Hillary coming to visit

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton will be campaigning in nearby Elyria on Sunday.

Specifically, she'll be at Lorain County Community College, 1005 N. Abbe Road, in Elyria. The Obama campaign hasn't given a time, but says the "doors open" at 11:30 a.m. Details here, where you can RSVP (it's not necessary but is "strongly encouraged," and space is first-come, first serve.) For security reasons, the campaign says you can't bring bags, signs or banners.

Also on the political front, Friday's Register has two well-written letters to the editor, one in favor for McCain and one for Obama. I can't link to them, so you'll just have to get out your authentic printed-on-paper edition and turn to page 4A. Of the two, I would say the letter from Bo Temniuk is witty, while the one from Keith Prindle is heartfelt and persuasive. In a year featuring particularly dirty and dispiriting campaigns, you have to take your political pleasures where you can.


Anonymous (not ...

Send the lying carpetbagger back to New York, Arkansas, or Illinois or whatever section of Hell from which she emanated.


The impact of Hillary supporting OBlahBlah, the more her absence on the ticket reminds woman voters to turn out for Palin.


Palin is an extreme right-wing, wolf-killing lunatic.

Hillary needs to take her down.


What a sexist statement. I'd like to think women will be voting based on the issues not the fact that there's a hockey mom running for VICE President.


Hillary will remind Ohioans of the key elements of a truly independent reforming woman as compared to the First Dude's Wife (are we voting on a co-vice presidency?).

Hillary willl not send women to McCain. She will remind us of those things for which we stand - equal pay for equal work, the right to choose in ALL aspects of our daily lives, the sanctity of marriage vows,the true reforms in health care. She will remind us, in the midst of bank failures and mortgage foreclosures, of the healthy economy we had between Bushes I and II that will continue under Bush III and Todd's Wife.

Todd's Wife would take us to war with Russia, would end negotiations between Israel and others, agrees with what Obama (NOT McCain) has been saying for 18 months that we need to send more troops into Afghanistan - and yes, she DID say parents should have the right to disregard textbooks they feel to be unfit in the public schools.


One last thought.

While John McCain was the first to use 'lipstick on a pig' in regard to a Hillary policy, let's please remember and don't ever forget that Todd's Wife was the firt and ONLY person to compare women to a female (can't use the b****h term here) murderous flesh-eating dog.


If ya wanna compare the two, unlike Clinton, Palin is self-made.

Clinton would undoubtedly not be anywhere near as 'successful' politically as she is today without hubby.

In AR, Clinton brought in the 'real' bucks working for the law firm.

She coulda made a fine living as an attorney, but no, she had to keep strayin' hubby.

No role model for successful independent women there.


Has Hillary ever explained how her very, very close friend Vince Foster committed "suicide" with his blood running up hill? How does an independent women stay with a cheating husband, answer for POWER! Hillary is the anti-role model for women and young people.


In Washington, the Clintons were frustrated because they couldn't twist arms and fix things like they could in AR. Their clique wasn't called the Arkansas Mafia because they played nice.

Bill was given the name 'Slick Willie' while he was in AR.

Poor Vince was just over his head.

Convicted and jailed Asst. AG Webster Hubbell (A Clinton appointed AR Supreme Ct. Justice) paid for many of the sins of the Clintons.

The suckers believe Clinton was the greatest POTUS because he practiced the 'permanent campaign.' Remember? The guy came on TV almost every night to tell ya what a great job he was doing. It was advertising, not real results.

Clinton would find out which way the parade was headed and then he'd jump in front of it and pretend like he had been directing it.

If elected, Obama's gonna be Carter's second term, not Clinton's third.

If the Dems wanted a Clinton third term, then they shoulda nominated Hillary. But they didn't, did they?


Everyone say's healthy economy with clinton yrs. Doesn't anyone remember.. Late 99' thru early 2000 was when gas and diesel doubled, ( $ 1 to $ 2 ), tech stock boom busted, repo semi's, cars and trks filled lot's galore, 2000 was the highest bankrupties, shall i go on.. The bubble busted then, I thank the republican's for keeping the breakdown of our public/citizen irresponsible- economy, to a slow shutdown. It gave the self-employed's and one's living above means. Time to rethink, regroup, replan. The get straight and all now is OK. It required cut's and not so much useless spending ( which equals economy slowdown ) But thats rite i have in the past few yrs moved to a dem-state. Where welfare flourishes, and the poor me's, someone owe's me, people live. You should have thought, and yes the yrs of the bust was the Clinton's.. spend spend spend credit credit credit.. Oh poor Me... boo who


How come when the Dems tells us how great the country was in the 90s also forget to remind us that we also had a Repub Congress?

If the Dems wanted another round of Clinton, then they shoulda nominated Hillary instead of the empty suit.

The reason the Repubs lost Congress is that they started to act and spend like Dems.

If the Dems shore up their control of Congress in Nov., they'll show ya how Dems REALLY spend.

If Obama wins with a Dem Congress, the spending is gonna look like FDR or LBJ. Hello new expensive social health and welfare programs!!!

Prosperity through spending! Works for the avg. debt ridden and soon to be bankrupt consumer doesn't it?

Come on Hillary, tell us all how to become serfs to the State.


Where to begin?
A presidency like FDR or LBJ?

A president who has the audicity to create programs to make America stronger? Which do you oppose: Social Security (I'll bet you won't refuse your check); Unemployment (I'll bet you used it when needed; Welfare (read the Preamble to the Constitution)?

LBJ...so you oppose Civil Rights? You don't think ALL Americans have a right to vote, to attend public schools in their neighborhoods?

Self-employeds: most I know jump into the business world without properly financing themselves and making sure they can afford to go two years at a deficit before they even break even. They don't buy insurance, claiming they can't afford it, then recoil when a candidate says we need to find a way to make insurance available to everyone. Then, when they have a medical emergency, they go to the emergency room and apply for free/reduced care that the rest of us pay for.

You mention the 'tanking' in 2000...let's remember who had been controlling Congress since 1994 and by 2000 had a veto-proof majority that was passing big-business tax cuts...

Hillary not a role model? Let's see, she was successful attorney, successful mom (no pregnant teen here), a loyal wife who took seriously her vows, a stong voice in the Senate, and a worthy campaigner whose only mistake was listening to the media who predicted she was a shoo-in.

Two months ago there were five major investment banks in the U.S. Last week there were four. This week there are two.... and now WE own two and a third is bankrupt. And then there are Freddi and Fannie....

Keep sleazin'!

Where IS the honor CAPTAIN McCain?