BLOG: Get your free music at the library

Tom Jackson
Feb 27, 2012


Freegal, a music service offered by Sandusky Library that provides three free MP3 songs a week to all library card holders, has always been a nice deal.

But I noticed when I used it again last week that it's improved. The site's previously miserable search function has noticeably improved.

Searching for all of the albums by a particular artist used to involve a lot of clicking around on the mouse. Now, it's easy to get the site to display all of the performer's albums.

Three songs a week obviously is a limitation, but I've learned that if I remember to log on every week, I can accumulate an album.

Freegal's selection is limited to Sony Music's catalog, so it doesn't have everything. Still, Sony has absorbed many record labels and there's a lot there, including the Adele album that won all of the Grammys.

To access the site, go to the Sandusky Library's home page and look for the Freegal logo. Click it and enter your library card number. That's about it. Your three downloads refresh every Monday.



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Sandusky Regist...

This is great news to me. I always knew you could check out cd's and such but to download is cool!  Now I'm going to use this service.  Thank you Tom Jackson.