My Chinese restaurant picks

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


I'm not a professional food critic, but I eat too much and I've been a fanatic about Chinese restaurants for longer than most of our young reporters have been alive. What other qualifications do you want?

I've been reading a fascinating book called "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles" by Jennifer 8. Lee. It's everything you wanted to know about Chinese restaurants, and more. Did you know that fortune cookies are American, not Chinese, and that they probably were invented by people of Japanese heritage in California? (They were imported into China a few years ago as "genuine American fortune cookies.") Would you have guessed that General Tso really was a famous general, but that no one in China knows what "General Tso's chicken" is?

One of the points Lee makes is that nearly everyone has a "go-to" Chinese restaurant (she names President Bush's favorite).

My favorite Asian restaurant in Sandusky actually isn't Chinese; it's Jo Wok (aka OK Wok) a small Thai place at 709 W. Perkins. (It does have Chinese food on the menu, too.) If you haven't tried Thai food before and you don't feel brave, try T2, the cashew chicken. You can't go wrong with it.

For Chinese food in Sandusky, I like Ming's Garden, 3317 Milan Road, although for a combination of speedy service, value and good food, it's hard to beat Home Village (1012 Cleveland Road.) Both are quite decent American Chinese restaurants.

My favorite Chinese restaurant in Cleveland is the Bo Loong, 3922 St. Clair in Cleveland (convenient to downtown Cleveland, if you are there for a concert or sports event.) The huge menu has many items you won't find listed in ordinary Chinese restaurants, and you'll usually see many Asian people dining there (always a good sign in a Chinese eatery.) I like the salt-baked shrimp. You'll see little black eyes on each shrimp, but if you follow the waiter's advice and bite the head off, you'll get a wonderful burst of flavor.




Home Village? Seriously? You must own a stake in the place because nobody in their right mind could consider them decent let alone one of the best. We had the worst food there that we have ever gotten at ANY Chinese restaurant. Are those the only places you have tried? China King and the buffet by Walmart are by far the best in town.


We LOVE Home Village and have been going there for probably 18 years. They are wonderful owners and treat us just like family when we come in through those doors. The service is always phenominal and the food is terrific!


My favorite by far is Andy's China Dragon at 3306 Milan Road. Andy and his wife Florence are wonderful owners. Their small portions are actually very large servings and are not cooked ahead of time and left to sit out like at many other places. The fish tank is fascinating to look at while you wait for carry out and they have dine-in, drive through and home delivery as well. I encourage you to try them out and if you leave them a tip they will even sing for you.


Andy's is pretty good but everything there seems to taste the same. I don't know what spice it is they use, but it seems to be in everything. It's not a bad tatse but it does overpower so you don't get a lot of taste variety. Their soup is darn good though


It's not chinese, but it's oriental (Thai food) - Siam Orchid inside Grahms Hotel on Cleveland Road. It's about a 1/4 mile past TGI Fridays. They have the BEST Pad Thai! It is to die for!!! I'm going there tomorrow for super.


This article is terrible.


The Invention in Milan is now billing itself as a Democratese restaurant.

What kind of food is that?


We like Rain Bow in Huron. It's primarily carry out (although it does have a few tables)but it's fast and really good!


I agree, Rainbow in Huron is the best and it is very clean. Never had a bad meal from there.