instinct was to put the blame on each country and then a day later, after huddling with his 300 foreign policy experts, he revised his position to say that the UN should take up the matter in their security council. Well anyone with any intelligence should know that Russia has a VETO vote in the UN Security Council so that would be a useless, pointless, waste of time while they still invade plus don't forget that those 300 supposedly foreign policy experts should have known that so I guess that is what we are going to have in his cabinet. The next and last position he finally took 3-4 days later was to take the EXACT same position that McCain did.

Now, before you call me a McCain supporter, I am an independent, I just took a very small example and clarified it for some of the bloggers here. I beseech each and every registered voter to FACT CHECK the things they get force feed through the media and email, etc. Especially when it pertains to Palin as I find her refreshing and after FACT CHECKING the items that have been thrown against her, find that nothing sticks.

As for a few bloggers that are attacking her here on her 17 year old not listening, wow, there is a news flash and apparently they are the perfect parent since their child (if they have any) must have never talked back or disappointed them ever in their upbringing. And as for the other blogger that said that babies having babies...come on she is 17 and will be 18 when she has the child. Where is your outrage to the polygamist that are getting the 13 and 14 year olds pregnant.

As to David Letterman asking a guest why she never had the "talk" to her daughter about contraceptives. How rude and liberal of him to impose his views on Palin's family. Apparently he and the media missed that she is Pro-Life and thus would NOT give that type of talk to her daughter since she practices what she preaches......jeez i could go on and on but to no avail since the media is going to annoint who they want and it is 99% of the time a liberal democrat and that my friends will not change in our lifetime.....


To Anarchy is alive and well:

Your point is well taken. However, it's more like a mobocracy.

Anarchy is a legitimate, but largely untenable political system.

Merely registering one user name per poster would IMO cut out a lot of the bloviating nonsense.


I am not judging Palin's daughter. Her situation is certainly NOT unusual. I am judging Palin and her hypocrisy in acting like she is being unfairly picked on by the media, but then going right ahead and exploiting her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend for political gain. I believe the reason her family was so intensely scrutinized, whether fairly or unfairly, was because of Palin's conservative beliefs being at oods with her actual family issues AND by the fact that she was virtually UNKNOWN by most until last week. I think EVERYONE should be concerned with her selection by McCain until more is known about Palin. Also,I do my OWN research to make my voting decisions, but I also read the news magazines (Newsweek, Time, US News) and watch political coverage on television. Can any of you truly deny that your OWN political beliefs and choices aren't influenced in some manner by the media?! I'm sure most of us don't just "research" a candidate on our own and NEVER pay any attention to what is in the papers and on television!
Being a concerned citizen is NOT being a zealot, which is what some of you anti-Obama people seem to be!


There is no hypocrisy in Palin. First off she never complained about being unfairly picked on, that was left up to thinking americans to do who came to her defense. Secondly, I don't see how you jump to the conclusion that she is "exploiting" her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend for political gain? Those are non sequiturs in my book.

Thirdly, yes, I do believe that it is unfair for her family to be so scrutinized cause you just don't see that in any other candidate and you certainly don't see it in Obama and why is that it is because of the news magazines that you named, Time, Newsweek and US News, failure to objectively cover the news and not give it the liberal slant that their owners require them too.

Fourthly, she is unknown to us but not to Alaska politics and has over an 80% approval rating which is 70+% over the approval rating that Obama and McCain both have in that they are both members of the "DO-Nothing Democratic controlled Congress". So if a State in this Union thinks highly of her like that I think that she deserves a chance to be FAIRLY introduced to the rest of us fly over states before ganging up on her with wild accusations.

Fifthly, I do agree with you that the vast majority do not research candidates or for that matter anything before making a decision and that is why we have non-stop political ads because it is proven time and again that that is where most of the bang for the buck is going to pull in votes.

Lastly, I would be cautious about calling anti-Obama citizens Zealots because those people are not following someone on blind faith alone and "fainting" at what he says. I do believe that is the true definition of a zealot......


I should also add that although you consider Palin an unknown quantity, where is the same question for Obama???

Here we are 19 months into his announcement for presidency and no really hard questions have been posed to him. Like his associations, record in the Illinois Senate, and the fact that he is listed as the #1 Liberal in the Senate and picks the #3 listed Liberal as his running mate.

Lets not forget that Obama is at the top of his ticket and thus the burden rests squarely on his shoulder and picks a DC insider, who by the way said that Obama should not be allowed to learn on the job when they were running against each other, but is running on a platform of change and fresh ideas.

So, there you go, you can't have it both ways, but once again he will not be called on it by the media cause they will overlook the "small" matters that you and I would consider relevant if it does not forward their candidate errr opps I mean agenda....


She may not be exploiting, but she's certainly pandering them about, along with her son's and some of her flip-flopped views and successes. It's hard to take her seriously when you see her actual successes. She brags about bringing oil from Alaska through Canada to the US, and goes on to throw out figures on the costs, and makes it seem in progress. Well, it's not, won't even begin for another 4-5 years, and her figures were off by the tens of millions in her RNC speech. Crazy. She stood strongly behind the Bridge to Nowhere, then bailed, got the money (70 some million, iirc) from the govt. and ran (oh right, it's OK because she just gave it away as checks to the citizens of the state), not considering anyone involved in it. Can't wait til she starts banning books and force feeding our children Intelligent Design.

Have you seen Wasilla, the town she helped so much? Here's a link. It's pretty much Perkins... a strip mall waste land.


Wow, where to start. First off, you mixed up a few of the democratic talking points and combined a few others.

I don't see her pandering at all! What a low blow to say that she is using her Downs Syndrome baby as political ppostering. You should be ashamed. Unless your talking about the son that is in the service and went to Iraq, which again is not pandering but statig the truth. I guess if she didn't have one of her son's in the service she would be hounded for supporting the war and not sending her own sons to fight in it!

At least she has successes and that is a liberal point of view to say that the "money" coming in won't be for 4=5 yeatrs. At least she is doing something that will bring in revenue to her state and not voting "PRESENT" on important issues. If congress would have "DONE SOMETHING" about drilling or refineries or nuclear plants 4-5 years ago we would be alot better off energy wise right now so she isn't putting off til tomorrow what can be done right now!!!

The tax rebate she gave to her citizens of the state of Alaska was not "earmark" money but the profits the state received from the pipeline deal so get your facts straight. Only Liberals ban books and try to force the "Fairness Doctrine" down other Americans throats because they know that real americans don't stand for what they stand for so they want "fairness" but won't listen to the otherside point of view if it is not their own.

Whatever you believe, Wasilla is an American town and should not be degraded by anyone cause real american people live and die and work there so what makes your town better than theirs???

Have you run for office, have you made tough decisions as a mayor or governor. Come on give her the respect you so freely give Obama.....


Republicans, get over yourselves. I am sick and tired of this "liberal media" crap you are always whining about. Is it because you fear what they might expose about your candidates? Barack Obama has been under microscopic scrutiny and has also been critiqued and criticized many times by that same media for over 19 months now.It seems like no one can say ANYTHING negative about a Republican without them claiming a liberal bias on the part of the media, but yet I have heard many commentators expounding excitedly about Sarah Palin this week. I can still recall the hands-off approach the press took with Geo.W.Bush after 9/11 as he led us into war, when saying anything against Bush was seen as being un-patriotic. I watched both the Democratic AND Republican conventions for the past 2 weeks, and the media reported with both positive and negative comments on the candidates from BOTH parties. You can find both praise and/or criticism of BOTH candidates in newspaper columns and national news magazines. You can watch the Fox News Channel for an obvious conservative slant or MSNBC for a more liberal one,or the 3 networks for a more balanced view. You can listen to anything from Rush Limbaugh to Air America. The airwaves and print media are alive with differing ideas and opinions, so please, Republicans,stop with the whining! Every American who does NOT agree with YOUR philosophy is NOT misguided or ungodly or unpatriotic. We simply have a different idea or opinion than you.


Let's not forget the plane that Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain said was sold on Ebay and McCain added "for a profit". Neither statement is true. The plane was not sold on Ebay and it was not sold at a profit.

Palin tries new tactic to unload hated jet: Gov. Sarah Palin |

The state has tried selling its unwanted jet online four times and failed. So last week, the Palin administration signed a contract with an Anchorage aircraft broker who thinks he can succeed where eBay couldn't The eBay thing didn't work out very well, said Dan Spencer, director of administrative services for the Department of Public Safety. He's the person charged with trying to get rid of the infamous Westwind II.

Palin bridge to nowhere line angers many Alaskans | Reuters

It garnered big applause in her first speech as Republican John McCain's vice presidential pick, but Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's assertion that she rejected Congressional funds for the so-called "bridge to nowhere" has upset many Alaskans.


IMO - As I stated I am independent and was pointing out the (FACT checked) independent polls that the media is in fact liberal/democratic biased. INDEPENDENT polls show that there are over 80% of the reporters, writers, editors, owners, etc of ALL media outlets that associate themselves with the Democrats and/or Liberal point of view. So of course, their slant is going to be that way in all of their reporting.

Information is a GOOD thing and each and every candidate should be looked into. No fear of exposing something that should be exposed but where I draw the line is the unfairness that is shown in almost all of the media outlets, and yes even the 3 network ones that you think are not slanted liberal.

And to be fair just because you can list that he has been in the media for 19 months does not mean that Obama has been truly "exposed" to use your words. For example where is the expose' on his roots in the Public Alliance which is a front for Marxism ideas and gives govt funded money to the "graduates" of this organization monthly so that they can attend "education" camps and go out and immerse themselves in our govt offices to forward their marxist ideas. Right now that whole organization is under federal review and the higher ups are being brought up on federal laundering charges for helping Obama funnel money illegally to political organizers and back to his campaign. But I digress.

MSNBC and CNN were gushing with enthusiasm over Obama and "homerun" "out of the park" by their commentators, etc. ad nausem. But were professional and reserved during the Republican convention.

Fox news is a conservative point of view I will concede but one thing that should not be overlooked whether you are intentionally doing it or not is that CONSERVATIVE DOES NOT EQUAL REPUBLICAN. I am a conservative independent with conservative ideas. So that does not make me automatically a Republican. Something that gets lumped together. So Fox News is conservative but at least they put the other side on and their points of view and let the viewer decided. What I see on the other channels is pretty much the same point of view across the board. Except for Glen Beck on CNN it is pretty much a waste of programming.

I think we have the same argument when you say that every American doesn't have to agree with our point of view except that with our different opinion or ideas we get shouted down by "PEACE ACTIVISTS" or they throw paint or pies at conservative talkers because although they say they are liberal and want ALL to get along they don't practice what they preach.

As for conservative talk shows, Rush, Glen, Hannity, they are the top 3 in the nation for a reason. Conservatives are in the majority and listen to a good thing. However, the same can't be said for the leftist, liberal shows cause they can't get enough support for their anti this and that that they are spewing and the few that listen can't give them the numbers to keep them on the air so they fold quicker than a lawn chair. Except that they get govt support and funding to keep them going like PBS and other avenues. So we can expect the "Fairness Doctrine" to go into full effect if liberals ever get control of the White House.


Oh yeah and another FACT check on something that Obama likes to throw around, that McCain likes to vote with Bush (ie. Republican party) 90% of the time. Well, come on what party politician doesn't vote the majority of the time with their party.....

Well it seems that Obama forgot to tell the American people that his record is voting 96% of the time with the Democratic Party.

So I believe this is a non-argument....what we learned is that both Republicans and Democrats vote with their respective parties....I bet that somewhere a government funded research was done at a cost of about a million dollars + was done to find this out......


for 19 months. That does NOT add up to experience. He has been lead by top Dem speech writers and those in the know but that does NOT add up to ability.

Personally, I consider a MILLIONAIRE to be WEALTHY. He IS a MILLIONAIRE. Why hasn't he offered or given his excess worth to the community or his church. His ACTIONS are void of committment to those less fortunate.

He is all talk folks..he knows all the right BUZZ WORDS but is void no substance and action. Look at his Voting record.....oops thats right he doesn't have one! He registered "Present" or "NO (i don't care to) VOTE".

What about US Obama? What about US??


Sen. Obama is a product of the Chicago-Cook Co. Democratic political machine.

He had no opposition in his election to the IL State Senate, and had only token opposition in his election to the vacant IL Senate seat.

This is the first real election in which he has some significant opposition.


We can all relax, Gov. Strickland and Lt. Gov. Fisher write that everything in Ohio is fine:


Obama supporters are beginning to see the light. They are finally realizing that BHO was "given" both the previous election wins.
HE is the minority pawn of the Democratic Party's attempt to gain full control of all three branches of gov't. The DNC fought Hillary tooth and nail to down play her campaign to give Obama a monumental win all for the purpose of getting a minority nominated.
The DNC knows the mainstream will likely vote party line and thus the real change voters will come in the form of women and minorities. By pitting BHO and HRC against one another they were sure to draw a huge turnout of "new" voters.

Sarah Palin's windfall of women voters is absolute proof there is a resurgence of female voters demanding to be heard and seen. These new voters are following and supporting the success of one of their own. She is a proven commodity and she's the real deal!

If BHO had selected HRC Palins selection would be moot. Hillary is seen by most as being successful and forward thinking. She had command of the Democratic vote but most of the Dem men feared her. ESPECIALLY those currently in gov't power.

HRC paved the way for a successful female candidate. At this point party is not as important as substance.