Those other guys running for president

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


This latest post is inspired by a letter to the editor. Bob Williams of Oberlin, in a letter published last week, pointed out that in addition to the Democratic and Republican candidates who are on the ballot in Ohio as candidates for president, there’s a Constitution Party candidate (Chuck Baldwin), a Socialist Party USA candidate (Brian Moore), a Libertarian (Bob Barr) and a Green (Cynthia McKinney.) There’s also some independent candidates on the ballot, including Ralph Nader. Remember him? As you can see, I’ve provided links if you want to learn more.

Williams is unhappy that because of the “mass media” nobody knows McKinney is running. I knew she was running, but I take his point the media doesn’t give much coverage to the other candidates. In fairness, some of the campaigns are apparently not very active in Ohio. I get press releases from the Libertarians, and Barr has come to Ohio more than once, but I never hear from any of the other three parties or from Nader.

My Sunday story on Barr is here.



why is it that our goverment and our people continually feed into the notion that it is allright for there to be a two party race election after election. Its time to get real people and admit... THERE IS NO WINNING CANDIDATE this election. I hope that I am wrong , I am not a pessimistic person by nature, I always try and find good out of all situations but I have very bad feelings about this election and issues facing our country. I am not so young that I dont know that there are moments in elections when the truths are stretched, but all the out and out lying ( and I mean from both sides) just amazes me to the point where I did something that I never did before. I just quit watching. I know that a statement like that will be followed up by someone saying "Then you have no right to complain " which is somewhat true. So I have decided that I will concentrate on local issues. Please people .... Dont fall for all the hype that you hear about issue 6. Vote YES !!!! bottom line is 5000 jobs. They will lie about things such as millions will be taken from Ohio. WHO CARES ???? Millons are taken now to other states. There are loopholes !!!! Yeah right .... Do you think for one minute that the state wont get their tax money ???? They chase joe taxpayer across the great divide to get 50 bucks, so dont believe that. And lets not forget its a monopoly... The fact is if they nwant to have a casino say up in northern Ohio all they will have to do is the same thing the promoters of this issue did .... they will have to go out and collect their own signatures to have it put on the ballot. THINK PEOPLE!!!!!! 5000 jobs....Good paying jobs. Its a start of a good thing ... dont let them sway you with lies, you want lies keep watching the election. Thank you


When B. Hussein Obama running, believe me he is socialist enough


Good observation.

During the 1932 election, the Socialist Labor Party candidate, Norman Thomas garnered almost one million votes.

Soon after, FDR highjacked the Socialist Party agenda for the Democrats and the Socialist Party was never again a serious contender.

Read their party platform:

The libs don't like being called socialists. I agree. It's demeaning to socialists.

Extremist liberal Democrats like Obama should be referred to as collectivists or more accurately Marxists.


Bob Williams should be promoting Bob Barr, Libertarian for President, but he wrote an article on his website saying the Libertarian Party should be spanked for having Bob Barr as its candidate. Bob Williams is supporting the Constitution Party's Chuck Baldwin for President, and Bob Williams is the District 9 Representative of the Libertarian Party's Central Committee! Williams is doing a Colin Powell on the Libertarian Party.

So when Williams says the mass media is censoring McKinney of the Green Party, Williams no doubt means that ALL third party candidates are getting ignored. The Register did cover Bob Barr's visit to Northeast Ohio, but the Cleveland paper and the Lorain paper ignored it!

That said, Bob Barr is the best choice for president. Yes, it's true that he used to be a Republican. But he quit them and that is what any good decent Christian would do. Ron Paul should quit the GOP too, but he doesn't. Bob Barr did! And Barr says he did wrong and Republicans are wrong! This is to his credit.

Ohio voters who believe that Obama is different from McCain have been duped the differences in their oratorial presentations. The dupes include the reporters at the Register who also assume that Obama is different from McCain. They only SOUND different when they give campaign speeches - their voting records are nearly identical. McBama both voted for Bush over 90% of their votes in Congress as Senators!

I'm worried about the future of Ohio's economy. I know that McBama will continue to promote the same failed policies that Democrats and Republicans have been jointly promoted for too long now.

The Libertarian Party is much, much more than Bob Barr. The Libertarian Party is America's third largest party since 1972. They have hundreds of Libertarians holding offices around the country. Libertarians are our best hope for the future.


The Liberty Bell inscription comes from Leviticus 25:10 "Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof".

Vote Libertarian.