Yes, that's me with the Obama sign

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Many people already believe that every newspaper reporter in America is "in the tank" for Obama. I guess it wouldn't help if anyone saw me carrying a big Obama/Biden yard sign out of the local Democratic headquarters Wednesday.

I can explain. My wife, the Democrat, asked me if I could drop by and pick up a yard sign and a bumper sticker, since I work only a short distance from the Obama headquarters.

That put me a little bit on the spot -- after all, reporters aren't supposed to be seen as taking sides -- but I decided to make her happy.

Note to my Republican friends: When my wife passed on her old car for me to drive, the first thing I did was peel off the old John Kerry bumper sticker. Yeah, it felt good. (This should not be seen as a partisan comment. I just don't like John Kerry.)

Hey, I'm more objective than this young woman.

The subject of spouses and their political allegiances has been on my mind lately. I noticed that Sunday, when the Plain Dealer ran a scathing column from Connie Schulz attacking Sarah Palin, the newspaper ran a tag line noting that she's married to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown.

I can kind of see why the paper did it. It was a partisan column, so I suppose the PD brass figured they needed to provide full disclosure.

Still, it's pretty funny to think she didn't have any opinions before she got married. She's been writing pieces for years with a pretty consistent political viewpoint. She also won a Pulitzer prize for her columns a couple of years ago. (Yes, that's one more Pulitzer than I've won so far. Thanks for asking.)

Personally, I think the PD should run opinion pieces from James Carville, and run a little bio line that says, "Carville is married to Republican political consultant Mary Matalin." That'll show 'em!



Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker called for Palin to step down in her last column. Parker thinks Palin is "out of her league". If her own party has misgivings, how can Palin be a good choice for the Republican ticket?


Tom Jackson- What pupose does this blog have? First, you talk about what a good husband you are then you talk about an article that the Plain Dealer ran, and a tag line after that.

Write blogs with opinions and facts to support those, about politics, sports, social issues, Sandusky, whatever. Don't take up space with blogs that are pointless and left me questioning why I even took the time to read it.


Tonight will tell us a lot...I'm very interested to see how both candidates handle themselves. Honestly though, I'm watching Palin very closely as I'm still undecided. If she does well, I probably am solidly behind McCain.


"That put me a little bit on the spot"
i think you liked that spot, otherwise you wouldn't feel the need to share it with us.


It's a blog - that means its a bit personal - he used that situation as a segway into a more interesting topic, that just so happens to be politically fused... what's so hard to get?

This isn't the 20th century anymore...


After you had touched the sign were there any psychological after effects like the words 'change' or 'hope' echoing in your mind?

The rabid Obama cult of personality phenomena expressed by seemingly intelligent people still leaves me thinking that there must be something in the water or something.

Tends to remind me of scenes from 'The Body Snatchers.' Creepy.

Take a look at his symbol. I noticed the other day that it's a giant "˜O' rising above a field that resembles an American flag. A modern swastika anyone?


Wow, that woman in your link need some help. Obama=Jesus? Spare me. Maybe Satan. WWOD? LIE!


RE: the symbolism. It's actually a really strong and mostly positive graphic if you look at it from an aesthetic and psychological POV. It's a circle, which psychologically is representative of self, the individual, inner motion, etc. and its being blanketed or caped by an American Flag, so its conveying a sense of individuality, pride in one's country, and a sense of security provided through the leadership it represents. Or I could be completely wrong, and its just representative of doughnuts and bacon! McCains is shear military brutism, from my perspective. Here's an interesting analysis on Obama's entire design strategy...


Just watched the vice-president debate. Obama who?, Gov. Palin smoked Joe Biden, watch the polls now. Left winger will try to spin this, but we have a strong, independent, self-made women, who happens to be a Republican.
She is and does understand the average middle-class American, because she is one.


Palin hit a home run tonight. She turned in her best public appearance to date. Her charisma far surpassed anything I've seen from McCain, and her views are the closest to mine of any Republican since Eisenhower. The fact that she agreed with Joe Biden on several issues made me believe that she could function in bipartisan issues.

Too bad we're voting for President instead of Vice President. And too bad she's a nut case. Who the heck names their kids "Trig" or "Willow"? Those are hippie names. Alaska has minimal penalties for marijuana. You connect the dots.


Mr. Jackson: After Comrade Obama wins, do you think that your spouse can pull some strings and get you into a 'country club-like' re-education camp?

Limbaugh's gonna get four more years of material and job security. Lucky him.

I didn't bother watching Thurs. night's showing of Dumb and Dumber II. I was eating dinner, listening to Waylon Jennings and reading the Wall St. Journal in order to catch up on the latest developments regarding the increasing nationalization of our financial markets.

I was disappointed to see that the "˜bailout' plan doesn't have an earmark for free pizza for every American on Fri. night. I'd be fine with cheese only. I'd be willing to pay for extra toppings.

I bought some stocks on Weds. both foreign and domestic. Kinda like Mr. Buffet, but with a lot fewer integers to left of the decimal. Great buying opportunity going on. However, I don't think that we've seen 'capitulation' yet.

If anyone has seen the U.S. Constitution could they please return it? No questions asked.


Tina Fey smoked Biden??? Are you kidding me. A "shout out" to a 3rd Grade class during a national political debate. This ain't a soroity election. And if I hear "joe sixpack" reference one more time I'm going to heave. Just remember she would be one heartbeat away from the Presidency if you vote for the old man McCain. If you want 4 more years of Bush just vote for the old man.


I grew up reading that fish wrap!
I lived in Cleveland and your blog is old news from the day the PD was first written. I won't buy it now that I live here.

Let's just say, I WON'T buy the Sandusky Regsister either!


thing she smoked was the wacky tabaccy from up there in Alaska. I don't know there were hillbillies up in Alaska but now I'm sure of it. All she needed was a Minnie Pearl hat with the price tag on it.