Bill Richardson coming to town

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Democrats are bringing a prominent politician to Sandusky next week to rally the troops behind Barack Obama.

New Mexico's Democratic governor, Bill Richardson, will speak at a rally from 12:45-1:45 p.m. Monday at the UAW 913 hall, 3114 S. Hayes. Everyone is welcome to attend, said Amy Grubbe, chairwoman of the Erie County Democratic Party.

Richardson himself was a Democratic candidate for president. He later endorsed Obama.

"He will be speaking to the group and also taking questions," Grubbe said. "We're very excited to be hosting Gov. Richardson and looking forward to having him speak on behalf of the Obama and Biden campaign for change. We're really looking forward to having him here in Erie County."

UPDATE 10/22: The above has been changed to reflect that the rally site has been moved from the Democratic Party headquarters to the UAW union hall in Perkins Township. The new location provides shelter in case of rain and provides more parking.



I would have rather seen Richardson as the Dem candidate as opposed to O.

Richardson is a lib, but at least he's been a guv and has cut taxes.

Biden says that O's gonna be tested in the first six months because he's inexperienced and his poll numbers are gonna plummet. Is this some "Ëśweird' game to these bozos?



Got to hand it to Richardson since he is good at watching which way the wind is blowing. Had Richardson backed Hillary, there would not be an inexperienced candidate at the top of the democrat ticket.

Even Richardson is not going to make an impact at this date with the Hispanic vote given the backlash that is going to take place against Obama over the next two weeks...


Bill Richardson has been a competent public servant for years in many capacities at the national and state level.

I look forward to the opportunity to hear him speak.

And New Mexico will go Obama, as will most of the states and the election.


How can the county pay 40 thousand a year for a part time job?