Al Bundy sends his regrets

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


There's been a touch of Hollywood glamour attached to the Barack Obama campaign, and for a few hours Friday, it looked like we were getting a little of it in Sandusky.The Obama campaign announced yesterday that actor Ed O'Neill, an actor best known for playing Al Bundy in the Fox sitcom "Married With Children," would campaign for Obama at 6:45 p.m. today.

The paper's editors told me to go cover it, and my wife asked, "When are we getting George Clooney?" I explained that Mr. O'Neill is a Youngstown native, a northern Ohio working stiff just like us.

Alas, the Obama folks later said that because of  "scheduling conflicts," we would not get O'Neill after all.

 I think the Obama folks should make it up to Sandusky by sending us David Spade, the star of the movie "Tommy Boy," the comedy with the far-fetched plot about trying to keep a Sandusky factory from closing. If you need a laugh and decide to rent the movie tonight, look for the scene where you can see an authentic copy of the Sandusky Register on the wall. And let me know if the airport in the movie is Grffiing or Erie-Ottawa -- it's kind of hard to tell.


Anonymous (not ...

Ed O'Neill - another useful idiot.

Never watched or cared for the show.
Now 'The Simpsons' - that's different.

To quote the title of a book by the late, great Neil Postman:

We are 'Amusing Ourselves to Death.'


Tom, good work on your recent blogs in support of animals, they are smarter than Ed O'.Neil


To be a "idiot", like Ed O'Neill, is much better than to be a half-wit like a republican vonting guy.