What do you read?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The other day, during a now-infamous interview with CBS newswoman Katie Couric, Gov. Sarah Palin was asked to name which newspapers and magazines she regularly reads. Palin could not come up with a single title.

I thought it was a good question, because what people choose to read tells a lot of about their interests and the way they think about the issues.

I tried the same question on county commissioner Bill Monaghan.

Monaghan, a retired businessman, told me he has three newspapers delivered to his house: The Wall Street Journal, the Lorain Morning Journal and the Sandusky Register. He also reads Fortune magazine and Newsweek.

I'll answer the question myself: I read the Cleveland Plain Dealer (particularly the sports section), the Wall Street Journal and the Sandusky Register. I also read Reason magazine and Wired, and a variety of blogs, and I listen to NPR.

So, readers, who do you read? Where do you get your news?



as heck read something else besides the Register!!!!! You can count on that. thanks to the internet I can read articles from all over the country!!!!


I read the Register, the Plain Dealer, and the New York Times online.

I am sorry to say I read the Register web site during the day for an early peek at the news or a breaking story.

Does the money generated by the web site ads ease your guilt for allowing the insulting, racist, homophobic, or just plain mean spirited comments posted by some?

The posting of comments on an obituary speculating on the reasons for a young person's suicide are totally uncalled for and irresponsible.

Free speech, yes, but I don't agree with providing an electronic chalk board and chalk for anonymous postings that are detrimental to the community.

Your thoughts on the subject, Tom?


The Register, New York Times, Washington Post for newspapers.

I read more technical blogs than news blogs, but the few news related ones that I do subscribe to are:

And I always keep a News.google feed going in the background.


I read the Register, The Morning Journal, and The Wall Street Journal.

Reader: I'm not Tom, but curious, do you think the Register should just totally do away with the comments for every story?


Anonymous comments serve no purpose other than to provide an online brick wall and can of spray paint so any idiot can write disparaging remarks about every unlucky person or business who finds their name in the newspaper.

I can only imagine the heartache these comments have caused.

The negative far outweighs any positive.


So you ARE for eliminating the comments. I understand what you're saying, I was just trying to clarify your position for my own edification.


I appreciate the fact that the vast majority of the comments for this blog have been interesting and in good taste.

We wrestle often with how to handle the story comments, but the decisions about those policies are made by the editors, not be reporters such as myself.


For local news I read: The Plattsburgh Press Republican (NY state, where I grew up), Sandusky Register (where I lived briefly after college), and Chicago Tribune (where I currently live). I read the online/web editions of these papers.

For National news I read: CNN.com and Foxnews.com

For International news and/or International perspectives on National News I read: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age, The Globe and Mail (Canada's equivalent of USA Today), and The Telegraph (London) online.