BLOG: Must-see 'I Am a Cat' video

Tom Jackson
Mar 9, 2012


If you can resist this video of a young artist and her love for cats — filmed in Oberlin and in Cleveland — you are made of sterner stuff than I am.

The woman in the video, Kaori Mitsushima, is also the star of a new movie that is being filmed in various Ohio locations, including Edison Woods. More at the movie company's Web site.


I Am a Cat from Art+Practice on Vimeo.



Cats,  what beautiful creatures, I agree  (:


They ARE beautiful creatures.  The truth is PEOPLE are the ones who are cruel, lame, hypocritical, disgraceful and squalid when they take two cats in as pets then abandon them at the Humane Society to have them KILLED!  It is egregious when someone decides to EXECUTE two little cats because they are suddenly an inconvenience, no longer wanted or no longer loved.  You know, the liberal, loser adage of "Out of sight, out of mine?"  Ha! Ha!  

Kottage Kat

Cats, or Kats are gentle and mine have a calming influence on me when they are not knocking things over. The comments recently on being responsible dog owners, the same applies to cats. Unfortunatly they get the "cute" little kitten which grows up to be a cat, the disposable item. My "boys" are sitting here with me watching the birds.

Pet ownership in any form requires commitment, and patience. Be responsible, spay and neuter, de-claw if necessaery to salvage the furniture. Pets can be a joy if you let them, and want to take the time necessary to let them be.

Please do not tell me cats cannot be trained, I have 2 that wil sit on command, of course cats do not have owners they have staff, and mine graciously allow me to live in "their" house and pay the bills and purchase their food, need to train them to M T the little box and all will be bliss. I am sure they have me far more trained than I ever could train them.

Blessings to all pet owners, you are a special breed.        Kat



Ever tried to train your boys to use the people toilet? I've heard more than once that it's not that hard to do, especially since cats are usually so fastidious about themselves by nature. Fire up a search engine (preferably not the privacy-invasive Google) and look for "toilet train cat." There's all sorts of good advice and even step by step instructions.

I'd love to train mine to use the people toilet. Unfortunately, with more than two cats in the house, I'm not sure I could afford the water bill if I did. :-)



They sell kits at Petco to toilet train your cat.