American terrorist, American blogger

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The John McCain campaign, eager to change the subject from the economy, has been highlighting Barack Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, formerly a Weather Underground bomber and now a “distinguished professor of education” at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The debate over Obama and Ayers has been well-covered elsewhere, so I’m not going to rehash it here. Instead, I wanted to share my discovery that Ayers has a blog. It’s mostly postings on education (he reviews many books on the subject), although he also offers leftist commentary, defends himself from criticism and frequently reprints statements from other people defending him and Obama’s relationship with him.

Some postings: Ayers writes a rather funny">parody of e-mail scams here, tries to explain that he’s not a terrorist and put the infamous Manson anecdote in context here, and praises Hugo Chavez here. Here’s the Jonah Goldberg column criticizing Ayers that’s referred to in the blog.


Anonymous (not ...

This attack is too intellectual and will sail high over the heads of most voters.

Norman Thomas, a perennial U.S. presidential candidate for The Socialist Party of America wrote years ago:

'The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.'

Today in America, Marxism is being mass marketed as "˜change' and "˜hope.'


Answer: Osama and Hussein Obama! Surprised?

Obama has radical associations with not only a domestic terrorist, but also a bigoted preacher who he supported for 20 years and then there is friend who gave him realestate deal who is a convicted slum landlord and who is now a convicted felon.

Obama does not have the character nor the judgment to be president not to mention his lack of executive experience. He is a smooth talker and a community agitator.

The next several weeks in the campaign will make the difference as the Obama world confronts reality and more radical associations are revealed liked the nut job who stole the election in Kenya who consulted with Obama.

Kenyan citizens were terrorized and killed while Obama chatted with the Kenyan leader about his view of Kenyan for this story to break this week...there was a reporter detained in Kenya this morning who had to cancel the press conference about these details....developing story.....


So Jackson, what do you have to say regarding Todd Palin's ties to The Alaskan Independance Alaska secessionist group whose leader Joe Vogler denounces the US government and cursed our (in his words) "d*mn flag"? What do you have to say about the fact that Sarah Palin recorded a speech for this same group's convention as recently as March of 2008?


If these accusations of Obama giving comfort and support to terrorists were true, he'd be sitting at Gitmo instead of running for President.

I remember how you so-called Conservatives portrayed John Kerry as a wartime traitor instead of the decorated veteran he actually is. He should have been given a life sentence if he was guilty of your charges.

This is to be expected. You're weak on the issues, so you attempt to discredit your opponents by any means necessary. If there is no scandal, invent one. Unfortunately, you've proven in the past that the real issues can be easily obfuscated by scandal.

We'll never forget Bill Clinton's sex scandal. That's because we don't want to remember that we spent over $50 million to investigate Whitewater and came up empty. We had no choice but to impeach him because he lied about cheating on his wife.

This is the reason I left the Republican party years ago. They don't care about the issues any more. They only care about staying in power.

I still have misgivings whenever I vote for a Democrat. I still vote for Republicans when I can. Unfortunately, I usually choose Democrats, simply because I vote on the issues, not the innuendos.


Same old Republican strategy....tell the big lie and tell it often enough and hope enough people are swayed to elect your candidate.

Those shameless bums even used this tactic to question the patriotism of Max Cleland, former senator and disabled Vietnam veteran.

The McCain Palin ticket is behind and losing and will get more and more desparate in their attempts to influence the outcome.


Obama is a product that has been bought and paid for by the Chicago Democratic Party political machine.

The media is helping to promote and create him. After he is prez, the media will begin to destroy him in much the same fashion as they did Clinton through rumors and exposés.

His downfall will make for great ratings and a large television viewership.

Make my popcorn buttered and lightly salted for the show.

Obama is in over his head, but he thinks he's in control. The joke's on him. He is in Lenin's words, a 'useful idiot.'

Obama ain't no Clinton, he ain't teflon.

Pres. Biden - has a nice ring to it doesn't it?


The foundation that Obama & Ayers ran founded Accorn, who presured banks into making bad home loans. This is just the guy we need to solve the home market. The same foundation supported radical education. You are judged by the company you keep.


AND until it was taken out of the originally defeated Cong. bailout bill due to protests by Republicans, 20% of any profits on the sale of the toxic bank assets were to go into a fund that would be tapped by Acorn and other left-leaning housing groups.

Once again, thank any members of Congress who voted against the original bill containing this Marxist earmark.

Since FDR, the Democrats have used the U.S. Constitution's "˜implied powers' clause in order to shred it.


The McCain campaign's smear tactics are a disgrace. His rallies are full of hatred and they now border on fanaticism. He and Sarah Palin are spreading false fears out of complete desperation. This once honorable man should be ashamed of what his campaign is now doing. I have lost any and all respect I once had for John McCain.


To disgusting, How dare you, the dems and Obama has taken smear tactics to new lows, even questioning McCain's war service and attacking Gov. Palins family. You should be be ashamed of both your party and yourself.


Well since so many of McCain's Republican colleagues have been sent to prison, can't we say that McCain associates with criminals?
The smears against Obama are disgusting.


tk-wasn't it a convicted Chicago mobster who help Obama buy his house in Chicage at a large discount? The only thing that is disgusting is the lies that the Obama supporters keeps telling.


Ha! You are hilarious! YOU should be ashamed of YOUR party and yourself! Obama has taken the high road for the most part, but now he HAS to fight back against McCain's smear tactics to avoid being "swift-boated" like John Kerry was in 2004. At least Obama has campaign ads telling what his plans are, which is more than you see from McCain. McCain is DESPERATE at this point and will do and say anything... no matter how ridiculous...because it's the only hope he has left. The Republicans started with the gutter campaign ads, so don't whine when Obama retaliates. While Obama MUST fight back, he has still not sunk to the level of dirty, lying, slimy campaign tactics that McCain/Palin have. They can dish it out, but obviously they can't take it. Their disgraceful tactics are not going to work.


Obama frequently uses straw man arguments when he says that McCain attacks him. McCain is a gentleman and unfortunately he throws creampuffs at Obama.

Did you hear him last night? He wants more troops in Afghanistan; wants to attack Pakistan and Iran and wants military involvement in Darfur.

Other than attempting to dazzle the dolts with his rhetorical BS, the man is clueless and a danger to the future of the nation.


You are completely wrong. Everyone knows McCain is resorting to desperate campaign tactics and is the major perpetrator of negative, smear campaigning in this election. Even Republican mouthpieces like Pat Buchanan say it is so. I cannot believe anyone would be so brainwashed to believe McCain is being unfairly "attacked" by Obama, since McCain is the one who began these heinous ads. McCain is not just throwing "creampuffs" at Obama! He and Palin are fearmongers who know the only hope they have is to smear and lie. It will not save their sinking ship!


Awwww, poor Obama so misunderstood. If he gets his feelings hurt that easy, he shouldn't be POTUS.

Your post helps make the case that he lacks the mental fortitude fulfill the duties of the office.

Strong world leaders will cause him to buckle. Heaven help the U.S.


Obama's feelings obviously aren't hurt! He is remaining calm and restrained, but is fighting back when he has to. Erieman seems to be the one whose feelings are hurt...previously saying how the Dems should be ashamed of "smear" tactics and "attacks" on McCain/Palin. What a joke. The GOP wrote the book on dirty, scum campaigning. Now Cindy McCain is suddenly crying and whining about supposed dirty campaigning by Obama. What hypocritcal travesty! Her husband will forever be known for running the scummiest, dirtiest attack campaign ever. He will lose the election because of it.


I am terrified over the prospect that such a loose cannon as former POW McCain could have his tortured finger on "THE" button. He is not in his right mind.