BLOG: Another black eye for the press

Tom Jackson
Mar 15, 2012


As if journalists didn't get enough bad publicity, here's breaking news from Germany: A TV news cameraman has accidentally killed one of the country's rising stars, a celebrity bunny.

USA Today reports that an unidentified TV cameraman who was supposed to be filming the bunny stepped on him, killing him instantly. The bunny, born without ears, "seemed destined to become Germany's newest celebrity animal sensation."

And you think you're having a bad day? How would you like to be that TV cameraman?  It must have been awkward when he returned to the studio and the general manager said, "Hey, let's have a look at the bunny footage."

"Til's body will now be frozen while zoo officials decide whether to have him stuffed," USA Today reports.




Poor, poor bunny!  That camerman is not getting an Easter Basket ever again!


University  of California estimates that within 5 years,  paper newspapers will go out of business except Wall Street Journal and USA today, Maybe Washington Post. Too many other ways to get the news instantly. Newspapers have been on the decline in readership and advertising for a long time.

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Sandusky Regist...

Well Tom it is good to know that things are so slow in Sandusky that this caught you eye.